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Diwali Special Sweet Recipes

Kheer is a milky dessert made using milk, dry fruits, sugar, and rice. However, rice can be replaced with other ingredients such as vermicelli (sewaiyaan), sago (sabudana) etc and that’s what brings us here to the collection of kheer recipes. The best thing that I like about kheer is that it can be served warm, at room temperature or chilled. Apart from that, it doesn’t ask for too much involvement. Add ingredients-simmer-repeat! Kheer is just perfect for festivals which often include pooja and what better than kheer for bhog and Prasad and our indulgence.

Kheer is all about perfect consistency and sweetness. And the choice of both varies from person to person. If you like your kheer creamy, as in kheer will be creamy if made right, if you like it creamier you can add homemade condensed milk to it. If you like it a bit grainy, you can add some homemade khoya or instant khoya.

Kheer recipes

  1. Rice Kheer (under 30 minutes)

Kheer Recipes

When you talk about kheer this is what comes to my mind. Kheer means rice kheer or chawal ki kheer. Here is a recipe that helps to prepare this delightful dessert quickly with just 1 simple trick which I have been following in all my kheer recipes.

Recipe link for Rice Kheer Click Here

  1. Seviyan Kheer

sevai kheerAnother very popular kheer is seviyan kheer. My mom always prepares seviyan kheer on Rakhi and it is a crowd pleaser. A rich variety of this vermicelli kheer is sheer khurma, which takes a little time and effort but is totally worth it.

recipe link for Seviyan Kheer  Click Here

  1. Makhana Kheer (kheer for fasts)

makhana kheer

We are all aware of the health benefit of lotus seeds i.e. makhana. What better way to make kheer!? The greater part about this recipe is that it is a fasting dessert recipe so you can nourish yourself with this delicacy during fasts.

Recipe link for Makhana Kheer Click Here

  1. Urad dal ki kheer (Diwali special)

Urad dal kheer is often prepared in Indian households on Diwali. It is a deviant kheer with a peculiar flavor of urad dal. It is extra creamy and velvety.

Recipe link for Urad dal ki kheer  Click Here

  1. Coconut Kheer (kheer with leftover barfi)

coconut kheerOften at the end of festivals, we are left with some fresh coconut which is used for pooja and some sweets including barfi. Coconut kheer is a delish way to finish off the left over. And it is a fasting dessert too.

Recipe link for Coconut Kheer Click Here

  1. Petha Kheer (2 ingredient kheer)

petha pudding 4Petha pudding is 2 ingredients kheer recipe which is ready in no time. This recipe can also be used to wind up the leftover petha if any. Serve it chilled.

Recipe link for Petha Kheer Click Here 

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