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Easy snacks recipes or quick breakfast recipes, the first ingredient that comes to mind is bread. Bread dishes are there for every situation and every meal. With a loaf of bread in my pantry I can fix something for anyone in no time.

Sandwich recipes are the most common way of using bread. But if you think a sandwich is the only thing one can make using bread, you are at the correct place at the correct time reading correct blog ūüôā

Bread recipe for breakfast goes beyond the sandwich recipes. Sandwich being the most popular ones! A close cousin of sandwich, toast recipes, are the next to come. Crispy bread loaded with some favorite goodness is a delight in the morning.

There are plenty of bread recipes for kids. Many cutlet recipes use bread and cutlets are loved by the kids specially if you shape the cutlets in tempting ways. Bread rolls are perfect bread recipes for kids. Pack a few for their tiffin and be sorted. Likewise, bread pizza, bread idli, bread pockets too are kids’ friendly recipes.

Teatime and you might be looking for evening snacks recipes or easy bread recipes and there are quite a number of these too such as bread dhokla recipe or bread vada recipe.

Here are a number of bread recipes which you would love to try:

Bread Dhokla:

Bread dhokla Recipe is a very soft dhokla prepared using bread, yogurt, and semolina. It is very easy to make and gives a good break from the regular dhoklas we make using semolina or gram flour or rice and lentils.

View the recipe here.

bread dhokla

Bread Pakora

Bread Pakora recipe is a deep-fried snack recipe made using a sandwich with potato filling, which is dipped in gram flour batter and deep-fried. A crunchy coating, a spicy filling, the softness of the bread inside… everything makes it absolutely delightful.

View the recipe here.

bread recipes

Baked Bread Roll

Bread stuffed with a delicious filling, baked to cooked is baked bread roll. With a crisp exterior and melt in mouth stuffing, this certainly is a healthy snack to munch on. Generally, bread rolls are deep-fried. However, these baked bread rolls are not just healthier they are crispier and absolutely fuss-free to make.

View the recipe here.

bread recipes

Bread Upma

Bread chunks cooked in tomatoes, onions with few spices and other ingredients is bread upma. Bread snacks are pretty simple and quick to make and the best part is that the bread dishes make quick breakfast recipes or easy snacks recipes.

View the recipe here.

bread upma

Cheesy Disc

An eye-catching preparation which has crispy bread, crunchy vegetables and melt in mouth cheese is cheesy veg disc. These are hit among-st the kids. Even adults relish this lot and therefore I often make it as a party appetizer. This preparation can easily be customized as per the taste and availability of ingredients.

View the recipe here.

cheesy veg discBread Bhatura

Bhatura is puffed up (if made correctly) deep-fried flatbread which is served with chickpeas curry. Generally bhatura calls for some yeast and rest time, however, this recipe is a yeast-free and instant recipe for bhatura. Using this recipe bhatura can be prepared in less than 20 minutes.

View the recipe here.

bread recipes

Bread Puri

Bread puri is very interesting snack using toasted bread which is topped with veggies and flavored with grated cheese and tomato check-up, each ingredient complementing the others. Puri is a twisted take on popular chaat recipe sev puri.

View the recipe here.

bread puriCheesy Bread Roll

Cheese bread rolls are deep-fried rolls of bread stuffed with boiled potato and cheese, making them crisp from outside with melting cheese inside making is delicious and easy to make. Yummy cheese rolls make a quick breakfast and snack option.

View the recipe here.

bread recipes

Bread Pizza

Bread pizza is a snack made using vegetables, cheese, and tomato ketchup. It is has a crunchy bread as its base with lots of vegetables, Italian seasoning, and cheese to add to the flavors. Because of the vegetables, It looks very tempting and colorful. It is sure to delight the kids. It is a great way to add vegetables in the kids’ diet.

View the recipe here.

bread recipes

Bread Rolls

Mouthwatering potato stuffing is stuffed in bread slice and deep-fried to make superbly crisp bread rolls. One bite into the bread roll and such crunchy bread and such delicious potato stuffing that it shall become your family’s favorite snack! The best part is that unlike other deep-fried snacks like samosa, aloo bonda; bread rolls are simpler to make as no work has to be done for the other coating, as bread is used for it.

View the recipe here.

bread recipes

Bread Cutlets

Healthy Bread Cutlets are absolutely delicious, crispy and crunchy snacks that are made up of bread, potatoes, vegetables flavored with ginger, green chilies, coriander, black pepper, etc. Other than bread cutlets there are a number of other cutlet recipes which you might like.

View the recipe here.

bread recipes

Bread Poha

Bread chunks cooked with onion tomato having the tempering of cumin and mustard seeds, the freshness of coriander, the sweetness of the ketchup and the crunch of sev. Bread poha makes a great option for kids’ tiffin recipe too.

View the recipe here.


Cheese Garlic Bread

Crisp and crunchy bread, topped with melting and oozing cheese, flavored with pungent garlic, makes a great recipe for kids. Cheese garlic bread can also be served at a party appetizer.

View the recipe here.

Garlic Cheese Toast

Bread Tikki

Bread idli is an innovative recipe using bread. It is crispy as well as soft having mildness of yogurt as well as the sharpness of fried potatoes. It’s a mix of flavors and textures. It is a kind of open sandwich which has an interesting tempering. Bread idli is a good bread from the regular aloo sandwich that we often make.

View the recipe here.

bread idli recipe

Bread Vada

Instant Bread vada is a deep-fried dumpling made using bread, rice flour, semolina, ginger, green chilies, etc. Bread vada is a good break from regular bread recipes such as sandwiches etc. Bread vada is a good breakfast and teatime snack option. They are crunchy with the bites of onion, ginger, chilies, etc. in it.

View the recipe here.


Bread Pockets

Bread pocket is an interesting and different snack made using bread. Bread is stuffed with a tempting mixture consisting of capsicum, sweet corn, seasoned with chaat masala, Italian seasoning and shaped and sealed properly and fried into absolutely crisp and crunchy bread pockets.

View the recipe here.

bread pockets

Bread Crumbs (Instant):

Instant bread crumbs are bread reduced to fine particles. Bread crumbs are indispensable for many recipes. It is always a wise thing to have bread crumbs handy. Also, it is a nice way to use stale bread. Here we will be discussing dried bread crumbs.

View the recipe here.


Bread Croutons:

Crisp fried bread cubes are bread croutons. Bread croutons are the most popular accompaniment with soup. They are super easy, simple and quick to make and absolutely indispensable with tomato soups. Apart from that croutons add a great crunch to salads.

View the recipe here.

bread recipes

Cheesy Veggie Bites

Crispy bread roundels topped with juicy sweet corn kernels, crunchy onions, and colorful bell peppers, making up for a great party appetizer or kids’ friendly recipe are cheesy veggie bites.

View the recipe here.

Cheesy Veggie BitesToast Recipes

Toast recipes are very versatile. These can be prepared for breakfast or evening snack. Further, you can customize the topping as per your liking.

View the toast recipes here.

best toast recipes

Sandwich recipes

There are sandwich recipes for every meal, breakfast, lunch, dinner etc; sandwich recipes for different occasions such as parties, picnics, travel, etc. Sandwiches not only give the choice of bread but also the choice of stuffing, the way of cooking, etc.

View the recipes here.

sandwich recipes

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