Rajasthani Recipes | Collection of Authentic Rajasthani Recipes

rajasthani recipes

Rajasthani Recipes | Collection of Authentic Rajasthani Recipes

Rajasthani Recipes | Recipes from the Rajasthani cuisine

Rajasthan, the state of India, is known for its rich culture, regal heritage, and exquisite cuisine. We are here to talk about the gastronomy of the state. Any cuisine is affected by its climatic conditions, natives’ lifestyle, etc. Rajasthani cuisine has a plethora of lip-smacking dishes and there are many factors affecting the same.

Salient features of Rajasthani cuisine and reasons behind the same

  • Rajasthan has been an arid region. Scarcity of water has always affected the dishes prepared here. But that doesn’t hold back the Rajasthanis from preparing a variety of delicacies. Instead, Rajasthani recipes see more use of yogurt, clarified butter, buttermilk, etc.
  • The scarcity of water has lead to the unavailability of fresh vegetables and fruits. And therefore beans, legumes, gram flour (besan), etc became the main ingredients in the Rajasthani cuisine. Gram flour is used in such a versatile manner. There are starters to desserts recipes using gram flour.
  • Due to war situations in the State in the past, people preferred and therefore prepared such food which had a longer shelf life and can be consumed without heating, etc. Chutneys are an integral part of Rajasthani cuisine. And probably this could be the reason for the same.
  • Rajasthani food has seen the influence of many communities. Non-veg. eaters Rajputs to no onion garlic food consumers Maheshwaris, everyone has influenced the Rajasthani recipes.

Popular Rajasthani Dishes (We are discussing only vegetarian delicacies.)

Rajasthani cuisine has an array of dishes.

Gravies: A dish that symbolizes Rajasthan is dal, baati, churma. And why not?! Such an interesting combination prepared in such an interesting manner, this dish deserves the international popularity it has. But Rajasthani main course has much more than just dal baati. It includes Jaipuri aloo pyaaz, gatte ki sabji, papad ki sabzi, kadhi, pitod ki sabji, panchmel dal, etc.

Breads: Popular Rajasthani bread include the very popular baati and its variations bafla baati, mawa baati, etc., bajre ki roti, etc.

Side Dishes: Chutneys… are so important in Rajasthani cuisine. Lehsun ki chutney served with Bajre ki Roti becomes a complete meal. Papad and chach also form an integral part of the cuisine.

Snacks:  It has delectable snacks such as mirchi vada, kalmi vada, pyaaz ki kachori, very popular Bikaneri bhujia, etc.

Desserts: Certainly choorma has to top this list, not only because of its fame but also because of its variations. Traditional choorma is made using whole wheat flour. However, besan choorma is also quite popular. Nowadays choorma is experimented with different flavors such as pineapple churma, rose choorma, and many more. Also popular are mawa kachori, milk cake, ghevar, balushahi, malpua, mohan thaal, etc.

Of all these we have many recipes on the blog and the remaining will be updated soon, so stay tuned. Here they are:

1. Rajasthani Baati Recipe | How to make Bati

What is baati? Baati belongs to Rajasthan. It is a round bread made using whole wheat flour, baked to cook and calls for lots of clarified butter (ghee). Rajasthani baati is served with panchmel dal and garlic chutney. Lots of ghee...

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rajasthani baati recipe

2. Jaipuri Aloo Pyaaz ki Sabzi | Rajasthani Aloo Pyaaz Sabji

What is Jaipuri Aloo Pyaaz ki Sabzi? Heavenly preparation using potatoes and onions, both white onions and red onions, cooked in a scrumptious curry, packed with flavors, is Jaipuri Aloo Pyaaz ki Sabzi. It is a rich potato curry from the state of ...

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jaipuri aloo pyaaz ki sabji

3. Pitod ki Sabzi | Easy pitod ki sabji | Rajasthani Pitod

What is Pitod ki Sabzi? Soft and melt in mouth bites made up of gram flour cooked in a light and tangy yogurt based gravy is pitod ki sabji. This foodstuff belongs to Rajasthan. It is prepared in a number of ways, as in different households makes pitod li sabzi in gravies. I have prepared ...

