Grilled Coleslaw Sandwich Recipe | How to make Coleslaw Cheese Sandwich

Grilled Coleslaw Sandwich recipe with step by step pictures

What is a Grilled Coleslaw Sandwich?

Grilled Coleslaw Sandwich Recipe – Coleslaw Sandwich is basically a sandwich packed with the coleslaw salad. Coleslaw is a Dutch salad which uses cabbage and vinegar based dressing. However, nowadays, mayonnaise is used as a dressing and many other vegetables are used along with cabbage. The vegetables give a good crunch to the sandwich and the mayonnaise dressing gives an awesome sweet kick to it. And when this yummy sandwich is grilled it not only becomes grilled coleslaw sandwich but also becomes yummier… I know that’s no word…;).

Let’s talk about the ingredients

The name of the sandwich talks about its ingredients. Coleslaw sandwich is made using coleslaw salad. However here we have given a few twists to the classic coleslaw sandwich. We have grilled the sandwich. Coleslaw is one of my family’s favourite sandwiches. But at times when the bread becomes a day old I don’t prefer to use it raw. In those days i.e. “days of sandwich making with one day old bread”, I make only grilled sandwiches. And when I know that I am grilling a coleslaw sandwich I introduce cheese to it and with cheese is introduced capsicum and to season everything – Oregano.

Grilled Coleslaw Sandwich Recipe

The classic coleslaw sandwich given some awesome twists – GRILLED COLESLAW SANDWICH

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There are plenty of sandwich recipes but let me suggest you some salad based sandwiches – Bombay veg. sandwich, hung curd sandwichpaneer sandwich etc.

Oops… I missed the classic coleslaw sandwich :).

Grilled Coleslaw Sandwich Recipe

Course                                 Breakfast, Snacks
Cuisine                                World
Prep time                            10 minutes
Cook time                           5 minutes
Serving                                4 sandwiches

Ingredients for Grilled Coleslaw Sandwich

  • 8 bread slices, sides trimmed
  • tsp butter, at room temperature
  • 3/4 cup cabbage, finely sliced
  • 3/4 cup carrot, finely sliced
  • 1/4 cup capsicum, finely chopped
  • 1 tsp oregano
  • 1/2 cup mayonnaise
  • 4 processed cheese slices

How to make Coleslaw Cheese Sandwich

1. Make the coleslaw salad

To make coleslaw salad, in a large bowl add ¾ cup finely sliced cabbage, ¾ cup finely sliced carrot and ½ cup mayonnaise.

Tip: Try to use finely sliced cabbage and carrot instead of shredded. Sliced veggies will retain their crunch while grilling.

GRILLED COLESLAW SANDWICH 2. Prepare the sandwich

To make a sandwich, take two bread slices. Spread some butter on them. Spread approximately ¼ cup coleslaw salad. Add finely chopped capsicum. You can add chopped capsicum to the coleslaw but my daughter doesn’t like capsicum so I made the salad without it for her and for us I added the capsicum separately. (I hope you got the point). Crush some oregano between your palms and sprinkle. Add 1 processed cheese slice. Pack with a buttered slice.


Apply some butter on the sandwich. Grill in an electric griller or grill pan till golden from both the sides. Take it on a perforate plate.

Tip: Placing the hot sandwich on a perforate plate avoids it from getting soggy.


Serve grilled coleslaw sandwich with a cup of hot coffee.



  • You can add other bell peppers or sweet corn kernels too.
  • You can also add some chilli flakes along with oregano.
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