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Aloo Kulcha Recipe

Aloo kulcha and Amritsari chole along with Anaardana chutney is an absolutely deadly combination to zing up your weekend dining table or party menu or get together fun. This combination is very popular in North India and is often ordered at dhabas.  This medley is a sure winner because the dishes are independently absolutely enticing and when combined to form a meal, they taste delish!aloo kulcha amritsari chole

  1. Aloo Kulcha

Flaky, crispy yet cushiony and soft filled with potato stuffing having so earthy and subtle flavours aloo kulcha is relished by one and all. Aloo kulcha can be served with simple pickle or chuntey or yogurt. However it goes to another level when served with Amritsari Chole!aloo kulcha

  1. Amritsari Pindi Chole

Loaded with flavours coming from whole spices, powdered spices, fresh ingredients such as ginger, garlic, chillies etc, Amritsari Chole are remarkably flavorsome. Amritsari chole is a very popular and enchanting recipe from Punjabi cuisine but is sure to be liked by Punjabis and Non-Punjabis!

amritsari chole

  1. Anaardana Chutney

With the crunch of onions, heat of green chillies, bite of ginger and kick of dry pomegranate seeds, anaardana chutney can jazz up any elementary meal. And when served with Aloo Kulcha and Amritsari chole, it becomes manifolds exquisite!

anaardana chutney

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