ajmer ki kadhi kachori

Ajmer ki Kadhi Kachori | Vegan Kadhi Recipe | How to Make Kadhi

What is Ajmer ki Kadhi Kachori?

Crispy and flaky urad dal kachori served with hot, spicy, and tangy kadhi is Ajmer ki Kadhi Kachori. The kachori is flavored with a number of spices such as fennel seeds, coriander seeds, fenugreek leaves, etc. And is served with a very distinct kadhi recipe from the city of Rajasthan, Ajmer. It is distinct because this kadhi recipe does not use any yogurt. It is spicy and tangy. It calls for very few ingredients and is a fuss-free recipe but it takes time to cook. It is best served with khasta kachori. In Ajmer is a STAPLE thing. It is relished as breakfast. And if someone is out in the market and crosses any shop of kadhi kachori (which is at every corner), he/she is expected to make a halt and relish the crisp kachori crushed and topped with fiery kadhi. The kadhi can also be served with other deep-fried snacks such as samosa, aloo bonda, palak ke pakore, dal bhajia, saakhein, etc. Here I have shared the recipe for Ajmer ki Kadhi. I will soon update the recipe for the khasta kachori. Meanwhile, you can indulge in this kadhi by combining it with some readymade kachori or other deep-fried snacks.

Let’s talk about the ingredients for Ajmer ki Kadhi recipe:

Ajmer ki kadhi kachori is a combination of kadhi and kachori. Urad dal ki kachori is served with the special kadhi. Here is the recipe for Urad Dal ki Kachori.

This kadhi recipe is very different from the regular kadhi recipes. Besan/gram flour is the main ingredient. Gram flour is one of the most used ingredients in the Rajasthani food. Lots of Rajasthani dishes use besan as their main ingredient such as besan ladoo, cheela recipe, etc. Other than besan, time is the next most important ingredient for this kadhi recipe. Let’s check the ingredients in detail:

Besan/gram flour: Although besan is used as the main ingredient for this kadhi recipe, too much of it is not used.

Red chili powder: Green chili is not used in this recipe. Red chili powder is used to add heat to the Ajmer ki kadhi.

Dry mango powder: This is not used like another masala in this recipe. It is one of the key ingredients. Dry mango (amchur) powder is used in a good quantity. Trust the recipe, don’t get skeptical.

Mustard seeds: Many spices or ingredients are not used for this kadhi recipe. Mustard seeds (raie) and asafoetida give a nice flavor to the kadhi.ajmer ki kadhi kachori

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Kadhi is a staple food in India. And it varies from state to state. Gujarati kadhi recipe is very different from this kadhi recipe. Likewise, the Punjabi kadhi pakora has its own flavors. You might also like the besan ki kadhi recipe which is prepared using buttermilk.

How to serve Ajmer ki Kadhi?

Urad Dal ki Kachori is the best accompaniment to this kadhi. As such, there is a variety of kachori such as aloo kachori, moong dal kachori but it tastes best with khasta kachori. If you can’t get or make khasta kachori serve it with easy snack aloo bonda for Sunday brunch.

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How to make Ajmer ki Kadhi?

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