Indian Paratha Recipes | How to Make Paratha Recipes

Indian Paratha Recipes

Indian Paratha Recipes | How to Make Paratha Recipes

Indian Paratha Recipes | How to Make Paratha Recipes

Paratha is a shallow fried Indian flatbread. Indian Paratha recipes can be for stuffed or plain parathas. Plain parathas are generally served with dals or curries; whereas stuffed parathas are served with yogurt, raita or chutney. Paratha is very common, especially in North India. The reason for the popularity is that

  • Parathas are comfort food for many as most of the recipes are easy paratha recipes. You may not be in a mood to cook any fancy gravy or complicated dal, just make simple curry and serve with the paratha of your choice and be sorted.
  • Apart from that paratha is a very good option for kids’ tiffin. In fact all my life I have taken parathas to school. They are healthy, filling and quick to prepare.
  • Parathas have a better shelf life so they are prepared for travel etc. These can be conveniently rolls and served. Indian paratha recipes are followed as much as poori recipes when it comes to travel.
  • These allow a lot of customization. With whatever you have in hand parathas can be prepared. Even if there are no fresh ingredients, spices can be used to make parathas. In the absence of spices, you should just know how to make plain paratha and you will be done.
  • Parathas are an excellent way to use leftover dry dishes, rice, khichadi, etc. Just add to the dough or stuff inside and you are good to go.
  • Therefore we have a collection of Indian paratha recipes and the same shall be updated frequently. So stayed tuned!!

1. Aloo Paratha Recipe | How to make aloo paratha | Easy Aloo Paratha

What is Aloo Paratha Recipe? paratha Recipe is Indian flat bread span made up of whole wheat dough stuffed with a spicy potato stuffing. Aloo paratha is a very famous North Indian recipe but its universal appeal has landed it in south India too and basically, now whole nation is enjoying ...

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2. Masala Paratha Recipe | How to make simple Masala Paratha

What is Masala Paratha? Paratha is a shallow fried Indian flatbread. Masala paratha is simple and easy yet delish paratha. A mix of spices adds lots of flavours to masala paratha. Any simple gravy or boring dal can be pepped up with this Masala paratha. It can be served for breakfast/lunch...

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Masala paratha recipe

3. Paneer Paratha Recipe | How to Make Paneer Paratha | Paneer Recipes

What is paneer paratha? Paneer paratha Paneer paratha is shallow fried Indian flatbread that is stuffed with cottage cheese i.e. paneer mixture. This particular recipe has spicy and tangy, in fact, chatpati stuffing along with the bites o...

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4. Palak Paratha | How to make Palak Paratha

What is Palak Paratha? Palak paratha is a pretty green flatbread made using whole wheat flour and spinach flavoured with carom seeds (ajwain), ginger, chillies, black pepper (kali mirchi) etc. It can be served with gravies and dals for lunch or dinner or with yogurt or chuntey for breakfas...

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Palak paratha

5. Rice Paratha Recipe | Rice Paratha | Leftover Rice Paratha Recipe – Vini’s

What is rice paratha recipe?Rice paratha recipe is shallow fried Indian flatbread with the goodness of rice. Here 2 ways of making rice parathas are given. One of it is crisp and delicious with flavour of cumin, coriander etc. The other one is soft and has delicious rice stuffing with t...

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6. Bathua Paratha | How to make Bathua Paratha

What is Bathua Paratha? It is a simple flat bread made using whole wheat flour and bathua i.e. Chenopodium album as wiki told me. However in the recipe I’ll be using its Hindi name, it is so much more convenient! It is slightly flavoure...

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bathua paratha

7. Besan Paratha Recipe | How to make Besan ka Paratha | Breakfast Recipes

What is Besan Paratha? Besan Paratha is an Indian flatbread made with the combination of whole wheat flour and gram flour having basic flavors of onion, cumin seeds, and gram flour, getting its moistness from curd. These particular parathas are super soft. Addition of curd gives a very so...

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8. Aloo Paratha Restaurant Style | Aloo Paratha | How to make Aloo Paratha

What is Aloo Paratha? Aloo Paratha is a shallow fried Indian flat bread which is stuffed with a potato mixture. Restaurant style aloo paratha is different from the regular aloo paratha. It is softer and melt in mouth. It has ...

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aloo paratha

9. Aloo Paneer Paratha Recipe | How to make Paneer Paratha

What is Aloo Paneer Paratha? Aloo Paneer Paratha Recipe is a pan-fried Indian flatbread paratha recipe with a delicious and healthy stuffing. Since it is pan fried it has a crispy exterior. The stuffing is of potato, cottage cheese, onion...

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10. Achari Paratha Recipe | How to make Achari Paratha

What is Achari paratha? Shallow fried Indian flatbread bursting with flavors of mustard seeds, fennel seeds, onion seeds and many more is achari paratha. Achaar is a very accompaniment of Indian food. Anything boring can be pepped up and for many foodies, it is an indispensable part of the...

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achari paratha

11. Boondi laddoo paratha| Paratha recipes

What is a boondi laddoo paratha? Boondi laddoo paratha is a very delicious paratha that is sweet and juicy from inside. It is one of the simplest recipes using leftover mithai. Paratha is pan-fried/shallow fried Indian flatbread prepared using whole wheat flour. And boondi laddoo is a swee...

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12. Plain Paratha Recipe | How to Make Plain Paratha

How to Make Plain Paratha Recipe It is a shallow fried whole wheat Indian flatbread which is prepared in almost every household. Paratha is the second most popular Indian bread after chapati (Disclaimer: Not stated anywhere, just that I believe so.) Plain paratha ...

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plain paratha recipe

13. Punjabi Aloo Paratha | Aloo Paratha Recipe | How to Make Aloo Paratha

What is Punjabi aloo paratha? Punjabi aloo paratha is Indian soft bread which is shallow fried. They have the stuffing of potato. Punjabi Aloo Paratha is more hot and tangy. It has a very crispy and crunchy exterior and inside is a very delicious stuffing that is flavoured with roasted dri...

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14. Stuffed Bathua Paratha | How to Make Bathua Paratha

What is Bathua Paratha?Paratha having the stuffing of bathua and potatoes, flavours of cumin seeds, asafetida, green chilies and ginger etc is stuffed bathua paratha. During winters lots of greens are available and I have always heard my Mom telling me that it is easier to dige...

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stuffed bathua paratha

15. Dhaba Style Aloo paratha | Aloo Paratha | How to Make Aloo Paratha Recipe

What is Dhaba Style Aloo paratha?Dhaba Style Aloo paratha is an Indian flatbread that is stuffed with a delicious mixture made of potatoes and spices. Dhaba style aloo paratha recipe styles aloo paratha different from ...

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