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Vegetables Name in English

India is an agricultural country. There is a lot of plantation that takes place across the country. In most parts of India, vegetables are grown.  Owing to the connectivity, most of the Indian vegetables name are available in every part of the country. This post does not talk about the recipes. In this post, we will be discussing the vegetables name. I plan to cover all vegetables name in English. However, as of now, I am including the vegetable names of Indian vegetables. By Indian vegetables, I mean the vegetables which are used in cooking in the Indian kitchens. This list shall be updated frequently.

In India, lots of vegetables are used for cooking. As per Wikipedia, the data of 2014 shows that 31% of the Indian population was vegetarian. And this is a very high percentage as compared to the other countries. For a better understanding, I have listed the vegetables alphabetically. I have tried to be as much accurate as possible. However, if I have missed anything do let me or feel free to correct me by commenting on the post.

Further, I am also taking up a few common questions related to vegetables name.

What is the difference between Aubergine, Brinjal, Eggplant?

The egg-shaped, purple colored vegetable is known as brinjal in India, Eggplant in American English and Aubergine in British English. So basically aubergine, brinjal, and eggplant are the same; just different names for the same vegetable.

Is coconut a vegetable?

Is coconut a fruit or vegetable or nut or seed? This is a very common question and unfortunately, the answer is not clear. I too searched the answer on the internet but I am not sure. As per my understanding botanically coconut is a fruit. However, I have included it in my list of Indian vegetables.

Difference between coriander and cilantro?

Cilantro is the Spanish name of coriander leaves. Both cilantro and coriander are the same. As per the general understanding, the leaves and stems of the coriander plants are referred to as cilantro whereas the seeds as referred to as coriander.

Difference between lime and lemon?

Lemon is oval(ish), large and bright yellow. Whereas lime is small, round and green in color. Lime tastes more bitter than lemons.

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List of Indian Vegetables Name

Vegetable Name in EnglishVegetable Name in Hindiहिंदी मेंRemarksRecipe Using this Vegetable
Ash GourdPethaपेठा
AubergineBaiganबैगनA.k.a. Brinjal, Eggplant in English.
Bottle GourdLaukiलौकीA.k.a. white gourd, opo squash in English.

A.k.a as ghia in Hindi.
Bitter GourdKarelaकरेलाA.k.a. bitter melon in English.
CabbagePatta Gobhiपत्ता गोभी
CapsicumShimla Mirchशिमला मिर्चA.k.a. green bell pepper in English.
CauliflowerPhool Gobhiफूल गोभी
Cluster BeansGuvar Phalliगुवार फली
CornBhuttaभुट्टाA.k.a. as makai in Hindi.
Coriander LeavesDhaniyaधनियाA.k.a. cilantro leaves in English.
Curry LeavesKadi Pattaकड़ी पत्ता
DillSuwaसुवाA.k.a. savaa in Hindi.
DrumsticksSahjan ki phalliसहजन की फली
Fenugreek leavesMethiमेथी
French BeansSemसेमA.k.a. green beans in English and faras beans in Hindi.
Green ChilliHari Mirchiहरी मिर्ची
LemonNeembuनीम्बूA.k.a. lime in English.
Mustard LeavesSarson ka Saagसरसों का साग
Lady FingerBhindiभिंडीA.k.a. okra in English.
Flat Green BeansSem ki Phaliसेम की फली
Mint LeavesPudinaपुदीना
Radish PodsMoongraमूंगराA.k.a. mogri in Hindi.
Raw PlaintainKacha Kelaकच्चा केला
Red ChiliLal Mirchiलाल मिर्ची
Sweet PotatoShakarkandiशकरकंदी
Taro RootsArbiअरबीA.k.a. Colocasia in English.
TurnipShalgamशलगमA.k.a. shaljam in Hindi.



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