Indian Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is said that “Human Rights start with Breakfast” Breakfast should be healthy and quick to make. It should give the energy required to carry on till the next meal of the day. And since hours are busy, except for weekends, it is important that the breakfast recipes are not too much time. Here is a collection of Indian Breakfast Recipes which are popularly made in most of the households.

Collection of Indian Breakfast RecipesINDIAN BREAKFAST RECIPES

Sindhi Koki

Popular Sindhi flatbread with unique texture i.e. hard yet soft, crispy yet chewy; made using whole wheat flour, with the crunch of onions and green chilies, flavored with pomegranate seeds, black pepper, and cumin seeds and lots of fresh coriander, is Koki.

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Sindhi Koki

Sabudana Vada

Sabudana vada is a crunchy patty made using sago pearls i.e. sabudana. This is one of the Indian breakfast recipes which can be consumed during fasts. Serve it hot with peanut or coconut chutney or mint chutney. You might also like sabudana thalipeeth.

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Aloo Paratha

Aloo Paratha Recipe is a wheat flatbread stuffed with tempting potato mixture. Basically, Aloo Paratha is famous in Punjab (North India), but this dish is relished by everyone. It is a good option for tiffin or lunch box and can be served with yogurt (curd), mango pickle or any chutney.                                                                                     

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aloo paratha

Masala Poori

A very flavorful poori with the hint of various spices such as carom seeds, fenugreek leaves, fennel seeds and many more is Masala Poori. It makes a great breakfast option as it can be served with any achaar or simple tea. It can also be taken while traveling as it has a good shelf life.

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Poha is a traditional breakfast recipe of western India, but it is liked all over in India. It’s a very easy and quick recipe. Even bachelors can make poha. Poha is not only easy to prepare but it is also light on the stomach. This simple dish is complimented with some fried potatoes and peanuts. You might also like our collection of poha recipes.

View the recipe here.                                                                                                                                                  


Stuffed Appe

Appe is a popular south Indian breakfast recipe. It is a kids’ favorite recipe because it is a one bite snack which is loved by every kid. A delicious stuffing is used to make it more appealing and of course, filling.

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Pav Sandwich

Pav Sandwich is a famous Mumbai street fast food. Pav sandwich is very easy to make and is the best way to use leftover pav. Kids like to take Pav Sandwich in their tiffin box and for mom, it’s very simple and quick breakfast recipe. In Pav Sandwich sliced Pav is stuffed with chutney and veggies. We can make Pav Sandwich healthy by adding paneer etc. 

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Stuffed Moong Dal Cheela

Stuffed Moong Dal Cheela is a very healthy Indian breakfast recipe. It’s very crispy and tasty. Stuffed Moong Dal Cheela is made up of soaked and ground Moong dal with the flavor of ginger and fresh coriander. Very minimalistic yet definite flavors!! For Moong Dal Cheela Stuffing paneer is used which makes it more nutritious. Apart from that grated carrot can be used for the stuffing.

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Khaman Dhokla

Khaman Dhokla is a famous Gujarati recipe. It is a gluten free recipe. Khaman Dhokla is prepared with gram flour, baking soda, and a flavourful tempering. It has a perfect balance of many flavors; it is savory with the tanginess of lemon. It’s very spongy and soft and has the freshness of coriander and green chilies.

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instant khaman dhokla

Instant Sooji Idli

It is one of the most popular South Indian breakfast but is also liked by people of many states of India. Instant sooji Idli Recipe is made with Sooji (Rava) and yogurt. It’s a very healthy breakfast because idlis are steamed to cook and don’t call for oil or any other kind of fat. It can be further used in many ways such as fried idli, idli pakoda etc.

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Onion Uttapam

Onion uttapam calls for very minimal ingredients. Just a batter and onion slices are what we need for this.left over batter to make onion uttapam. It is a very interesting recipe with only some brown onions as the topping. 

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