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Indian Gravies Recipes

It is said, “good food is good mood”.  And when you talk about Indian food the main course gravy/curry preparation is very important. Indian main course curries vary significantly. From something as simple as lauki tamatar to something very popular as butter paneer masala! Whenever there is a special occasion, with the correct main course dish, the whole dinner gets sorted. Here is a collection of Indian Gravies Rrecipes which are exclusive and exquisite.Indian Gravies Recipes

  1. Butter Paneer Masala (no onion no garlic recipe)

butter paneer masalaThis is one of the most popular main course dishes. Soft and juicy cottage cheese cubes cooked in rich and velvety gravy is so lip-smacking! The best part about this recipe is that is no onion no garlic recipe… it is for everyone!

Butter Paneer Masala Recipe Link  Click Here

  1. Palak Paneer Recipe


Smooth paneer in a smoother gravy – PALAK PANEER

Another very popular paneer preparation is the teaming of paneer and spinach i.e. palak. It is a healthy recipe and tastes great with jeera rice along with most of the Indian bread.

Palak Paneer Recipe Link Click Here

There are many more paneer recipes which you can find here.

  1. Dum Aloo Recipe

dum alooBaby potatoes cooked in delectable gravy are sure to please one and all. The good thing about dum aloo is that it can be served with the simplest Indian bread such as chapati and parathas.

Dum Aloo Recipe Link Click Here Apart from this recipe there is Kashmiri Dum Aloo and Punjabi Dum Aloo recipes that you may like 

  1. Malai Kofta Recipe

malai koftaMalai kofta is generally on a sweeter side such as Malai kofta in white gravy. If you are not a big fan of those gravies, this recipe is for you. This Malai kofta recipe gives full flavor Malai kofta.

Malai Kofta Recipe Link  Click Here

  1. Chana Masala without onion garlic

Often made for party dinners, chana masala is prepared in most of the Indian households in North India. This is the no onion garlic version of chana masala. However, if you are interested in regular chana masala recipe you can find it here.

Jain Chana Masala Recipe link  Click Here

If you are interested in more Jain recipes you can find them here.

  1. Kaju khoya Recipe

Khoya Kaju RecipeDistinct and exotic, this gravy preparation signals something exclusive. Team up kaiju khoya with the very classy Kesar poori to make a ritzy meal.

Kaju Khoya Recipe Link  Click Here

  1. Mushroom Masala Recipe 

mushroom masalaMushroom is loved by many. Mushroom is a very healthy ingredient. And what better way to include mushrooms in the diet than mushroom masala.

Mushroom Masala Recipe Link Click Here

  1. Dal Baati Choorma Recipe

dal baati recipeMixed lentils cooked with spices and served with whole wheat balls along with Choorma is a classic preparation from Rajasthan cuisine. You may extend it with delicious gatte ki sabji and lehsun mirchi ki chutney.

  1. Methi Malai Matar Recipe

Methi Malai Matar Often ordered at the restaurants, this recipe can easily be prepared at home with a perfect balance of flavors.

Methi Malai Matar Recipe Link  Click Here

  1. Lauki Kofta Curry Recipe

LAUKI KOFTA CURRY 2Lauki or bottle gourd is a simple and easy to digest ingredient for gravy recipes. However, it can be used to make something posh such as lauki kofta curry.

Lauki Kofta Curry Recipe Link  Click Here

  1. Hariyali Gatte Curry Recipe

HARIYALI GATTE (30)Gram flour dumplings cooked in spinach based gravy is a very interesting recipe. The flavors that it offers are absolutely wonderful.

Hariyali Gatte Curry Recipe Link  Click Here

  1. Aloo Kofta Curry Recipe

aloo kofta curryNot always you may be in a mood for Malai kofta or Lauki kofta curry. Take a break and make this distant kofta curry recipe.

Aloo Kofta Curry Recipe Link  Click Here

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