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Paneer Curries Recipes are very popular in India. No special dinner, party or visit to the restaurant is complete without a paneer preparation. Paneer is a very versatile ingredient. However here we are discussing paneer curries, which can be served in the main course with the bread and rice of your choice.

Homemade paneer

First things first! How so ever rich and delicious gravy you make for your paneer dish, you cannot relish it unless the paneer that you use is absolutely fresh, soft and spongy. Making paneer is all about some tips and tricks. And they have all been shared in the recipe which will give you the perfect paneer.

For homemade paneer recipe – here.


Paneer Makhani 

As the name suggests, makhani which means buttery, paneer makhani has creamy, rich and silky gravy. However the best part about paneer makhani recipe is that it looks rich and elaborate but is very simple to make. Try this recipe for your unexpected guests and please them. Afterall as they say “hospitality is making your guests feels at home even if you wish they were!”

For recipe of paneer makhani – here.paneer makhani

Nawabi Paneer

Bursting with flavors, this paneer gravy recipe is sure to please you. Nawabi paneer is an apt party main course recipe. It should be served with some nice rice preparation or special bread such as butter naan etc.

For the recipe of nawabi paneer – here.Nawabi Paneer

Palak Paneer

Paneer chunks in a green spinach gravy i.e. palak paneer are every household’s favorite. I always used to struggle with the color of my spinach gravies but then I started following a particular method of cooking it. Since then I have always loved the color of my palak paneer.

For palak paneer recipe – here.


Best butter paneer masala 

The gravies often lose their richness and creaminess when onion and garlic are omitted. However, this recipe is an absolute exception. You will come back to this recipe even when you don’t have to eat the jain version! This is so far my favorite butter paneer masala recipe.

For butter paneer masala recipe – herebutter paneer masala

Paneer lababdar

Cottage cheese cooked in smooth and silky gravy which is very simple and easy to make. A great party paneer main course recipe.

For paneer lababdar recipe – herepaneer lababdar

Butter Paneer Masala

I don’t think I would be wrong if I say that butter paneer masala is the most order food at the restaurants in India. Butter paneer masala comes with a hint of sweetness (for that matter many paneer curries have it). However, a balance needs to be established so that flavors are all balanced and this recipe does that brilliantly.

For butter paneer masala recipe – here


Paneer Tikka Masala

Paneer tikka masala gives a break from the slightly sweet paneer gravies. Paneer tikka is a very popular starter because of its strong flavors. When this starter is converted into the gravy, it carries the flavors and makes absolutely delicious preparation.

For paneer tikka masala recipe – here


Dhaba style paneer masala

Very easy and simple yet flavourful preparation of paneer is dhaba style paneer. Dhaba style paneer has a homely kind of gravy. It doesn’t call for any butter or cream. With the hint of garam masala and richness of cashews, dhaba style paneer is my personal favorite in this lot.

For dhaba style paneer recipe – here


Paneer Makhanwala

Often confused with paneer butter masala, paneer Makhanwala is totally different. Paneer Makhanwala has an absolutely rich and delicious gravy. The best part about this recipe lies in the ease of its preparation. This is my “on the go” Paneer Curries Recipe.

For paneer makhanwala recipe – here


Paneer bhurji

Not always do you have the time to make those gravies. Paneer bhurji comes handy in such a situation because it doesn’t need any chopping or peeling. Just crumble and make very healthy and delicious paneer bhurji and serve with some bread toast.

For paneer bhurji recipe – here


Jain paneer butter masala (homestyle gravy)

You may be staying away from onion and garlic for any reason. But there cannot be any reason to stay away from butter paneer masala. Exclusion of onion and garlic makes this gravy light and delicious, also quick to make.

For jain butter paneer masala recipe – here


Paneer Masala

Restaurant style this paneer, dhaba style that paneer… can I please have some homestyle paneer gravy. Of course, you may! Here it is. Delicious and home-style paneer gravy.

For paneer masala recipe – here


Shahi Paneer

The Richie rich paneer preparation with the flavors of cardamom, saffron, panadanas (kewra) is a classy preparation. It can be prepared for special occasions and served with butter naan or saffron rice.

For shahi paneer recipe – here



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