Kids Tiffin Recipes | Healthy Recipes for Kids Tiffin | School lunch Box ideas

Kids Tiffin Recipes

Kids Tiffin Recipes | Healthy Recipes for Kids Tiffin | School lunch Box ideas

Kids Tiffin Recipes are the trickiest of all. Tiffin is a part of school, school is a place where kids learn… learn to read, write, interact, EAT etc. What will they eat? Something that we would give them in their TIFFIN! What should it be, rather how should it be? Following things should be kept in mind while packing kids’ school tiffin.

  • The food should be tempting: Colors, the inclusion of colors does wonders. Kids are really tempted to see something bright and colorful in their tiffin. Garnishing the food with some pomegranate seeds, coriander can help. Apart from that including vegetables like carrots, peas, sweet corn in the dishes also helps. Apart from colors, shapes also attract them. Make a triangular paratha instead of a round or square one. Make star-shaped cutlets, as I did in case of poha cutlets and see the difference.
  • The food should be delicious: Every mom tries to make the best food for her kids. But at times certain food items change their texture after coming to the room temperature and do not remain all that delightful. Therefore give those dishes that remain good even at the room temperature. For example easy pinwheel sandwich, khamani, etc. Make sure to bring the food to room temperature before packing in the tiffin.
  • The food should be nutritious: We should ensure that there is a good quotient of nutrition in all their meals, including their tiffin.  Parathas/cutlets, stuffed/made with finely chopped vegetables or paneer can be good options. Choose recipes using healthy ingredients such as rava, gram flour or whole wheat flour, etc.
  • The food should be of kid’s choice: Simple dishes reach different level by the addition of any ingredient of choice. Just add in cheese, sweet corn or anything of your kids’ choice in his or her not so favorite dish and see the difference. You can check the sabudana vada recipe to know more how the regular dishes can be customized as per your kids’ choice.
  • Involvement of kids. Try and involve them in the preparation part or packing part. Once they put some efforts in making their tiffin, they will feel associated and will love to finish their food. Doing so not only makes the food more attractive but also develops a feeling of responsibility amongst the kids. Make them shape the cutlets using cookie cutters or glass or bowl or make them pack their tiffin. These tricks are tried and tested.

Food items appropriate for Kids Tiffin:

  • Paratha: My son’s favorite tiffin is an ajwain paratha rolled and packed, we call it rumble tumble. Parathas make a great option for tiffin as they remain soft even after being packed for a couple of hours. These can be customized in a number of ways.
  • Poori: As much as my son likes paratha for his tiffin, that much I have always liked packing pooris for my tiffin for work or travel. Even kids love poori in their tiffin.
  • Sandwiches: Who doesn’t like sandwiches? Well, the problem is that at times sandwiches get a bit soggy. However cold sandwiches do not have this problem and can be packed for the tiffin.

Many more to follow. Stay tuned!

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Here is a collection of kids’ tiffin recipes that takes care of all the aforesaid points:- 

1. Cucumber Sandwich | How to Make Cucumber Sandwiches

What is a cucumber sandwich? An absolutely refreshing sandwich which has a delicious sandwich spread with the crunch of cucumber and creaminess of cream cheese alike is cucumber sandwich. It is an easy sandwich recipe and calls for a few ingredients. ...

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Cucumber Sandwich

2. Cheesy Veggie Bites Recipe | Cheese Veggie Shots

What are Cheesy Veggie Bites? Crispy bread roundels topped with juicy sweet corn kernels, crunchy onions, and colorful bell peppers, making up for a great party appetizer or kids’ friendly recipe are cheesy veggie bites. Frankly, this recipe was a way to use the bread roundels leftover a...

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Cheesy Veggie Bites

3. What is Handvo? | How to Make Handvo Recipe | Mixed Vegetable

What is Handvo? Indian recipe from the state of Gujarat, made with rice, dals and vegetables, making it a very healthy breakfast recipe as well as a diet food recipe, is Handvo. Handvo has a lovely texture with soft and spongy interiors. T...

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Handvo Recipe

4. Corn Pulao Recipe | How to Make Corn Pulao Recipe

What is Corn Pulao? Rice preparation with the sweetness of corn and sharpness of caramelized onions is corn pulao. It is an easy rice recipe which does not call for many ingredients and is liked by all for its distinct taste. Of all the rice recipes, pulao recipes are my favorite. Rice rec...

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corn pulao recipe

5. Microwave Khandvi Recipe | How to make khandvi in microwave?

What is Khandvi? Khandvi is a popular Gujarati snack made by cooking gram flour and curd mixture. The cooked mixture is spread and rolled and thereafter tempered with mustard seeds and curry leaves. Khandvi simply melts in the mout...