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pitod ki sabji

4. Kairi ka Pani | How to make Kairi ka Pani

What is Kairi ka Pani? A simple yet very refreshing beverage from the land of soaring temperatures, Rajasthan, is kairi ka pani. It protects from the scorching sun and heat waves. During peak summers, the temperature rises as high as 50°C and it becomes risky to step out. Kairi ka pani is...

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kairi ka pani

5. Best Mohanthal Recipe | How to make Mohanthal?

What is Mohanthal? Absolutely delicious fudge made using gram flour (besan), ghee and sugar syrup which just melts in the mouth and keeps you craving for more and more is Mohanthal. The interesting part about Mohanthal is that it has a rough texture, it is not smooth as a barfi but you bit...

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mohanthal recipe

6. Rajasthani Papad ki Churi | Papad ki Churi Recipe

What is Papad ki Churi? Rajasthani Papad ki Churi is crumbled and crushed crispy papad combined with spicy Bikaneri bhujia (savory snack), crunchy onions and fresh coriander leaves, making it an easy peasy side dish/appetizer. This preparation can be fixed in minutes and can pep up your di...

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papad ki churi

7. Dhaba Style Rajasthani Gatte | Gatte ki sabzi dhaba style

What is Dhaba Style Rajasthani Gatte? Soft and melt in mouth gram flour dumplings with the hint of fenugreek leaves, cooked in a spicy, flavorsome and delectable gravy, is Dhaba Style Rajasthani Gatte. Gatte ki sabzi is a very common preparation in Rajasthan. Earlier due to the shortage of...

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rajasthani gatte

8. Panchmel Dal Recipe | How to make Panchratna Dal

What is Panchmel Dal? As the name suggests panchmel dal means a mix of five dals. This dal preparation belongs to the state of Rajasthan and is prepared with baati. There are different combinations and recipes for this dal. I have used the most popular and authentic combination if I can sa...

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Panchmel Dal

9. Churma Ladoo Recipe | How to make Churma Laddoo

What are churma ladoo? Earthy and divine! Wheat balls crushed, sweetened and bathed with ghee! Churma Ladoo Recipe, a must preparation at my place on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi...

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Churma Ladoo complete recipe

10. Rajasthani Lahsun ki Chutney | How to Make Lahsun ki Chutney

What is Rajasthani Lahsun ki Chutney? As the name suggests Rajasthani Lahsun ki chutney is chutney made using garlic and Rajasthan, I mean chilies (Okay that was a bad one.) Chutney with very sharp but well-balanced flavors is lehsun chatni. Garlic chutney can be served with any parathas o...

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Rajasthani Lahsun ki Chutney

11. Rajasthani Gatta Curry Recipe | How to Make Rajasthani Gatta

What is Rajasthani Gatta Curry? Gatta is soft and delicious gram flour dumplings. Gatta cooked in scrumptious onion yogurt based gravy oozing with flavors is Rajasthani gatta curry. This recipe has a punch of ginger and garlic, richness of onions, tanginess of yogurt, heat of chilies etc. ...

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Rajasthani gatta curry

12. Ker Sangri Sabzi | Rajasthani Ker Sangri ki Sabzi

What is Ker Sangri ki Sabzi? Ker is a berry and sangri is a bean, both are found in the arid regions of Rajasthan. The climatic conditions of Rajasthan do not allow cultivation of many crops; therefore whatever is available is used in the best possible manner. Ker and sangri are dried and ...

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Ker Sangri Sabzi

13. Fried Pitod Recipe | How to make Fried Pitod

What is Fried Pitod? Pitod belongs to the state of Rajasthan. Thin gram flour batter is cooked and then set and cut into the desired shape and used in the desired manner; when fried with mustard seeds, green chilies, and curry leaves, it becomes fried pitod. Fried pitod recipe is a good ...

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fried pitod Recipe

14. Makai Dhokla Recipe | How To make Makai Dhokla

What is Makai Dhokla? Makai dhokla is a flavourful steamed cake made with corn meal (makai ka aata). It has soft but firm texture and has strong flavour of sesame oil, spring onions, green garlic etc. It is a healthy and gluten free recipe. Makai ka dhokla belongs to Rajasthani cuisine and...

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Makai Dhokla Recipe

15. Bajre ki Roti | Bajra Roti | How to make Bajre ki Roti

What is bajre ki roti? Bajra is the Hindi word for pearl millet. The chapatis made with the millet flour are bajra roti. In India, bajra is cultivated in many parts of Rajasthan. “Bajra roti, lehsun ki chutney, and onions” is a s...

