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Boondi Laddu Recipe – According to Wikipedia Boondi Ladoo are ball-shaped sweets popular in the Indian subcontinent.  They are made of boondis, which is a Rajasthani snack item made from sweetened, fried flour. They are often served at festive and religious occasions.

According to Vinipedia

Recipe Boondi ladoo is one of the most delicately prepared beautiful Indian desserts. Fried gram flour balls soaked in sugar syrup bind together to make laddus; soft, sweet, juicy and pretty laddus. This guy (the laddu) is sure to win all the hearts, from the Almighty to humans. Aren’t the cheeks of young kids referred to as laddus for this endearing reason?

boondi ladoo recipe

Let’s Talk About Boondi Laddu Recipe

There was a time when I used to struggle with the boondis we make for raitas. A lot has gone into from “poor raita boondis” to “presentable boondi laddus”. I have goggled a lot to get a perfect recipe along with all the tips and tricks. This Boondi Laddu Recipe, however, is a blend of various recipes. Too many cooks spoil the broth… is an old thing now. Here too many cooks have cooked it right. (Most of the tips and tricks found at

In this section of the post, I like to talk about the Boondi Laddu Ingredients, method and the possible variations in the recipe. But as far as this recipe is concerned, I would not suggest any variations. As regards the ingredients, there aren’t many, so I don’t have anything to say. “The method” yes, we will talk A LOT about the method in the following sections.

The Beauty of Boondi laddu

Boondi laddus can be prepared with the ingredients easily available in our kitchens. No fancy equipment is needed. Recipe of Boondi laddus can be prepared for various occasions such as festivals or parties (Diwali party/Holi party), for bhog or to gift to someone with a piece of good news :).  This guy (the laddu, of course) has a very positive vibe… no?!

And the Beast (the difficult thing about this recipe)

The shape of the boondis

  • They might become flat.
  • They could be tailed boondis instead of round.

The texture of the boondis

  • They might remain under-cooked.
  • They might turn crispy.

Cooking the boondis

  • There could be a lump of boondis instead of separated ones.
  • They might stick to the bottom of the pan.

Sugar syrup

  • It could be that the syrup is not absorbed by the boondis instead it’s just coated on them.
  • The boondis might turn out to be sticky.

You may not be able to bind the boondis into laddus.


Experience and experiments (tips and tricks)

Consistency of the batter should be correct. The boondis should fall from the perforated spoon on its own forming nice round balls.

  • A thin batter results in oddly shaped boondis or lumps of boondis. Add a little gram flour to correct the consistency.
  • Thick batter doesn’t flow easily resulting in hard and tailed boondis. Yeah, no points for guessing, add some water to correct the consistency.
  • Always check the batter by pouring a little on the perforated spoon to see how it falls and then start with the frying process. Boondis should drop effortlessly and swiftly.

Ghee temperature should be correct. The boondis should drop into the ghee; get cooked into a round ball and come to the side of the pan.

  • If the ghee isn’t hot enough, the boondis might form a lump or may even stick to the bottom.
  • And if the ghee is too hot obviously the boondis will turn brown without cooking properly on the inside.

Sugar syrup consistency should be correct. The boondis should absorb the sugar syrup and bind into laddus.

  • Thin sugar consistency will result in sticky boondis that won’t bind into laddus. (See how stubborn the boondis are!! They are sticky but won’t bind).
  • Thick sugar syrup will just coat the boondis. Boondis will not be able to absorb it.
  • Check the consistency by adding a few drops of syrup to a glass of water. The syrup should settle down and not dissolve in water.
  • Make sure to cook the syrup till it starts boiling into large bubbles. When you flow some syrup, it should flow as a stream of bubbles and not as a stream of syrup.

In case you can’t bind the boondis into laddu just grind some boondis, around 1/4 cup. Mix with remaining boondis. Add 1 tbsp warm milk and bind into laddu.

Other tips

  • For best results use the perforated spoon specially designed for making boondis. However, I used the regular perforated spoon we have in our kitchen.
  • The level of ghee should be correct. There should be at least one inch of ghee in the pan.
  • Use heavy bottom pan for the sugar syrup preferably an aluminium one instead of non stick, anodised or any other material.
  • While pouring the boondi batter in the ghee, don’t keep the spoon too high or too low. It should be 3-4 inches above the ghee.
  • Once the boondis are cooked they will stop sizzling. Don’t cook beyond this point. Boondis take around one minute to cook.
  • Clean the perforated spoon each time before adding fresh batch of batter.

