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Aamras recipe with step by step pictures

What is Aamras?

Aamras is a delicious and smooth puree of mango. The word Aamras is the combination of two words i.e. Aam and Ras which means mango and juice respectively. But I would not go by the literal meaning because Aamras has a consistency to fall for. It is thick and smoooooth (smooth with plenty of “o”s). In India, during summers when mangoes are available in abundance, it is very common to prepare Aamras as an accompaniment with meals, especially in Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan.  It helps to beat the scorching heat. Aamras recipe is one of the most common summer recipes.

Let’s talk about the ingredients for Aamras

In my last 2-3 blog posts the title of the post has been talking about the ingredients and the same happens again. For Aamras, as the name suggests, we need aam i.e. mangoes. Apart from mangoes, we need sugar and water/milk. Mangoes – Aamras is best prepared using Alfonso/ Kesar variety of mangoes, although you can make them with any variety. Sugar depends upon the sweetness of mangoes and your taste. The quantity of water also depends upon the quality of mango and your preference of consistency. Some mangoes are juicier than the other. Also some like their Aamras thin some like it thick. I like it somewhere in between.

Different poori recipes on the blog

Aamras’s better half is poori. And Aamras will be happy to see aloo poori, masala pooridal poori etc.


Mango at its best – AAMRAS RECIPE

Aamras Recipe 

Course                                 Beverages/side dish
Cuisine                                Indian
Prep time                            5 minutes
Cook time                           Nil
Serving                                4 persons

Ingredients for Aamras Recipe

  • 2 Alfansos; washed and peeled
  • 2 tbsp bhura shakkar
  • ¼ cup chilled water

How to make Aamras

1. Cut and grind mangoes

Cut mangoes into cubes. No need of such clean cubes 😉 we will anyways blend them. Put the mango cubes in a blender. And blend till you have no chunks left. Add water if required.


2. Check sweetness and consistency and add sugar and water

Sugar and water to be added differs from mangoes to mangoes. So after blending it, taste and add sugar and water according to your taste. I added ¼ cup water in total and 2 tbsp bhura shakkar.


3. Blend

Thereafter blend once more to get absolutely smooth and lump free Aamras. Chill in refrigerator for a couple of hours.


4. Bon appétit

Serve chilled and smooth Aamras with hot and puffed pooris.

Aamras Recipe


  • You can also add milk instead of water.
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