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microwave khandvi

6. Thalipeeth Recipe | Maharashtrian Recipes | How to Make Thalipeeth

What is Thalipeeth? Healthy flatbread from the state of Maharashtra in India, made using jowar flour, whole wheat flour, and gram flour; spiced and flavored with fresh ingredients such as garlic, green chilies, coriander leaves, etc. is Thalipeeth. It is a healthy recipe as it uses multigr...

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Thalipeeth Recipe

7. Kala Chana Chaat Recipe | Black Chickpeas | How to Make Kala Chana Chaat

What is Kala Chana Chaat? A tangy and spicy chaat recipe using kala chana or black chickpeas, with the juiciness of chopped tomatoes, the kick of chaat masala, bite of potatoes is kala chana chaat. Chaat recipes are so delightful. No one ca...

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kala chana chaat

8. How to make Monaco Sandwich | Kids tiffin recipes

What is Monaco Sandwich? It is basically a combination of salted biscuits and cheese(s). Monaco biscuits are dressed up with some cheese spread and then stuffed with cheese to make a quick snack especially to be liked by kids and anyone who loves cheese. It makes for a great tiffin option ...

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monaco sandwich

9. Masala Idli Recipe | How to Make Masala Idli

What is Masala Idli? Mildly spiced, slightly tangy, soft and spongy idli with the flavors of tomatoes, lemon juice; the crunch of mustard seeds, onions and the bite of coriander leaves and curry leaves, making a simple yet such a delicious p...

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masala idli

10. Sugar Sandwich Recipe | How to make sweet sandwich?

What is a Sugar Sandwich? Simple bread and butter dressed with some sugar and given a hint of cardamom is sugar sandwich. It is very easy, simple and quick to make. Sugar sandwich can be prepared for breakfast or tea time and can also be packed for kids’ tiffin. It is a great idea for pi...

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sugar sandwich

11. Dibba Rotti using Idli Batter | How to make Dibba Roti using Idli Batter

What is Dibba Rotti? Dibba Rotti is a dish from Andhra Pradesh. It has an amazing contrast of texture, super crunchy from the outside and absolutely soft from inside. It is one of the most under-rated dishes. Because it is drastically tasty and equally simple! It deserves to be more popula...

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Dibba Rotti Recipe

12. Besan Cheela | How to make Besan chilla | Cheela Recipe

What is besan cheela? It is a pancake made with gram flour i.e. besan. It is soft and has a crunch of onions, freshness of lots of coriander leaves, etc. It has the slight tanginess of pomegranate seeds (anaardana) that makes it very a...

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besan chilla recipe

13. Lauki Thepla Recipe | How to make Gujarati Lauki ka Thepla

What is Lauki Thepla? Flatbread from the state of Gujarat made using bottle gourd (lauki), whole wheat flour, gram flour, yogurt, and few spices. It is healthy bread as it includes vegetables etc. Thepla has a distinct texture, different from parathas. It is flaky at the same time it is so...

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lauki thepla recipe

14. Palak Poha Cutlet | How to make Palak Poha Cutlet

What is Palak Poha Cutlet? An absolutely crisp and crunchy cutlet with the bite of spinach leaves which adds a distinct flavour to the cutlets. Palak Poha Cutlet is easy, simple and healthy breakfast and snack recipe. I always used to make ...

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Palak Poha Cutlet

15. Sooji Balls | Kids tiffin recipes

What are Sooji Balls? As the name suggests sooji balls are flavorsome ball-shaped dumplings made up of semolina or rava (sooji). These balls are steamed to cook and then tempered to add more flavors therein. Semolina balls have the flavo...

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16. Aloo Frankie Recipe | Frankie Recipe | How to Make Aloo Frankie

What is Aloo Frankie Recipe? A tasty potato patty and lots of salad and cheese are wrapped together to make an aloo frankie. The most compact form of one full meal! This particular recipe has a potato patty with sharp flavors of vinegar chillies and masala onions which gives an awesome kic...

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17. Sooji Idli | Instant sooji idli

What is sooji idli? Idli is basically a steamed cake. It is prepared using rice and urad dal and includes fermentation of a few hours. Sooji idli is prepared (as the name suggests) using sooji i.e. semolina and this instant version does not ...