Let’s just talk

Ever since I had thought that I’ll be creating a food blog, I always wondered “what should be the name of my blog?”,  “what should be the theme?”, “what would be the format?” so on and on and of course “what should be my first post?”

I am the kind of person who believes, “I can do nothing without the blessings of God,” and, for Handful of Flavours I wanted so many blessings from HIM. So I thought of bribing HIM and decided to offer HIM boondi laddu.

“kaun kehta hai bhagwan khaate nahi,ber shabri ke jaise khilaate nahi”


Course                         Dessert
Cuisine                        Indian
Prep Time                  15 Minutes
Cook Time                  20 Minutes
Servings                      10 Medium Sized Laddus


  • 1 cup besan/gram flour
  • 3/4 cup water
  • food colouring optional
  • Ghee for frying
  • 1/2 tsp green cardamom seeds
  • 1/2 tsp black cardamom seeds
  • HANDFUL OF melon seeds
  • 1 cup sugar
  • ¾ cup water
  • 2 cloves


  1. In a large bowl take 1 cup besan. To this add ¾ cup water and yellow food colouring and mix.
     boondi ladoo recipe (1)
  2. Check the consistency of the batter. It should flow in a stream and when poured on the perforated spoon the boondis should drop effortlessly and swiftly.
     boondi ladoo recipe (2)
  3. In a flat bottom pan heat enough ghee. Make sure that the level of ghee is not very low. It should be at least one inch.
     boondi ladoo recipe (3)
  4. Heat the ghee well. Make sure the ghee is hot. Drop in one or two boondis to check the temperature. They should immediately puff up.
     boondi ladoo recipe (4)
  5. Place the perforated spoon 3-4 inches above the ghee and pour some batter. The boondis will start dropping effortlessly. Fry the boondis.
     boondi ladoo recipe (5)
  6. Fry them till they sizzle. Once they stop sizzling take them out. Don’t let the colour change. Boondis will take one minute to get fried.
     boondi ladoo recipe (6)
  7. Clean the perforated spoon each time before adding the fresh batch for frying.
     boondi ladoo recipe (7)
  8. When left with the last batch of batter to be fried, divide it into two portions and add green and red food and mix.
     boondi ladoo recipe (8)
  9. Add a few drops of water to adjust the consistency, if needed.
     boondi ladoo recipe (9)
  10. Fry the green and red boondis.
    boondi ladoo recipe (10)
  11. Add green cardamom seeds, black cardamom seeds and melon seeds to the boondis.
    boondi ladoo recipe (11)
  12. For the sugar syrup, take 1 cup sugar. Add 3/4 cup water to it. Add 2 cloves and start cooking it.
    boondi ladoo recipe (12)
  13. Cook the sugar syrup till the bubbles become large.
    boondi ladoo recipe (13)
  14. To check the consistency take some syrup in a big spoon and flow it. It should flow as a stream of bubbles and not as a stream of syrup. You can also check by adding a little syrup to a glass of water. The syrup should settle at the bottom instead of getting dissolved in the water.
    boondi ladoo recipe (14)
  15. Once the sugar syrup is ready switch off the flame and add 1tbsp of water for normal to dry laddu and 2 tbsp of water for moister laddu. I had added 1 tbsp water.
    boondi ladoo recipe (15)
  16. Add the boondis to the sugar syrup and mix from bottom to top so all the boondis soak the syrup.
    boondi ladoo recipe (16)
  17. Continue to do so till the mixture starts drying. This will take 2-3 minutes.
    boondi ladoo recipe (17)
  18. Apply some ghee on your hands and bind the boondis in to laddu. If you find problem binding the boondis or they refuse to come together, grind ¼ cup of boondis. Mix the grinded boondis with the remaining boondis. Add 1-2 tbsp warm milk to the boondi mixture and be sorted.
    boondi ladoo recipe (18)


Boondi Laddu Recipe

BOONDI LADDU/ Boondi Laddu Recipe

Prepare the boondi laddus for any auspicious occasion/festive.

I offered them as bhog to the Lord.

“You don’t need to be great to start, you need to start to be great”

Boondi Laddu Recipe | How to Make Boondi Ladoo | Best Laddu Recipe

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