Sandwich recipes

Sandwich recipes

I change my alarm time to 15 minutes late if my daughter says she will take sandwich for her tiffin. Yes, sandwich makes a very good and more importantly easy and quick breakfast, snack, brunch or tiffin option. Sandwich is comfort food, bachelors’ food, kids’ delight. There are sandwich recipes for every meal, breakfast, lunch, dinner etc; sandwich recipes for different occasions such as parties, picnics, travel etc. Sandwiches not only give the choice of breads but also the choice of stuffing, the way of cooking etc. Here is a compilation

  • Hung curd sandwich (healthy recipe)
  • Kulcha sandwich (recipe with left over kulcha)
  • Sprinkle sandwich (kids tiffin recipe)
  • Pav Sandwich (leftover pav recipe)
  • Bombay Vegetable Sandwich
  • Classic Coleslaw Sandwich (no cook recipe)
  • Pinwheel Sandwich (picnic recipe)
  • Besan cheela sandwich
  • Paneer sandwich (healthy recipe)
  • Sun Sandwich Recipe (kids parties recipe)
  • Grilled Sandwiches


1. Hung Curd Sandwich Recipe | How to Make Curd Sandwich | Breakfast Recipes

What is Hung Curd Sandwich? Healthy and a very delicious sandwich filled with crunchy vegetables and thick yogurt are hung curd sandwich. The best part about hung curd sandwich recipe is that it has all the healthy ingredients. Yogurt forms the base of this sandwich and vegetables add to t...

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hung curd sandwich

2. Kulcha Sandwich Recipe | Easy Sandwich Recipes

What is Kulcha Sandwich? Kulcha sandwich is a tangy and spicy sandwich with the crunchy bites of onions, coriander seeds and crushed peppercorns. Kulcha is an Indian flat bread often served with chickpeas curry or yellow peas curry. I always get some extra kulchas whenever I plan to make m...

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3. Sprinkle Sandwich | Kids Tiffin Recipe | Sandwich Recipes

What is sprinkle sandwich? Sprinkle sandwich is a very appealing sandwich which is drastically simple to make. To me, it is a presentation idea instead of recipe. A basic bread butter or bread jam is taken to another level with some sprinkles. After all, everything is better with sprinkl...

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4. Pav Sandwich | How to Make Masala Pav Sandwich | leftover Pav Recipe

What is pav sandwich? Pav sandwich is a very interesting and delicious sandwich made up of pav, obviously, sliced vegetables and flavoured with pav bhaji masala and garlic, lots of butter and fresh coriander. It is very simple to make but it is certainly is different from the sandwiches ...

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5. Bombay Veg Sandwich | How to Make Bombay Sandwich | Street Food Recipes

What is Bombay Veg Sandwich? A simple vegetable sandwich made special with smooth green chutney, sandwich masala, fine namkeen (0 number ki sev)… mostly served by the street vendors, not just in Mumbai f.k.a. Bombay but everywhere. Do try the recipe for Bombay Veg Sandwich as it is hea...

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6. Coleslaw Sandwich Recipe | How to Make Classic Coleslaw Sandwich

What is Coleslaw Sandwich? It is a healthy, easy and quick sandwich. Not to forget it is delicious too. Coleslaw is a salad made up of vegetables i.e. cabbage and carrot and mayonnaise. Perfect coleslaw sandwich needs perfect coleslaw. And a perfect coleslaw depends upon the correct prop...

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7. Pinwheel sandwich recipe | how to make pinwheel sandwich | veg pinwheel

What is a pinwheel sandwich? Pinwheel sandwich is a cute and colorful sandwich wherein bread is rolled along with some spread and vegetables. It is a cold sandwich, at least this particular recipe is. There is no need to grill or cook these sandwiches. You can use the spread or dressing as...

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8. Besan Cheela Sandwich Recipe | How to make Besan Cheela Sandwich | Breakfast Recipes

Besan Cheela Sandwich Recipe is a thin crepe made up of gram flour sandwiched between bread slices, flavoured with coriander chutney and tomato ketch up. Besan cheela sandwich is a good option for breakfast/tiffin/tea-time snack/sudden hunger pranks. It is ready in no time and doesn't ...

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9. Paneer Sandwich Recipe | How to Make Paneer Sandwich

What is Paneer Sandwich? Treatment of paneer in the recipe leads to a very good substitute for cream cheese. So call it Grilled Paneer Sandwich Recipe or cream cheese sandwich. Paneer ground to a super smooth paste, in which go the colorful assorted vegetables! All set to give a kick start...

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10. Sun Sandwich | Sandwich Recipe | How to make Sun Sandwich

What is Sun Sandwich? Sun sandwich is a simple to make yet absolutely beautiful sandwich. It has a delicious potato-based filling, which has the sweetness of mayonnaise and the heat of coriander chutney. Because of its presentation, it is sure to be liked by the kids. Another sandwich tha...

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sun sandwich

11. Veg Grill Sandwich | Grilled Sandwich Recipe | Sandwich Recipes

What is Veg Grill Sandwich? Veg Grilled Sandwich is an easy and simple sandwich which consists of sliced vegetables sandwiched in bread slices. It has the flavour of sandwich masala, the tanginess of green chutney and the flavour of butter. The most commonly used vegetables are cucumber, t...

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