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Kids Tiffin Recipes are the trickiest of all. Tiffin is a part of the school, a school is a place where kids learn… learn to read, write, interact, EAT, etc. What will they eat? Something that we would give them in their TIFFIN! What should it be, rather how should it be? The following things should be kept in mind while packing kids’ school tiffin. The food should be tempting: Colors, the inclusion of colors does wonders. Kids are really tempted to see something bright and colorful in their tiffin. Garnishing the food with some pomegranate seeds, coriander can help. Apart from that including vegetables like carrots, peas, sweet corn in the dishes also helps. Apart from colors, shapes also attract them. Make a triangular paratha instead of a round or square one. Make star-shaped cutlets and see the difference.

  • The food should be delicious: Every mom tries to make the best food for her kids. But at times certain food items change their texture after coming to the room temperature and do not remain all that delightful. Therefore give those dishes that remain good even at room temperature. Make sure to bring the food to room temperature before packing in the tiffin.
  • The food should be nutritious: We should ensure that there is a good quotient of nutrition in all their meals, including their tiffins.  Parathas/cutlets stuffed/made with finely chopped vegetables or paneer can be good options. Choose recipes using healthy ingredients such as Rava, gram flour or whole wheat flour, etc
  • The food should be of kid’s choice: Simple dishes reach different levels by the addition of any ingredient of choice. Just add in cheese, sweet corn or anything of your kids’ choice in his or her not so favorite dish and see the difference.
  • Involvement of kids. Try and involve them in the preparation part or packing part. Once they put some effort into making their tiffin, they will feel associated and will love to finish their food. Doing so not only makes the food more attractive but also develops a feeling of responsibility amongst the kids. Make them shape the cutlets using cookie cutters or glass or bowl or make them pack their tiffins. These tricks are tried and tested.

Kids tiffin recipes include sandwich recipes, poha recipes, paratha recipes, dhokla recipes, etc.

Sandwich Recipes: My favorite recipes for the kids tiffin recipes are certainly sandwich recipes. Sandwiches are simple to make and most of the preparation such as the spread, stuffing can be done in advance. In the morning rush hours, sandwiches can be prepared quickly and packed for kids tiffin recipes.

Paratha Recipes: My kids love to take parathas in their tiffin. Parathas are very filling and give them the energy to keep going. Further parathas can be customised as per liking or requirement. Also, these are fuss-free to make.

My favorite recipes for kids tiffin recipes have got to be the sandwich recipes. Recently it was my little one’s school picnic and I had packed a few sprinkle sandwiches. The sandwiches were a major hit. All the kids loved and shared those sandwiches. ANd you will be amazed to see the simplicity of the recipe.

South Indian Breakfast Recipes: Soft idlis with some chutney are so perfect for tiffin. Kids also relish mini uttapam for their lunch. Dibba rotti is a very unique and interesting recipe. The best part about South Indian Breakfast recipes is that these are healthy, mostly gluten-free and taste great.

Here is a collection of kids tiffin recipes that take care of all the aforesaid points:- 

Kids Tiffin Recipes

Healthy Kids Tiffin Recipes| School lunch Box ideas:

Akki Roti

Akki Roti belongs to Karnataka cuisine. Akki means rice and roti means flatbread which implies that akki roti is a flatbread prepared using rice, rice flour to be practical and particular.

View the recipe here.akki roti recipe

Leftover Rice Dosa

Absolutely crisp dosa prepared with a mixture of rice, wheat flour, rice flour, and yogurt. It is such a simple and easy recipe. I often make leftover rice dosa to settle my kids’ sudden hunger pangs.

View the recipe here.leftover rice dosa

Methi Paratha

Paratha is an Indian flatbread that is shallow-fried to cook. Paratha can be plain/simple or stuffed. Paratha which is flavored with fresh fenugreek leaves is methi paratha

View the recipe here.

methi paratha recipe

Kathi Rolls

Kebab prepared on wooden skewers, i.e. kathi, rolled in paratha along with assorted veggies make a delectable roll called kathi roll. These veg rolls come from Kolkata. The word kathi means wooden skewers.

View recipe here.

kathi rolls recipeVermicelli Pulao

Vermicelli is cooked and thereafter combined with onions, tomatoes and lots of vegetables. It has the kick of lemon juice and sharpness of ginger, garam masala powder, etc. This is a frequent preparation in my kitchen during winter because I like to make most of the vegetables available during this season.

View recipe info here.

