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Karwa Chauth Recipes Step by Step – Karwa Chauth is one of the most popular Indian fasts. It is kept by the ladies for the long life of their husbands. This fast witness more excitement than hunger pangs. The method of Karwa Chauth fasts, as well as the food consumed on this day, might vary from community to community. I am sharing the way I keep this fast, which is a very general way or mode of Karwa Chauth vrat.

The day starts off with sargi. Sargi is the food that is consumed by the fasting ladies before the sun rises (“taraon ki chhav me”, to be precise). Sargi is eaten to get energy and hydration to pull off the day without any food or water. One should not go for deep-fried or oily stuff for sargi as that increases the thirst. Having said that, I still prefer to eat paratha, as parathas keep me full for a long time! To make up for the oil intake I make sure to eat a pomegranate. It keeps me hydrated for long. Further, I also include an apple in my sargi. You can eat poha, upma etc for sargi.  Mathri and pheni are essentials parts of sargi and therefore I eat a little of these for shagun. One should avoid tea, coffee etc in the sargi.

Here are a few dishes which can be eaten for sargi:

  1. Poha
  2. Upma
  3. Idli
  4. Chawal ke Fare
  5. Instant Khaman
  6. Atta halwa
  7. Meethi Seviyaan
  8. Malai Ladoo
  9. Kachhi Lassi
  10. Pista Milkshake
  11. Thandai

Another phase of consuming food starts after the moonrise. Again the norms might vary. For instance, we don’t eat kacha khana like dal, roti etc on karwa chauth. Further, I like to cook the karwa chauth recipes, if hubby is not cooking which happens only if he is traveling, instead of eating outside at the restaurants or ordering food. I would also like to mention that onion and garlic should not be consumed on karwa chauth. Further, I do not make a very elaborate spread for Karwa Chauth. Because

  1. Cooking takes a lot of energy and on the fasting day, the energy levels are low.
  2. After a full day of fasting, neither the appetite nor the digestive system allows too much eating.

Keeping these things in mind following are the recipes that can be prepared for Karwa Chauth recipes. Ensure to omit the onion, garlic even if mentioned in the recipes.

You can plan your meal comprising of a starter, gravy, poori or paratha, ending with a dessert. Or just go for gravy, raita, poori, with or without dessert. Following are the recipes you can make for karwa chauth:

karwa chauth recipesStarters Recipes:

  1. Aloo Chaat
  2. Khaman Chaat and more chaat recipes 
  3. Healthy Veggie Shots 
  4. Paneer Pakora and more pakoda recipes

Gravy Recipes:

  1. Butter Paneer Masala (without onion and garlic)
  2. Dum Aloo Banarasi
  3. No onion no garlic Chana Masala
  4. Methi Malai Matar
  5. Mix Veg
  6. Malai Kofta
  7. Khoya Kaju

Indian Breads Recipes:

  1. Tomato Puri
  2. Kesar Poori
  3. Ajwain Poori
  4. Pudina Lachha Paratha
  5. Masala Paratha
  6. Tandoori Roti
  7. Missi Roti

Raita Recipes:

  1. Coconut Raita
  2. Mint Raita
  3. Tomato Raita
  4. Masala Raita

Desserts Recipes:

  1. Gulgule
  2. Coconut Kheer
  3. Makhana Kheer and more kheer recipes
  4. Fruit Curd
  5. Pineapple Kesari
  6. Kesar Phirni

You might also like meal ideas such as:

  1. Dum Aloo Banarasi, Tamatar ki Puri, Coconut Raita, Gulgule/Puye
  2. Poori, kaddu, raita, meethi boondi
  3. Dahi wale aloo, achari poori
  4. Aloo Kulcha, Amritsari Chole, Anaardana Chutney

Happy Fasting!

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