Chole /chane/chana/chickpeas/garbanzo beans, whatever you may call them, is the most consumed legume in the world! This pea originated in Middle East and has travelled all over the world. It is very popular in Indian cooking too! Be any party, the menu comprises of chole, be any pooja or hawan, and pundits are served chane, be it a weekend, and the lunch or dinner menu will include some chole recipe. You may follow any recipe you will always end up with something tempting. Being a Punjabi by birth I too am a chole lover. And by now I have tried many recipes for chana masala recipes (chole) and the best ones have found a place on the blog. And here I am collecting them and bringing together for all the chole lovers in the house.

Health Benefits of Chickpeas

  1. Good for Weight Watchers

Chickpea is rich in fibre as well as proteins. It provides fullness. Thereby, lowering the calories intake during the day! It helps you to stay away from junk food etc. Protein further help you to cut the body fat. It is very nutritional so even if you watch your diet, chickpeas will ensure that your body gets the required nutrients.

  1. Good for digestive system

Being rich in fibre, it is very helpful in keeping the bowel movement proper. It helps to maintain the health of digestive system.

  1. Good for hair, skin, eyes; slows aging

Chickpea is a rich source of proteins. It helps to fulfill the proteins requirements of vegetarians. And we all know the importance of proteins. Apart from that chickpeas also contain various vitamins, magnesium etc. All these nutrients are great for our hair, skin etc.

  1. Regulates blood sugar levels

The glucose level of chickpeas is on the lower side. Further being rich in fibre, it helps to control the absorption of blood sugar. And indirectly it is helpful because of its high satiety; it reduces indulgence in high sugar level food.

There are many more health benefits of chickpeas and therefore we have many recipes of chickpeas so that you can find new ways and flavors to include it into your diet.

How to make the perfect chana masala recipes

Best ever chana masala

We have this collection of chole recipes because I love to try different chana masala recipes. However this one is my favorite. Whenever I have prepared this recipe, at places, other than my home, I have been asked about the recipe. The best part is that you can serve this chole recipe with simplest of breads such as chapatti or masala paratha, no naans or bhatura needed. Try it to know more.

View the recipe

chana masalaOne pot chana masala

We all love the chole served with bhatura at dhabas and restaurants. And what we love the most is the gorgeous dark color it has. Here is the recipe that will give you that color with ease. It is a fuss free recipe and can be used to prepare a fuss free meal by combining it with 10 minutes bhatura recipe and a tangy chutney.

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one pot chana masala

Amritsari Pindi Chole

The word “Amritsari” appeals to me a lot. I start believing that the dish will burst with flavors, tanginess and a lot more and it always so happens. It is a weekend dinner recipe for me as I like to combine it with aloo kulcha and just complete the meal with a glass of lassi.

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amritsari pindi chole

Pindi Chole

My grandmother (Nani) once today me the way she makes chole. It was tough for me to believe that there could be any such recipe for chole. And when I got in the mood to prepare pindi chole, I researched the recipe and found that my grandmother used to make pindi chole. This is the recipe for authentic pindi chole and you can’t miss anaardana chutney with these pindi chole.

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pindi chole recipe

Chole tikki

Why should bhatura have all the chole? Here is another interesting combination. Make these simple, easy peasy yet tangy and tasty chole and serve them with aloo tikki and topped with chutneys for chaat.

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aloo tikki chaat

Restaurant Style Chana Masala

Restaurant style gravies are very subtle. They are not very tangy or spicy but are flavorful. This restaurant style chana masala recipe gets its flavors from the freshly prepared masala powder used in the recipe. Another thing about this recipe is the smoothness of gravy. It can be served with missi roti or jeera rice.

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Aloo Chole Recipe

This is my favourite chole recipe for pooris. I love to prepare aloo chole for Sunday brunch and serve them with masala poori and delicious sooji halwa. This is a quick and easy recipe and doesn’t call for many ingredients.

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Aloo Chole

Halwai Style Chole Recipe

Bursting with the flavors of whole spices is the halwai style chana masala recipe. The recipe not only shares the ingredients and method of making chole but also share many tips followed by the halwai(s) for perfect chole. And the tips can be used for any chole recipe. Serve it with simple yet perfect poori and boondi raita.

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Chana masala without onion garlic

There are times when chole/chickpeas are prepared for prasaad or bhog or served to pundits (during shraddh). Here is the Jain Chana Masala recipe that is perfect for these occasions. Team up with kesar poori and kheer for a complete meal.

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Chana Masala Powder

Any and all chana masala recipe can be pepped up the chana masala powder. You may add more zing and heat by using Punjabi Chana Masala Powder. Just prepare the masalas and have them handy anytime.

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