Puran Poli

Puran Poli is a Maharashtrian flatbread made with a sweet lentil filling of chana dal, jaggery (gud), very appropriately flavored with nutmeg and cardamom. Puran Poli is a combination of puran and poli. Puran means stuffing and poli means roti or the outer covering.

View recipe tiffin recipes

Masala Cheese Toast

Crisp toast with a delicious and cheesy topping is Masala Cheese Toast. Onion and boiled potatoes give a nice body to the toast, making it not only more delectable but also more filling. It is a wonderful breakfast or tea time option.

More info here.

masala cheese toast

Pinwheel sandwich is a rolled sandwich. It can be prepared with the stuffing and spread of your choice. However, this is the recipe for a pretty simple, quick and easy pinwheel sandwich which is buttery, tangy with the hint of tomato ketchup. It gets its savory flavor from grated cheese.

More info here.

Dibba Rotti using Idli Batter

Dibba Rotti is a dish from Andhra Pradesh. It has an amazing contrast of texture, super crunchy from the outside and absolutely soft from inside. It is one of the most under-rated dishes. Because it is drastically tasty and equally simple!

More info here.

dibba rotti recipe

Besan Cheela

It is a pancake made with gram flour i.e. besan. It is soft and has a crunch of onions, freshness of lots of coriander leaves, etc. It has the slight tanginess of pomegranate seeds (anaardana) that makes it very appetizing.

Recipe info here.

besan chilla recipeCheese Sandwich

Buttery and crispy sandwich with soft, melting and cheesy stuffing, is a cheese sandwich. This sandwich recipe has more flavors than just cheese. It is absolutely buttery, slightly garlicky and totally delicious. The best part about this sandwich recipe is that it can be fixed in no time and calls for a handful of ingredients.

Recipe info here.

cheese sandwich

Oats Dhokla

Oats Dhokla is an instant dhokla prepared using oats, i.e. quick-cooking oats, semolina, and yogurt. It is absolutely soft and spongy. It is porous and feels light on the tummy and is easily digestible. Oats dhokla makes for a good oats recipe and a healthy breakfast recipe.

Recipe info here.

instant oats dhokla

Lauki Thepla

Flatbread from the state of Gujarat made using bottle gourd (lauki), whole wheat flour, gram flour, yogurt, and few spices. It is healthy bread as it includes vegetables etc. Thepla has a distinct texture, different from parathas. It is flaky at the same time it is soft.

View recipe link here.

lauki thepla recipe

Bread Pakoda

Bread Pakora recipe is a deep-fried snack recipe made using a sandwich with potato filling, which is dipped in gram flour batter and deep-fried. A crunchy coating, a spicy filling, the softness of the bread inside… everything makes it absolutely delightful.

View recipe link here.

bread pakora

Fried Pitod

Pitod belongs to the state of Rajasthan. Thin gram flour batter is cooked and then set and cut into the desired shape and used in the desired manner; when fried with mustard seeds, green chilies, and curry leaves, it becomes fried pitod.

View recipe here.

fried pitodEasy Pinwheel Sandwich

Pinwheel sandwich is a rolled sandwich. It can be prepared with the stuffing and spread of your choice. However, this is the recipe for a pretty simple, quick and easy pinwheel sandwich which is buttery, tangy with the hint of tomato ketchup. It gets its savory flavor from grated cheese

Pinwheel sandwich recipe here.

easy pinwheel sandwichIdli Dhokla

Khaman dhokla prepared in an idli maker is idli dhokla. Khaman is basically a steamed snack from the Gujarati cuisine, prepared using gram flour. It has a soft and spongy texture and a combination of different flavors. It is slightly sweet, little tangy, somewhat hot. Idli dhokla is another way of making khaman.

idli dhokla recipe here.

idli dhokla

Monaco Sandwich

It is basically a combination of salted biscuits and cheese(s). Monaco biscuits are dressed up with some cheese spread and then stuffed with cheese to make a quick snack especially to be liked by kids tiffin recipes and anyone who loves cheese.

Monaco recipe here.

monaco sandwichSooji Cutlets

These are healthy and appealing cutlets made using semolina and boiled potatoes. They are flavored with ginger, red chili flakes, fresh coriander leaves, etc. I have shaped sooji cutlets are squares, you can give them any shape that you like.

Sooji cutlets recipe here.

sooji cutlets

Vegetable Uttapam

Thick pancake with crisp edges and soft and spongy insides topped with vegetables, a popular South Indian breakfast, is vegetable uttapam. This is the third most popular South Indian food item after idli and dosa, according to me :).

