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paneer recipes

How to Make Paneer Recipes | Paneer Gravies Recipes

Paneer Curries Recipes are very popular in India. No special dinner, party or visit to the restaurant is complete without a paneer preparation. Paneer is a very versatile ingredient. However here we are discussing panee...

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Vegeterian Starters

Vegeterian Starters Recipes | All Vegeterian Starters

It is very important to give a good start to parties with some lip-smacking starters. After all, parties are about food, starters, main course and dessert and more. At the same time, it is important that the party menu is such that the preparations can be done on time. Here is a collection of Ve...

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poori recipes

Poori recipes

Poori is deep fried flat bread which is very popular in Indian households. On every special occasion, festival, parties etc poori is prepared and served. Poori has some nice vibes, which completes the meal of every celebration. Poori are crowd pleaser, from kids to adults everyone relishes them. I...

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rajasthani recipes

Rajasthani Recipes | Collection of Authentic Rajasthani Recipes

Rajasthani Recipes | Recipes from the Rajasthani cuisine Rajasthan, the state of India, is known for its rich culture, regal heritage, and exquisite cuisine. We are here to talk about the gastronomy of the state. Any cuisine is affected by its climatic conditions, natives’ lifestyle, etc...

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chaat recipes

Chaat Recipes | Indian Chaat Recipes | Top Chaat Recipes

Chaat, this name makes me and many, craving for it. A mouthwatering combination of well-whisked yogurt, some chutneys, few spices and lots of garnishing with the main ingredient, which could be anything, papdi, boiled and fried potatoes, crispy palak...

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Gujarati Breakfast Recipes

Gujarati Breakfast | Gujarati Breakfast Recipes | Gujarati Food

I try to be very serious on the blog. But you talk about Gujarati food and the first thing that comes to my mind is the very popular dialogue of Kareena Kapoor from my all time favorite movie 3 idiots which goes like this “Tum Gujarati log ka khaana Itna khatarnaak kyu hota hai? dhokla, f...

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Indian Paratha Recipes

Indian Paratha Recipes | How to Make Paratha Recipes

Indian Paratha Recipes | How to Make Paratha Recipes Paratha is a shallow fried Indian flatbread. Indian Paratha recipes can be for stuffed or plain parathas. Plain parathas are generally served with dals or curries; whereas stuffed parathas are served with yogurt, raita or chutney. Para...

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sandwich recipes

Sandwich recipes

I change my alarm time to 15 minutes late if my daughter says she will take a sandwich for her tiffin. Yes, sandwich makes a very good and more importantly easy and quick breakfast, snack, brunch or tiffin option. A sandwich is comfort food, bachelors’ food, kids’ delight. There are sandwich re...

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Kids Tiffin Recipes

Kids Tiffin Recipes | Healthy Recipes for Kids Tiffin | School lunch Box ideas

Kids Tiffin Recipes are the trickiest of all. Tiffin is a part of school, school is a place where kids learn… learn to read, write, interact, EAT etc. What will they eat? Something that we would give them in their TIFFIN! What should it be, rat...

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kheer recipes

Kheer Recipes

Kheer is a milky dessert made using milk, dry fruits, sugar, and rice. However, rice can be replaced with other ingredients such as vermicelli (sewaiyaan), sago (sabudana), etc and that’s what brings us here to the collection of kheer recipes. In South India, it is known as payasam and often cocon...

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