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Holi Recipes Collection | Holi Dishes

Holi Recipes Collection Recipes Step by Step – Gujiya, dahi vada, karanji, bhang, thandai; as much as the colors say “holi is here”, that much says this food. Many festivals are celebrated in India. And food is such an important part of all the celebrations.

Some dishes are so peculiar to the particular festivals that without them the festival would be incomplete. Gujiya is such a quintessential holi recipe. Every state has its take on it; further, every kitchen has a recipe for it. Another holi special recipe that is indispensable for this festival is thandai. Other than these are a number of recipes that are relished on this colorful festival. These include different chaat recipes, kheer recipes, ladoo recipes etc.

Here is a collection of Holi Recipes, which includes Holi Sweets followed by Holi Snacks.

50 Popular Holi Recipes Collection

Holi Sweet Recipes

  1. Mawa Gujiya

As already mentioned, gujiya is no not one of the most popular holi sweets; it is the most popular holi sweet. A deep-fried dumpling with a flaky crust and sweetened stuffing, a must preparation or a must-have in the Indian households on the festival of Holi are gujiya. You might also chashni wali gujiya, etc.

View the recipe here.mawa gujiya recipe

  1. Thandai

Well, it is not a holi sweet recipe but I thought of including it in this section. Thandai is a quintessential holi recipe. Often bhang is mixed with thandai and consumed on this day. However, I make the non-bhang version.

View the recipe here.homemade thandai

  1. Hare Chane ki Barfi

One of the forgotten holi sweet prepared with green chickpeas (hara chana) is hare chane ki barfi. Barfi with a distinct flavor of fresh green chickpeas or hara chana a hint of cardamom is cholia burfi or hare chane ki barfi. You might also like nariyal pag and other barfi recipes such as mawa barfi, chocolate barfi etc.

View the recipe here.hare chane ki barfi

  1. Besan ke Ladoo

This is every Mom’s favorite sweet. Besan ke ladoo is an evergreen sweet recipe and is also prepared on Holi. Besan ladoo is a ball-shaped Indian sweet that is made with gram flour sugar and clarified butter. You might also like other ladoo such as malai ladoo , coconut ladoo and many more.

View the recipe here.holi sweets

  1. Rajasthani Churma

This holi do try this traditional Rajasthani sweet which will leave you craving for more. Churma is a dessert from Rajasthani cuisine, generally prepared using whole wheat flour, sugar and ghee and is an accompaniment to the very popular Rajasthani meal Dal Baati Churma. You might also like dal baati recipe.

View the recipe here.CHOORMA LADOO

  1. Rose Coconut Ladoo

This ladoo with a lovely color is pretty enough to be great holi sweet. Ladoo prepared with coconut and condensed milk, along with a hint of rose which so well compliments the flavors of the ladoo, is rose coconut ladoo. You might also like nariyal ladoo recipe.

View the recipe here.ROSE FLAVOURED COCONUT LADOO (9)

  1. Cake pops

Cake pops are sure to please your little ones this holi. Cake pop is a ball of the soft and moist cake coated with chocolate giving an awesome mix of textures.

View the recipe here.Children's Day Special "CAKE POPS (28)

  1. Mohanthaal

Yes, I  have a bit more liking towards Rajasthani sweets. And therefore one more in this list of holi sweets is from Rajasthan and Gujarat. Absolutely delicious fudge made using gram flour (besan), ghee and sugar syrup which just melts in the mouth and keeps you craving for more and more is Mohanthal.

View the recipe here.mohanthal recipe

  1. Meethi Boondi

Meethi boondi is a deep-fried tiny ball made up of gram flour which is absolutely juicy and sweet. Slightly tricky to prepare, meethi boondi can be nailed with a perfect recipe.

View the recipe here.MEETHI BOONDI

  1. Chhena Murki

Soft paneer coated with sugar along with the flavor of cardamom and rose water is Cheena Murki from the state of Bengal.

View the recipe here.chhena murki

  1. Gajar ka Halwa

It is a pudding made using carrot, milk, sugar and clarified butter i.e. ghee is gajar ka halwa. It is one of the most popular desserts prepared in North India during winters.

View the recipe here.gajar ka halwa

Holi Snack Recipes

  1. Namak Pare:

Namak pare is a flaky savory deep-fried item that is very popular in Indian households. Every mom has her recipe for namakpare. these khasta pare are flavored with carom seeds and are must-have on the occasions of Holi and Diwali.

View the recipe here.namakpare

  1. Sev:

Sev is one of the most popular Indian jar snacks. It is a crisp deep-fried snack made with gram flour and other flavoring agents. This is the simplest sev recipe. You might also like the ribbon pakoda recipe.

View the recipe here.sev recipe

  1. Nimki:

Nimki is an Indian snack recipe from the state of West Bengal. It is a deep-fried snack made with all-purpose flour. It has layers and is absolutely crispy. Nimki is flavored with kalonji/nigella seeds.

View the recipe here.nimki recipe

  1. Roasted Poha Chivda:

Crisp and crunchy poha (flattened rice) with the bite of roasted peanuts, almonds and cashews, a hint of cumin seeds, curry leaves, green chilies and few spices, a guilt-free snack for your tea time or munching sessions, is roasted poha namkeen.

View the recipe here.roasted poha chivda

  1. Murmura Namkeen:

Murmura is puffed rice and murmure namkeen is an Indian snack using puffed rice along with a few more ingredients such as garlic, peanuts, curry leaves and spices such as turmeric powder, red chili powder, etc. It is also known as murmura chivda.

View the recipe here.murmure namkeen recipe

  1. Chaat Recipes:

Chaat, this name makes me and many, craving for it. A mouthwatering combination of well-whisked yogurt, some chutneys, few spices and lots of garnishing with the main ingredient, which could be anything, papdi, boiled and fried potatoes, crispy palak pakoras, sprouts or anything is chaat.

View the collection of recipes here.khaman chaat

  1. Samosa Recipes:

Samosa recipe is a very popular deep-fried snack that has a divine potato stuffing and a flaky yet crisp outer coating made with all-purpose flour.

View the collection of recipes here.top 10 snacks recipes

  1. Pakora Recipes:

The most convenient snack for me is pakoda. It is ready in no time, it can be prepared with whatever ingredients are available. And the best part is that pakora is crowd-pleasers. These are loved by one and all.

View the collection of recipes here.aloo pakora recipe

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