View the recipe here.

vegetable uttapam

Microwave Khandvi

Khandvi is a popular Gujarati snack made by cooking gram flour and curd mixture. The cooked mixture is spread and rolled and thereafter tempered with mustard seeds and curry leaves. Khandvi simply melts in the mouth leaving behind great flavors of gram flour, mustard seeds, and curry leaves, etc.

View the recipe here.

microwave khandvi

Sabudana Vada

Sabudana vada is a patty that is made up of sabudana i.e. sago. It has the flavor of peanuts, ginger, coriander and green chilies. The best part about this recipe is the contrast of textures that is it offers. It is super crunchy and crispy from the outside and soft from inside with some bytes of peanuts and ginger.

sabudana vada recipe here.

sabudana vada recipePalak Muthia

Soft dumplings made with gram flour and spinach, with the tinge of garlic and ginger, slight heat of green chilies, a nice bite of spinach, tempered with mustard seeds, is palak muthia. Muthia is a very popular snack from the state of Gujarat. It has a crumbly texture. The tempering of mustard seeds and sesame seeds give a lovely crunch to the dish.

Palak muthia recipe here.

palak muthiaSpinach Corn Sandwich

Sandwich with a delectable stuffing of spinach and sweet corn kernels combined together with some white sauce is spinach corn sandwich. It has the sweetness of the white sauce and sweet corn kernels, which delectably cut the sharpness of spinach.

Spinach and sweet corn recipe here.

spinach corn sandwich

Idli Pakoda

Button or mini idlis dipped in lentil batter, cooked in an appam pan, giving an absolutely crunchy outside and cushiony soft inside, making it a snack perfect for guilt-free indulgences is idli pakoda. It is flavored with fresh coriander seeds, fennel seeds etc.

Idli pakoda recipe here.

idli pakoda

Sugar Sandwich

Simple bread and butter dressed with some sugar and given a hint of cardamom is sugar sandwich. It is very easy, simple and quick to make. Sugar sandwiches can be prepared for breakfast or tea time and can also be packed for kids’ tiffin.

Sugar sandwich recipe here.

sugar sandwichMasala Idli

Mildly spiced, slightly tangy, soft and spongy idli with the flavors of tomatoes, lemon juice; the crunch of mustard seeds, onions and the bite of coriander leaves and curry leaves, making a simple yet such a delicious preparation, is masala idli.

Masala idli recipe here.

masala idli recipeInstant Khaman

Instant khaman is steamed Gujarati snack made using gram flour i.e. besan. It has an awesome balance of flavors. It is a savory dish with a slight sweetness and a tangy kick of lemon.

Instant khaman recipe here.

instant khaman dhoklaBesan Masala Roti

Healthy and flavorful flatbread made with gram flour and whole wheat flour, from the state of Haryana, is besan masala roti. It is flavored with the most basic spices and fresh ingredients.

Besan masala roti recipe here.

besan masala roti

Masala Khakhra

Crisp, super crisp, a snack made using healthy ingredients, dry roasted to cook, from the Gujarati cuisine, healthy and so appetizing, is Khakhra. Khakhra which has been flavored with spices is a Masala Khakhra.

Masala Khakhra recipe here.

masala khakhra recipe00li Pitha

Pancake made with rice and lentils, sweet or savory, from the state of Orissa is Chakuli Pitha. It is one of the most popular breakfast recipes of the state. It is very simple to make. Chakuli pitha recipe can be customized as per the liking.

Ooli Paitha here.

chakuli pitha recipeSattu Paratha

Stuffed paratha prepared with chana sattu flavored with pickle masala, onions, fresh coriander leaves, green chili, and carom seeds, etc. is sattu paratha. Sattu is a very popular bihar food.

Stuffed Paratha recipe here.

sattu paratha                       

Paneer Cutlet

Snack recipe using paneer which is mildly spiced and absolutely healthy is paneer cutlet. It has soft and melt-in-mouth inside and crisp and crunchy outside. Paneer cutlets can be prepared quickly and without many ingredients.

For the recipe of paneer cutlet click here.

paneer cutlet recipe

Soya Kheema Roll

Healthy and delectable chapati rolls made with the filling of soya granules or soya chunks keema is Soya Kheema Roll. It has the perfectly tangy yet crunchy pickled vegetables, and flavorsome soya granules stuffing. So much goodness can be rolled up in a wrap food only.

For the recipe of soya kheema roll click here.

soya kheema rolls

Palak Moong Dal Pakoda (non-fried)

This is a non-deep fried moong dal pakoda with the goodness of spinach, hint of ginger, garlic, and green chili, the bite of coriander seeds and fennel seeds; crunchy from outside and soft from inside.

