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The diversity in the food across the country makes Indian cuisine very elaborate and therefore there is a variety of food for each course, for every meal. Indian Dinner Recipes vary from one region to another. In North India, Indian Vegetarian Dinner Recipes include chapati, rice, dal or any gravy. This is the most basic meal. One can also add in soups, starters, raita, side dishes, and desserts. Easy Dinner Recipes Indian can be as simple as dal and rice. It is absolute comfort food for many. Another easy veg recipe for dinner Indian is pulao. In South India, there are a number of rice preparations and side dishes such as rasam, sambar, etc.

Indian Vegetarian Dinner Recipes

As mentioned above, the Indian dinner recipes veg include the main course dishes. However, for parties, etc one might plan three courses or up to 7 courses meal.

A three-course meal comprises of a starter, main course, and ends with a dessert.Indian Dinner recipes veg for a three-course meal can include

A four-course meal comprises of a soup, an appetizer, a main course, and a dessert. Dinner recipes veg Indian for a four-course can be

A five-course meal includes a soup, an appetizer, a salad, a main course and a dessert. Indian Dinner recipes veg for a five-course meal can be

A six-course meal includes an amuse-bouche, a soup, an appetizer, a salad, a main course, and a dessert. Indian dinner recipes for a six-course meal can be

A seven-course meal includes an amuse-bouche, a soup, an appetizer, a salad, a main course, a dessert and tea/coffee. Dinner Recipes Indian for a seven-course meal can be

That was all about the possible courses you might like to try for another party or a special weekend meal. Other than the afore-mentioned Indian Dinner Recipes following are the top 10 Indian Vegetarian Dinner recipes you will absolutely love:

Top 10 Lunch OR Dinner Recipes

  1. Rajma Chawal

A combination of perfectly cooked rice with delicious rajma i.e. kidney beans which have been cooked in onion tomato based gravy that is subtly spiced and flavored with ginger and garlic is Rajma Rice. Rajma chawal recipe is one of the most popular recipes from the Punjabi cuisine.indian dinner recipes

  1. Idli Sambar

Idli is a soft steamed cake made with a fermented batter of rice and lentils. Idli is the staple food of South India. However, because of its simplicity, it is loved by everyone, everywhere South or North India or outside India. Idli is served with sambar and coconut chutney. Sambar is a lentil-based dish loaded with vegetables, flavored with spices especially sambar masala, tempered with mustard seeds; curry leaves, red chilies, etc.indian dinner recipes

  1. Kadai Paneer

Kadai paneer is an absolutely scrumptious main course preparation using paneer, which bursts with flavors of coriander seeds, red chilies, capsicum, onions, cream, and tomatoes. Creamy and spicy gravy with pieces of soft and juicy paneer gives a delish break from the other paneer preparations which are slightly on a sweeter side. You might like our collection of Paneer Recipes.indian dinner recipes

  1. Peshawari Chole

Absolutely flavorsome Punjabi chole cooked under the influence of Peshawari cuisine is Peshawari chole. Peshawari cuisine calls for the use of spices but ensures to maintain the original taste of the dish. You might like our collection of chana recipes.indian dinner recipes

  1. Veg Biryani

Aromatic rice recipe with crunchy vegetables, with coriander, mint, fried onions, saffron, pepper, cardamom! Flavors are added at different stages. And each flavor stands out in the end, enhancing the other flavors at the same time. Do not skip any of them.indian dinner recipes

  1. Palak Corn

Juicy sweet corns kernels cooked in silky, smooth and flavorsome spinach gravy makes delectable main course gravy called corn palak. The basic palak gravy can be combined with a number of ingredients. The most famous one has to be paneer.indian dinner recipes

  1. Litti Chokha

Litti Chokha, which belongs to Bihar and Jharkhand, comprises of a baked whole wheat ball stuffed with a flavorsome stuffing made up of sattu, dipped in ghee and served with chokha. Just as the bati recipe from Rajasthan, litti is whole wheat dumpling which is baked, traditionally in a chulha or on cow dunk cakes, and nowadays in a tandoor, oven, direct flame, pan or skillet. It has a stuffing that bursts with flavors; it has the sharpness of mustard oil, the heat, and tanginess of pickle masala, the freshness of green chilies and coriander, and the aroma of few more spices.indian dinner recipes

  1. Kadhi Pakora

Kadhi is a mixture of yogurt (dahi), water, and gram flour (besan), which has been simmered for quite some time, Punjabi kadhi is a kadhi flavored with onions, garlic, ginger, and green chilies. When Punjabi kadhi is combined with gram flour fritters it becomes a very popular dish known as Punjabi kadhi pakora.indian dinner recipes

  1. Rajasthani Dal Baati

Rajasthani Dal Baati is a scrumptious meal wherein baked whole wheat rolls i.e. baati, are dunked in hot and spicy, totally lip-smacking dal made with the combination of 5 lentils, i.e. Panchmel Dal, and is topped with ghee and served with choorma which is crushed baati plus the sweetness of sugar and some nuts optionally or a spicy and flavorful garlic chutney! You might like our collection of Rajasthani Recipes.indian dinner recipes

  1. Tomato Rice

Rice cooked with lots of tomatoes and some spices and other ingredients that complements the flavor of tomatoes is tomato rice. Tomato rice is very easy and simple to make and at my place, it is one of the most popular recipes using leftover rice. It has the flavor of curry leaves, ginger, chilies, and spice mix prepared by roasting together coriander seeds, chana dal, and urad dal. It gives a very distinct and divine flavor to the dish.

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