recipes using leftover mithai

Recipes using Leftover Mithai | How to use Leftover Sweets

Leftover Mithai Recipe

Sweets are loved by all but after some special occasions or festivals we are left with plenty of them and don’t know what to do? For instance, recently there was the festival of Mahashivratri and my kitchen and refrigerator were filled with boxes of kaju katli, ladoo, peda etc. We indulged in them but might not relish after 2-3 days. We would be bored with eating them. Let’s work out some ways/recipes to give them a new look.

If you have leftover sweets and are disinterested in them, the following are some interesting ways to revamp those sweets.Leftover mithai recipe

  1. Ladoo Paratha

Ladoo ParathaA very interesting paratha recipe to wind up the leftover ladoo! In fact, someday you might end up buying some ladoo to make these sweet, juicy and distinctive parathas. They are so delicious! Apart from ladoo, you may use this recipe to finish the leftover mawa barfi, milk barfi, kalakand which are very commonly consumed during Mahashivratri fast etc.

Recipe link of Ladoo Paratha Click Here

  1. Coconut Kheer

Coconut KheerNo, it’s not that you can use the leftover sweets to make coconut kheer only. You can use them to make any kheer be it regular rice kheer or seviya kheer. I had used some leftover kaju katli to make coconut kheer and that is why I have referred this recipe. Milk barfi, coconut barfi, kaju katli, badam katli… any barfi would do justice to the kheer.

Recipe link of coconut kheer Click Here

  1. Petha Pudding

Petha PuddingIn no time and absolutely effortlessly you can finish the leftover petha lying in your refrigerator by making petha pudding. The best part about this recipe is that it is a fasting dessert recipe.

Recipe link of Petha Pudding Click Here

Apart from the aforesaid, leftover barfi/peda etc can be used to make kulfi, lassi etc. A glass of chilled lassi topped with a crumbled peda or crumbled kesar barfi… yum!! Sweets such as kaju katli etc can be added to the gravies which are on the sweeter side such as kaju khoya, khoya matar etc.

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