For the recipe of palak moong dal pakoda click here.

palak moong dal pakoda

Cucumber Sandwich

An absolutely refreshing sandwich which has a delicious sandwich spread with the crunch of cucumber and creaminess of cream cheese alike is cucumber sandwich. It is an easy sandwich recipe and calls for a few ingredients. Cucumber sandwich is beyond the sandwich bread with cucumber salad. It has a nice sandwich spread, which makes it filling.

For the recipe of cucumber sandwich click here.

cucumber sandwich

Aloo Bonda

Indian potato recipe, which is a perfect snack with your masala chai is aloo bonda recipe. Boiled potatoes are coarsely mashed and cooked with spices and coated with gram flour batter and deep-fried to make a lip-smacking snack. With few boiled potatoes in the refrigerator, aloo bonda is an instant evening snack. It can be converted into a healthy snack by cooking it in appam pan with few drops of oil instead of deep-frying.

For the recipe of aloo bonda click here.

aloo bonda recipe


Healthy flatbread from the state of Maharashtra in India, made using jowar flour, whole wheat flour, and gram flour; spiced and flavored with fresh ingredients such as garlic, green chilies, coriander leaves, etc. is Thalipeeth. It is a healthy recipe as it uses multigrain flour.

For the recipe of thalipeeth click here.


Bread Roll

Mouthwatering potato stuffing is stuffed in bread slice and deep-fried to make superbly crisp bread rolls. One bite into the bread roll and such crunchy bread and such delicious potato stuffing that it shall become your family’s favorite snack!

For the recipe of bread roll click here.

Bread roll

Podi Idli

Idli sautéed in podi is podi idli. Podi is a condiment from the South Indian cuisine which is prepared using lentils, red chilies, sesame seeds, etc and served with idli, dosa, uttapam, etc. I keep my podi coarse and do not make a fine powder. When soft idlis are coated and cooked with podi, what you get is podi idli which is spicy, has a crunchy exterior and soft and spongy idli inside.

For the recipe of podi idli click here.

podi idli

Bread Upma

Bread chunks cooked in tomatoes, onions with few spices and other ingredients is bread upma. Bread snacks are pretty simple and quick to make and the best part is that the bread dishes make quick breakfast recipes or easy snacks recipes.

Click here.

bread upma

Sarva Pindi

Rice flour pancake from the state of Telangana/Andhra Pradesh, which bursts with the flavors of ginger, garlic, green chilies, curry leaves, and coriander leaves, has the bite of chana dal, sesame seeds, roasted peanuts, etc. is Sarva Pindi. It is also known as Ginnappa/Tapala Pindi. It is very flavorous as well as healthy.

Click here.

sarva pindi

Poha Upma

Poha cooked in the South Indian style, tempered with mustard seeds, cumin seeds, curry leaves, chana dal, urad dal; having the bite of onions, crunch of fried peanuts; is poha upma.

For the recipe of poha upma click here.

aval upma recipe

Handvo (in pan)

Indian recipe from the state of Gujarat, made with rice, dals and vegetables, making it a very healthy breakfast recipe as well as a diet food recipe, is Handvo. Handvo has a lovely texture with soft and spongy interiors. Traditionally it is baked in a typical cooker called the Handvo cooker. However nowadays it is prepared in the regular ovens. This Handvo recipe shares the method to make Handvo in a pan.

Click here.

handvo recipe

Kala Chana Chaat

A tangy and spicy chaat recipe using kala chana or black chickpeas, with the juiciness of chopped tomatoes, the kick of chaat masala, bite of potatoes is kala chana chaat. Chaat recipes are so delightful. No one can say no to a chat especially if it is a healthy recipe for chaat.

For the recipe of Kala Chana Chaat click here.


Breakfast recipe from the state of Arunachal Pradesh is Khura. It is made using buckwheat flour (kutta ka aata) and the local Tibetan beer, Chang. No worries, we are not using beer at all. This khura recipe uses water instead. These are gluten-free pancakes, super simple and easy to make. Khura is a healthy breakfast option.

For the recipe of khura click here.



The most popular Indian recipe for a snack from the state of Tamil Nadu; made with the fermented batter of rice and lentils; flavored with curry leaves, green chilies, ginger; carrying the crunch of onions is Paniyaram. Basically, dosa batter or idli batter recipe works for the Paniyaram recipe.

