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Kids Tiffin Recipes is a part of school, a place where kids learn… learn to read, write, interact, EAT etc. What will they eat? Something that we would give them in their TIFFIN! What should it be, rather how should it be? Following things should be kept in mind while packing kids’ tiffin

  • The food should be tempting: Colors, inclusion of colors does wonder. Kids are really tempted to see something bright and colourful in their tiffin. Garnishing the food with some pomegranate seeds, coriander can help. Apart from that including vegetables like carrots, peas; sweet corn in the dishes also helps. Apart from colors, shapes also attract them. Make a triangular paratha instead of a round or square one. Make star shaped cutlets and see the difference.
  • The food should be delicious: Every mom tries to make the best food for her kids. But at time certain food items change their texture after coming to the room temperature and do not remain all that delightful. Therefore we should give those dishes that can be served at room temperature too. Always make sure to bring the food to room temperature before packing the tiffin. It will ensure that it doesn’t become soggy.
  • The food should be nutritious: Kids are fussy. And if kids won’t be, who would be?! But we should ensure that there is a good quotient of nutrition in all their meals, including their tiffins. Go for the recipes that have hidden goodness example parathas/cutlets stuffed/made with finely chopped vegetables or paneer. Choose healthy grains such as rava, gram flour or whole wheat flour recipes.
  • The food should be of kid’s choice: No, I am not saying to give them pizza, pasta or french fries. You may give them poha just include some elements of their choice. For example my daughter loves the flavour of fennel seeds. So I started adding some fennel seeds in her poha and she started relishing poha, which she otherwise wouldn’t eat. Likewise you may include sweet corn, cheese to your regular recipes and trap your little ones. My son has a sweet tooth, so I love to add or garnish his food with raisins or pomegranate seeds and it works.
  • Involvement of kids. Try and involve them in the preparation part or packing part. Once they will put some efforts in making their tiffin, they will feel associated and will love to finish their food. For example I ask my son to put the sandwiches in the tiffin and thereafter the tiffin in his bag. If he will put it, he will also finish it. My kids love to shape the cutlets or sandwiches. I use different cookie of Kids Tiffin Recipes cutters for this. My son would make stars and my daughter loves to make flowers. Doing so not only makes the food more attractive but also develops a feeling of involvement amongst the kids.

Here is a collection of recipes that takes care of all the aforesaid points:-


Collection of Kids Tiffin Recipes

you can know about the various Kids’ Tiffin Recipes step by step

  1. Aloo Frankie


Rolls are absolutely fuss free for kids to handle. In this recipe I have shaped the stuffing as sausage so there is no risk of stuffing falling off the Frankie and it is absolutely convenient for kids to have it.

  1. Stuffed idli


Rava idli can be prepared in many forms. This one is my kids’ favourite. Soft idlis are stuffed with delicious potato mixture making it filling and interesting for kids.

  1. Vermicelli pulao


Ever since I have found vermicelli made up of durum wheat I often make vermicelli pulao for my kids’ tiffin. Whenever you buy a pack of vermicelli, check its ingredients and pick the one made with semolina or durum wheat. Vermicelli pulao keeps the kids full and vegetables make the dish for Kids Tiffin Recipes healthier.

  1. Idli pakora


These cuties are winners every time. Soft idlis coated with a healthy mix and fried in the healthiest way, are loved by kids. Although this recipe is a bit time taking but if some preparations are done on the prior night, kids can relish idli pakoras for their tiffin.

  1. Sprinkle sandwich


When simple bread butter is taken to another level, it becomes sprinkle sandwich. The best part about this sandwich is that you can customise it the way you like. Pick the bread, spread and sprinkles of your kids’ choice and I bet you will find empty tiffin when your kido comes home.

  1. Amiri khaman


I know not many kids are fond of khaman, even mine aren’t. But they love amiri khaman because it is such a pretty and colourful preparation. It maintains its texture for hours. With some khaman in the refrigerator, you can fix this dish in no time in the morning.

  1. Besan paratha


The best part about this paratha is that it remains soft till it is over. The paratha doesn’t turn dry. This one needs no accompaniments. I make rolls of besan paratha and pack for my kids’ tiffin.

  1. Sago balls


These are basically sabudana vada but made interesting with some surprise elements. These have also been made healthy as these are non-fried. Well obviously they don’t remain crunchy as they are if served hot, but they are still loved by kids.

  1. Pin wheel sandwich


This sandwich gives me a picnic feel. The best part about it is that it’s a cold sandwich. So it doesn’t change its texture even after being in the lunch box for few hours. Further two baits are present to trap our kids, colours and shape.

  1. Eggless rava cake

Kids’ Tiffin Recipes

Finishing this list at a sweet note! My little ones like a small piece of cake for Kids Tiffin Recipes along with the other stuff in their tiffin. It boosts their mood and keeps them energetic for the rest of the day at school.

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