View Recipe

18. Vermicelli Pulao Recipe | How to Make Sevai Pulao

What is Vermicelli Pulao? When vermicelli is flavored with curry leaves, mustard seeds and cooked with vegetables it becomes a delicious and healthy breakfast or snack option, called vermicelli pulao. I missed mentioning it is also a v...

View Recipe

19. Mini Idli Pakora | Kids Tiffin Recipes | Lunch Box Recipes

What is Mini Idli Pakora? Idli pakora is totally different pakora from the regular pakoras that we eat. It has an altogether different stuffing of idlis, mini idli!! The coating is not of gram flour but of lentils! That’s not it. These pakoras are non-deep fried. In fact, they have been ...

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20. Sprinkle Sandwich | Kids Tiffin Recipe | Sandwich Recipes

What is sprinkle sandwich?Sprinkle sandwich is a very appealing sandwich which is drastically simple to make. To me, it is a presentation idea instead of recipe. A basic bread butter or bread jam is taken to another level with some sprinkles. After all, everything is better with sprinkl...

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21. Amiri khaman Recipe | How to make Amiri Khaman | Sev Khamani Recipe

What is sev khamani? Crumbled khaman with pomegranate, fresh coconut, coriander leaves, tempered with mustard seeds and green chilies and finished with lots of sev is sev khamani or amiri khaman. This is basically an extension of khaman dhokla, which is a very...

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22. Besan Paratha Recipe | How to make Besan ka Paratha | Breakfast Recipes

What is Besan Paratha? Besan Paratha is an Indian flatbread made with the combination of whole wheat flour and gram flour having basic flavors of onion, cumin seeds, and gram flour, getting its moistness from curd. These particular parathas are super soft. Addition of curd gives a very so...

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23. Sabudana Tikki | Kids Tiffin Recipes | Sabudana Vada – Sago balls

What is sabudana tikki? Sabudana tikki are patties made with sago and boiled potatoes, lots of peanuts and some fresh ingredients such as coriander, ginger, etc. These particular sabudana tikki come with a surprise inside. This recipe is especially for kids. So the tikkis have been shaped ...

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24. Pinwheel sandwich recipe | how to make pinwheel sandwich | veg pinwheel

What is a pinwheel sandwich? Pinwheel sandwich is a cute and colorful sandwich wherein bread is rolled along with some spread and vegetables. It is a cold sandwich, at least this particular recipe is. There is no need to grill or cook these sandwiches. You can use the spread or dressing as...

View Recipe

25. Eggless Rava Cake | Sooji Cake Recipe | Semolina Cake Recipe

What is eggless rava cake? Eggless rava cake is a simple and delicious sponge cake made using rava or semolina. Tutti frutti gives a very colorful and appealing look to the cake. It also enhances the flavors of the cake. Eggless rava cake is simple to make and is a healthier take on the sp...

View Recipe

26. Maharashtrian Style Sabudana Khichadi | Sabudana Khichadi Marathi Style

What is Maharashtrian Style Sabudana Khichadi? Sabudana khichadi is a flavorful preparation using sago (sabudana) along with peanuts and a handful of other basic ingredients. Maharashtrian style sabudana khichadi is a simpler version of sabudana khichadi. It is mildly flavored and gives su...

View Recipe

27. Masala Seviyan Recipe | How to make namkeen seviyan

What is Masala Seviyan? Vermicelli cooked in with onions, tomatoes; mildly spiced; flavored with fresh coriander leaves and lemon juice; is masala seviyan. It is a very easy, simple and quick recipe using seviyan. Masala seviyan can be prep...

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masala seviyan

28. How to Make Cake Cruffles | Recipes using left over cake

What is a Cake Cruffle? Yes, it is an important question. Not many know about it. It is a mix of cake and truffle if I can say so. Basically, a truffle made using cake is a cruffle. It is a moist and delicious ball of cake cruffle coated with chocolate and decorated with sprinkles. Just so...

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Cake Cruffles

29. Dibba Rotti Recipe | How to make Andhra Minapa Rotti

What is Dibba Rotti? It is a very interesting, healthy and delicious dish from the state of Andhra Pradesh. Dibba roti is also known as minapa rotti. It is made up of urad dal and idli rava. It is crisp as a dosa from the outside and soft and spongy as idli from the inside. It can be serve...

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Dibba Rotti

30. Moong Dal Cheela | How to make Moong Dal Cheela Recipe

What is moong dal cheela? Thin and crisp crepe made up of moong dal flavored with ginger and green chilies is dal cheela. It is light on the belly and nice on the tongue, as in easy to digest and delicious to eat. Perfect moong dal cheela is porous and thin. It can be served with green chu...

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Moong Dal Cheela

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