recipe for mysore pak

Mysore Pak Recipe | How to make Mysore Pak

What is Mysore Pak?

A sweet from the South of India which has a very distinct texture and very good flavors is Mysore Pak sweet. Mysore Pak is crumbly and simply melts in the mouth. It is porous and soft. Mysore Pak recipe ingredients include gram flour, sugar and ghee, and oil. These handfuls of ingredients give a sweet which is so rich and tastes absolutely divine. Major credit to the distinct texture of Mysore Pak goes to one of the Mysore Pak ingredients i.e. ghee. Ghee is used in a good quantity and should not be compromised. Let’s see how to make Mysore Pak with the step by step pictures. This is the easiest Mysore Pak Recipe. It doesn’t call for any sugar syrup. It is a one-pot recipe for Mysore Pak, all the ingredients need to be added and cooked till the desired results are achieved.

Mysore Pak Recipe Ingredients:

Recipe for Mysore Pak calls for:

Gram Flour (besan): Regular gram flour (besan) is used to make Mysore Pak. It is important that the besan is sifted once or twice to get rid of the lumps, if any.

Ghee + Oil: I have used a combination of ghee and oil. It is because it gives the perfect texture to Mysore Pak. Mysore Pak can be prepared using only ghee. However, the texture would differ.

Sugar: Mysore Pak is quite sweet. Enough sugar is added for the sweetness as well as the texture. Granulated sugar is measured and then it is powdered.

Milk: I have used milk to prepare Mysore Pak. You can substitute milk with water.

Flavoring: Cardamom is used to flavor Mysore Pak. However, it is totally optional.

What is the difference between Mysore Pak and besan barfi?

Both these sweets are a combination of gram flour, ghee, and sugar. Still, the difference exists. The difference is in the texture and due to the ingredients. Barfi is soft. Mysore Pak is a bit crunchy and crumbly. Barfi is smooth. Mysore pak is porous. Barfi doesn’t call for much cooking after the addition of sugar whereas in the recipe for Mysore Pak the cooking starts after the sugar has been added.

How to make Mysore Pak?

Perfect Mysore Pak is soft, crumbly, slightly crunchy, and porous and simply melts in the mouth. A lot of ghee is used to make Mysore Pak but it is not greasy. Following things should be kept in mind and to know how to make Mysore Pak:

  1. Follow the recipe to the t. The ratio of Mysore Pak ingredients might be alarming for you but trust me; this recipe will give you perfect Mysore Pak.
  2. Cook it enough properly.
  3. Do not use non-stick cookware to make Mysore Pak. Use a heavy bottom pan or kadai or cooker.
  4. Recipe for Mysore Pak involves some arm work. So be prepared for it. While making Mysore Pak, only make Mysore Pak. Do not try to multi-task.

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Recipe for Mysore Pak:

1.This recipe gives 12 pieces.

recipe for mysore pak

2.In a heavy bottom pan add 1 cup gram flour (besan).

recipe for mysore pak

3.Powder 2 cups of granulated sugar. Add it to the pan.

recipe for mysore pak

4.Add 2 cups of melted ghee.

recipe for mysore pak

5.Add ½ cup of oil.

recipe for mysore pak

6.Add ½ cup of milk.

recipe for mysore pak

7.Also add in the powder of 2 cardamoms (elaichi).

recipe for mysore pak

8.Start cooking Mysore pak.

recipe for mysore pak

9.Stir continuously and cook.

recipe for mysore pak

10.Mysore pak will start to change its color.

recipe for mysore pak

11.Do not stop stirring the mixture.

recipe for mysore pak

12.The mixture should become frothy.

recipe for mysore pak

13.Once you see that the ghee has separated, stop stirring.

recipe for mysore pak

14.Pour the mixture in the greased pan. Do not press it.

recipe for mysore pak

15.Garnish with a few slivered pistachios.

recipe for mysore pak

16.Do not let it cool down completely. Cut it once it is warm.

recipe for mysore pak

17.Leave it to cool completely.

recipe for mysore pak

18.Bon appetite!

recipe for mysore pak

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