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About the Author:

I am Vini Mehta, a Chartered Accountant by profession and a food blogger by passion. I love to read
about food, experiment with food, capture food in images, and write about food and of course and the
most to eat food, good food.
I still remember the first time ever I experimented a recipe. It was a batch butter cookies. They were
over before they could have cooled down. That was the day I was introduced to the joy of experiments
in the kitchen.

About the Blog:

At Vini’s Cookbook the recipes have been simplified and presented. You will find all the handy tips so
that you get the best results. Step by step images of the recipe will help you understand the instructions
better. Each and every recipe on the blog has been tried, tested and at times re-tried and re-tested
(repeat), till the results are lip-smacking.
Nothing says home like the smell of baking. Yes, I love to bake. At Vini’s Cookbook, you will find many
eggless baking recipes with lots of tips and tricks that would ensure that your cake rises, you know what
I mean!!
Generally, mother’s menu consists of two choices, take it or leave it. But being a mom alike to give more
choices to my kids, which means at Vini’s Cookbook you will find many recipes for kids.
People who love to eat are always the best people… and I have married one of them. My husband is my
favorite critic because he is too tough to please. He would not like a dish unless it’s perfect and I would
not post a dish unless it has been liked by him, which means at Vini’s Cookbook you will only find fool
proof recipes.
Feel free to write to us at viniscookbook@gmail.com
Have a great time here.

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