How to Boil Potatoes in Microwave | Boil Potatoes Without Plastic Bag

How to Boil Potatoes in Microwave by step by step there are times when you don’t have the access to gas stove or pressure cooker and you need to boil the potatoes. In my case, it so happened that I was making Bombay veg. sandwich and I realized that I was short of boiled potatoes. I needed just 2 boiled potatoes. It did not make any sense to put a pressure cooker on the gas stove to boil a couple of potatoes. Yes, I could have boiled extra potatoes but then I was short of time too… So I decided to boil potatoes in microwave.

It is very easy to Boil Potatoes in a Microwave.  The method that I have followed doesn’t require any polythene bag or aluminum foil. The time required depends on the power of the microwave but it takes approximately 5-7 minutes to boil the potatoes.

Disclaimer: The potatoes boiled in the microwave have a texture different from the ones boiled using a pressure cooker, but they work as a good substitute in case of need/emergency.


Potatoes boiled without a gas stove or pressure cooker, in 4-5 minutes – POTATOES BOILED IN MICROWAVE

How to Boil Potatoes in Microwave

Ingredients required:

You guessed them right ;)… potatoes!!

Method of Boiling Potatoes in Microwave

1. Wash the potatoes

Wash the potatoes properly. Make sure they are moist, do not wipe them. Some moisture is essential for boiling the potatoes.


2. Poke the potatoes

Use a fork and poke the potatoes from all sides.


3. Put the potatoes in microwave

Put potatoes on a microwave safe plate and place it in the microwave on the highest power for 2-3 minutes. Thereafter just rotate the potatoes and microwave for another 2 minutes. Take them out. Let them cool till workable. Peel and use.

Be careful while doing this step. Potatoes will be super hot at every stage.HOW TO BOIL POTATOES 3

4. Ready to use

Potatoes are ready to be used.

How to Boil Potatoes in Microwave


  • Placing a glass of water in the centre prevents wrinkling of potatoes.
Watch Video – How to Boil Potatoes without Plastic Bag

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