lachha paratha

Lachha Paratha Recipe | How to Make Lachha Paratha Recipe

What is Lachha Paratha?

Paratha is a shallow fried Indian bread made using whole wheat flour (generally). Paratha can be plain paratha or stuffed paratha. Lachha paratha is a plain paratha but it has many layers which makes it totally awesome and drool some. These layers are called lachha and therefore the paratha is so-called. Lachha paratha may or may not have any flavors still it is a crowd-pleaser. In this recipe, I have used ghee and rice flour to give layers to the paratha. There are recipes that use maida also or the only maida to make the dough for lacha paratha. In this recipe, only whole wheat flour has been used.

Let’s talk about the ingredients for Lachha Paratha recipe

Paratha calls for perfect dough. Whether you make stuffed paratha or plain paratha, the dough needs to be perfect. Of all the paratha recipes, aloo paratha is one paratha which is the most popular and is prepared in every kitchen on and off. And therefore we have a collection of aloo paratha recipes. As of now let’s have a look at the ingredients required to make lachha paratha:

Dough for paratha: Paratha dough has a slightly different consistency than that of the dough for chapati. It is softer. This dough for paratha has been prepared with only whole wheat. No maida has been used.

Ghee: To add perfect layers ghee should be used. Oil doesn’t make good layers.

Rice Flour (Secret Ingredient): Generally whole wheat flour is applied inside the paratha to get the lachha. However, using rice flour gives better lachha and crispier paratha. This is a tried and tested thing. It not only helps in making prominent lachhas but also makes the paratha quite crispy.

Oil: Oil has been used to fry the paratha. You can also use ghee. I find the paratha cooked in ghee to be too heavy and therefore I like to use oil.

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Paratha is the second most popular bread in India after chapati. Paratha can be plain or stuffed. If you talk about the stuffed paratha the options are innumerable. Likewise, even plain paratha can be prepared in a number of ways. Here is a collection of paratha recipes you might like.

How to serve Lachha Paratha?

Serve it hot with hot Punjabi Dal Makhani for a weekend lunch.

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How to make Lachha Paratha?

1.This recipe makes 4-6 lachha paratha.

lachha paratha

2.Take a big portion of paratha dough.

Tips:Recipe for dough for paratha has been shared in the ingredients section.

lachha paratha

3.Roll it thin.

lachha paratha

4.Apply ghee on it. Sprinkle salt.

lachha paratha

5.Sprinkle rice flour.

lachha paratha

6.Give pleats to the paratha.

lachha paratha

7.Roll it and pack properly.

lachha paratha

8.Again roll it. This time roll it thick. Meanwhile heat a skillet.

lachha paratha

9.Put the paratha on the hot skillet.

lachha paratha

10.Once it is cooked from one side flip it.

lachha paratha

11.Cook from the other side too. Apply little oil.

lachha paratha

12.Press and cook from both the sides applying oil. Cook on a low flame.

lachha paratha

13.Cook till golden brown.

lachha paratha

14.Grease with little butter. Crush with light hands. Serve hot. Bon appétit!

lachha paratha

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