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Kids Friendly RecipesKid Friendly Recipes step by step – These are the trickiest ones because the toughest to please are the kids! If you ask kids the definition of a balanced diet he/she would say “balanced diet means cupcakes in both the hands” But Mommies know the difference of balanced diet, the correct definition. Kids are fussy as well as smart. They won’t settle for anything boring or monotonous. So a balance needs to be maintained. The food for kids should be healthful as well as enticing. Following are some food items that are always a hit amongst the kid friendly recipes.

Quick and Easy Kid Friendly Recipes

a. Bite size food: Size does matter and our little ones are attracted towards the size food. They find it convenient to eat and especially if there is a birthday party or get together, these dishes are absolute crowd pleasers.

b. Fruit-based desserts: The best way to introduce fruits in kids’ meals is to make desserts which are colorful and therefore appealing, appealing enough for everyone and not just kids.

c. Finger food: Kids love to have finger food as it is fuss-free to finish it and can be eaten on the go. Rolls and sandwiches are the best examples of finger food.

Following is a collection of kid friendly recipes that have been approved and repeated demanded by my kid  friendly meals and is sure to be liked by yours too.

15  Kid Friendly Meals

Sooji Ballssooji balls

These cute balls are healthy and eye-catching. Kids recipes are sure to fall in love with these. Sooji balls can be served with any chutney or tomato ketchup. These can be given to kids recipes in their lunch box.

For recipe of sooji balls, Click Here.

Idli Pakora


These cuties are instant sooji idli coated in a lentil-based batter and thereafter fried in a few drops of oil. Idli pakora is crispy from outside and absolutely soft from inside, making it an interesting dish.

For the recipe of idli pakora, Click Here

Fruit Curd

fruit curd recipeHealthy dessert recipe made using yogurt and fresh fruits is liked by each and every kids recipes. You can easily customize the fruits as per your kid’s choice. Chopped nuts can also be added for some bite and extra nutrition.

For the recipe of fruit curd, Click Here

Monaco Bites (under 10 minutes recipes)

monaco bitesHunger pangs are common with kids, especially at 7 pm. This snack can be fixed in just 10 minutes and is very appetizing. It is a great way to add some fresh vegetables in your kids’ diet.

For the recipe of Monaco bites, Click Here

Rice Balls (Gluten-Free Recipe)

rice ballsMany kids have intolerance towards gluten or are advised to reduce the gluten intake. Rice balls are tiny, spongy and delicious snack which are certainly loved by kids as well as the elderlies.

For the recipe of rice balls, Click Here

Whole Wheat Eggless Brownie

 I don’t think there are any Kid friendly meals who don’t like brownies and I don’t think there is any adult who would be able to guess that these are wheat and eggless because they are absolutely moist and chocolaty.

For the recipe of eggless wheat brownie, Click Here.

If you are looking for more eggless cake recipes, you can find them here.

Vegetable Frankie (Kids Tiffin Recipe)

veg frankieCutlet made with vegetables rolled in a whole wheat chapatti or paratha is just so perfect for kids recipes lunch or dinner and absolutely ideal for their tiffin.

For the recipe of vegetable Frankie, Click Here.

Apart from this, here is a list of recipes so apt for kids’ tiffin.

Paneer Sandwich

PANEER SANDWICH RECIPE (10)We all know the nutritional facts of paneer. A very delish way of introducing paneer in your kids’ diet is this paneer sandwich recipe. A substitute for cream cheese is prepared using paneer and same is used to making these sandwiches.

For the recipe of paneer sandwich, Click Here.

By the way, all kids love sandwiches and therefore we have a collection of sandwich recipes. Find it here.

Cheesy Potatoes

cheesy potatoesThe name is enough to suggest that this preparation will be loved by the kids. It is very easy and simple to make and can also be served as a party appetizer.

For the recipe of cheesy potatoes, Click Here.

You may also like cheese garlic bread, mini pizza, bread pizza.


bhelpuriIf your kid(s) love chaat, he/she would definitely love bhelpuri. A healthy non fried snack made using puffed rice! It tastes fantastic even if not made spicy and is therefore loved by the kids.

For the recipe of bhelpuri, Click Here.


PERFECT POORIWe all know kids love pooris. With this bread, you can serve them any gravy or dry dish (I mean almost any). Puffed up and round pooris, will definitely make them happy.

For Poori Recipes, Click Here.


BUTTER MAGGICan we skip this? No, not at all. Seriously 2 minutes is all you need to please them. And there are many recipes to make these noodles.

For collection of maggi recipes, Click Here.

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