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bajre ki roti

16. Rajasthani Sev Tamatar ki Sabji | Sev Tamatar ki Sabji Dhaba Style | Dhaba Style Recipes

What is Rajasthani Sev Tamatar ki Sabji? Rajasthani sev tamatar ki sabji is spicy and delicious onions and tomato based gravy which is topped with lots of spicy sev. It has flavors of garlic, ginger and green chilies and a hint of spices, a...

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17. Papad Methi | Rajasthani Dana Methi Papad

What is Papad Methi Recipe? Papad Methi ki Sabji is a side dish which has very distinct flavors of soft and subtle papad and sharp dana methi i.e. fenugreek seeds. It has a yogurt based gravy with a hint of garlic and ginger and heat of red chili and green chilies. Papad methi ki sabji doe...

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18. How to make Pitod? | Rajasthani Pitod

Rajasthani Pitod Pitod, if I can say, is a kind of savory fudge made using gram flour and water (generally), this recipe, however, uses...

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19. Rajasthani Besan Choorma recipe | How to Make Besan Choorma

What is Besan Choorma? Choorma is a dessert that comes from the state of Rajasthan. Rajasthani choorma recipe involves coarsely grinding the whole wheat dumplings and adding clarified butter (ghee) and powdered sugar, which gives it the earthy flavors it has. Yes, choorma is generally made...

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Besan Choorma recipe

20. Rajasthani Gatte ka Pulao Recipe | Gatta ka Pulao Recipe | Marwari Pulao

GATTA PULAO RECIPE Rice and gatte combined in the best possible way. Rice flavored with whole spices, fried onions, ghee, fresh coriander, ginger, garlic etc. Gatte ka pulao ecipe is flavorsome rice combined with gatte(gram flour dumpling) ...

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Gatta ka Pulao Recipe

21. Besan ki Kadhi Recipe | How to Make Kadhi | Besan ki Kadhi Using Buttermilk

What is Besan ki Kadhi Recipe? Besan ki kadhi is smooth curry made with buttermilk and gram flour (besan), tempered with a lots of spices which introduce many flavours in simple kadhi. Besan ki kadhi is spicy and tangy with the heat of red chillies and the flavours of mustard seeds, cumin ...

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22. Dal Dhokli | Rajasthani Dal Dhokli | Dal Dhokli Recipe

What is Dal Dhokli Recipe? Dal dhokli is a one pot meal comprising of whole wheat dumplings in flavourful dal. It is a comfort food for many. Dal dhokli in prepared in Gujarat as well as Rajasthan. This is the recipe for Rajasthani dal dhokli. Dal dhokli gives ...

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dal dhokli recipe

23. Gatta Pulao Recipe | How to make Gatte Ka Pulao | Rajasthani Gatte

What Is Gatta Pulao? Gatta pulao recipe is a delicious rice preparation made with aromatic rice cooked with scrumptious gram flour dumplings – gatta. Gatta pulao is a Rajasthani cuisine preparation. Gatta and rice make a great combination...

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24. Gatte ki Sabji Recipe | How to make Rajasthani Gatte | Rajasthani Recipe

What is Gatte ki Sabji? Gatte ki Sabji Recipe – Gatte is gram flour dumplings, soft but steady (if made right). Gatte ki sabji is gatte cooked in spicy yogurt gravy, flavoured with cumin and asafetida, and some basic spices. Gatte ki sabji is a Rajasthani pre...

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gatte ki sabji

25. Missi Roti | How to make Missi Roti Recipe | Rajasthani Missi Roti Recipe

What is Missi Roti? Missi roti is Indian flat bread which has a distinct texture and lot more flavours than the regular roti or chapatti. It is often ordered at the restaurant and dhabas. Although it is super easy and simple to make at home! I never liked the rotis served at restaurants or...

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missi roti

26. Bejar ki Roti recipe | How to Make Bejar ki Roti | Rajsthani Bejar ki Roti

What is Bejar ki Roti? Bejar is a multigrain flour comprising of whole wheat flour, jowar flour and gram flour. It is super healthy as it is fibrous. Further, it is rich in protein. It gives a healthy break from the regular rotis or parathas we generally eat. It is a common part of Rajasth...

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