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10 Best Eggless Cake Recipes

Cakes can make any moment a celebration and any celebration, memorable. Cakes are indispensable on special  occasions such as birthday, anniversary, results etc. Here I am sharing the recipes for eggless cakes. Eggs are avoided by many people due to religious sentiments, allergy etc. I personally love 10 Best Eggless Cake Recipes cakes and more than anything else, I love see them rise.
Here is a list of 10 eggless cake recipes, something for every occasion and some for no occasion.
Because occasions need cakes, cakes don’t need occasions.


10 recipes, something for everyone

1. Sponge cake

This is the most basic cake. I have not used any flavouring in this cake but believe me I did not miss any too. And yes this recipe explains how to bake a cake without oven, in a cooker. Why should people with oven have all the fun??


Cakes are not dependant on ovens – SPONGE CAKE MADE IN COOKER

2. Eggless Aata cake

We all know how badly kids love cakes!! So let’s try to make it healthier. Let’s make whole wheat cake. But believe me; you will fall in love with its texture. It is absolutely soft and spongy. The recipe call for a very different process, but the outcome was fantastic. An airy cake made with 100% whole wheat flour.


An out of the box process for an out of the box outcome – EGGLESS AATA CAKE

3. Eggless Coconut cake

Coconut is my favourite flavour. I love coconut in everything. Be it cakes, cookies, garnishing, shakes, yogurt… I mean you put coconut in anything and I will love it. This cake is induced with my favourite flavour, the classic coconut flavour. It is a very soft and delicate cake. Coconut not only gives flavour to the cake but its texture too.


Absolutely soft and delicate – EGGLESS COCONUT CAKE

4. Eggless Marble cake

You may love chocolate, you may love vanilla, you may not love chocolate, you may not love vanilla, but you will love this gorgeous cake. Some cakes are pretty without any frosting. Marble cake is one of them.


Fusion of two basic cake flavours – EGGLESS MARBLE CAKE

5. Eggless Mawa cake

No it is not a sponge cake with some evaporate milk (mawa) in it. It is the “mawa cake”. It calls for more mawa than all purpose flour. It is a great fusion recipe. When I collected the ingredients, everyone thought that I was making an Indian dessert, malpuas. This cake has all those flavours and is one of my mom’s favourite.


Cake with the flavours of Indian mithais – EGGLESS MAWA CAKE

6. Eggless Whole Wheat Chocolate Cake

Yes whole wheat cakes too can be celebration cakes. And once you will serve this cake, it will be difficult for you to convince your guests, that it is a whole wheat cake. It is very chocolaty and the chocolate ganache adds to the taste and look. However you can skip the ganache and keep it simple. It is delicious anyways.


Absolutely chocolaty and soft – EGGLESS WHOLE WHEAT CHOCOLATE CAKE

7. Eggless Tutti Frutti Cake

No it is not a simple sponge cake with some tutti fruitti in it. It goes beyond that. An egg substitute gives such an awesome flavour to the cake. This cake has a fruity flavour and sweetness, that you will fall in love with it. It is very soft and moist.


Such a sweet and fruity cake – EGGLESS TUTTI FRUTTI CAKE

8. Eggless Coconut Sooji Cake

I bake so often and every time I love to try a new recipe for the same cake. So I never remember recipes. But I have not forgotten this one. It is such a simple recipe with all the ingredients measuring the same. It will take special talent to forget this recipe.


A recipe that no one can ever forget – EGGLESS SOOJI COCONUT CAKE

9. Eggless Mug cake

There should never be a reason for not having a cake when you are craving one. Okay you don’t have oven?! No proble make a cake in cooker. Okay you don’t have time also, make it in 5 minutes. Just grab a mug and put on your microwave.


A cake when you are short of time and oven – EGGLESS CHOCOLATE MUG CAKE

10. Eggless Orange cake

No, no need to wait for oranges. The recipe can be made with packed juice too, though when I see oranges in the market the first thought is orange cake. Orange zest gives such freshness to the cake, but more than that it gives such fragrance with 10 Best Eggless Cake Recipes hands.

10 Best Eggless Cake Recipes

With a common flavour and colour, orange – EGGLESS ORANGE CAKE

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Eggless Cake Recipes | 10 Best Eggless Cake Recipes

Eggless Cake Recipes is one of the most favorite recipes for all the small kids and young age people. It represents the soul of festivals and religion and also adds some attraction to celebrate with their sweets, creamy presence.  And the collection of 10 Best Eggless Cake Recipes is baking for all the recipes lovers at home. And also gives you control over the quantity and quality of active ingredients that go into the making of the cake. The eggless recipe makes it easier and free to make the classic cake for people and other guests with some sweets and tasty things. This one of the sweet buttery flavor and light damp to design and make it perfect to celebrate any occasion and festivals.

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