For the recipe of Paniyaram click here.

paniyaram recipe


Healthy snack recipe from the state of Himachal Pradesh made with corn, with the flavors of ginger, garlic, and green chili; a hint of garam masala is pachole. It is a healthy breakfast recipe as pachole are prepared by steaming. This recipe from Himachal Pradesh is ready in no time, just whip up and steam.

Click here.

pachole recipe

Wholewheat Eggless Pancake

Absolutely soft and fluffy pancakes made using whole wheat flour, without any eggs, with the flavors of coconut, cinnamon, and jaggery is a whole wheat eggless pancake. This is an easy pancake recipe and the flavors can be customized as per choice. Bonus point that it is a vegan pancake recipe.

For the recipe of wholewheat eggless pancake click here.

eggless whole wheat pancakes

Palak Poha Cutlet

Moms struggle to include greens in their kids’ diet. Poha palak cutlets is sure to be liked by kids. These cutlets are made using very healthy ingredients. Just make sure to pack them once they come to the room temperature. This will help them remain crisp.

For the recipe of poha palak cutlet click here.

Sooji Balls

Appetizing and attractive, these sooji balls have a lot of simple and subtle flavors. They are soft and spongy and they remain so even at the room temperature. Balls are kids’ favorite, be it toys be it food!

For the recipe of sooji balls click here.

sooji balls

Steamed Bafauri

Bafauri is a healthy snack or healthy breakfast recipe from the state of Chhattisgarh in India, made with chana dal, flavored with garlic, ginger, green chilies, onions, etc. It is a zero-oil recipe and therefore is a diet recipe. It also a healthy recipe for kids, can be packed for their tiffin.

Click here.

steamed bafauri recipe

Aloo Frankie

Rolls are absolutely fuss-free for kids to handle. In this recipe, I have shaped the stuffing as sausage so there is no risk of stuffing falling off the Frankie and it is absolutely convenient for kids to have it.

For the recipe of Aloo Frankie click here.


Stuffed Sooji Idli

Rava idli can be prepared in many forms. This one is my kids’ favorite. Soft idlis are stuffed with delicious potato mixture making it filling and interesting for kids.

For the recipe of stuffed sooji idli click here.


Vermicelli Pulao

Ever since I have found vermicelli made up of durum wheat I often make vermicelli pulao for my kids’ tiffin. Whenever you buy a pack of vermicelli, check its ingredients and pick the one made with semolina or durum wheat.

For the recipe of vermicelli pulao click here.


Idli Pakora

These cuties are winners every time. Soft idlis coated with a healthy mix and fried in the healthiest way, are loved by kids. Although this recipe is a bit time taking if some preparations are done on the prior night, kids can relish idli pakoras for their tiffin. This is an innovative Kids Tiffin Recipe, so your kid will be the star the day he/she takes idli pakora in the tiffin.

For idli pakora recipe click here.


Sprinkle sandwich

When simple bread butter is taken to another level, it becomes a sprinkle sandwich. The best part about this sandwich is that you can customize it the way you like. Pick the bread, spread the spread and sprinkle the sprinkles of your kids’ choice and I bet you will find empty tiffin when your kids come home. This is one of the cutest Kids Tiffin Recipes.

For sprinkle sandwich recipe click here.


Amiri khaman

I know not many kids are fond of khaman, even mine isn’t. But they love amiri khaman because it is such a pretty and colorful preparation. It maintains its texture for hours. With some khaman in the refrigerator, you can fix this dish in no time in the morning.

For amiri khaman recipe click here.


Besan paratha

The best part about this paratha is that it remains soft until it is over. The paratha doesn’t turn dry. This one needs no accompaniments. I make rolls of besan paratha and pack for my kids’ tiffin.

For besan paratha recipe click here.


Sago balls

These are basically sabudana vada but made interesting with some surprise elements. These have also been made healthy as these are non-fried. Well, obviously they don’t remain crunchy as they are if served hot, still they are loved by kids.

For sago balls recipe click here.


Pinwheel sandwich

This sandwich gives me a picnic feel. The best part is that it’s a cold sandwich. So it doesn’t change its texture even after being in the lunch box for a few hours. Further two baits are present to trap our kids, colors, and shape.

For pinwheel sandwich recipe click here.


Eggless Rava cake

Finishing this list at a sweet note! My little ones like a small piece of cake along with the other stuff in their tiffin. It boosts their mood and keeps them energetic for the rest of the day at school.

For eggless rava cake recipe click here.

Kids’ Tiffin Recipes

I hope you will find this collection of Kids Tiffin Recipes helpful :).

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