Hung Curd Recipe | How to make hung curd at home

What is Hung Curd?

Yogurt without whey, rich, smooth, silky and thick yogurt, also known as Greek Yogurt, a healthy ingredient used in a number of recipes is hung curd. Well, all my life I was confused between the terms yogurt and curd. I always believed that the dahi that we eat is curd. But with time, as I read about these terms, I learned that curd is basically the milk solids obtained by curdling of milk using lemon, vinegar, etc. Yogurt is obtained by the fermentation of milk. So basically, paneer is curd and dahi is actually yogurt in Hindi. But the hung version is known as hung curd, and not hung yogurt; this I did not understand much. I hope you will enjoy this simple hung curd recipe.

At times when my yogurt/dahi would turn sour or there would be excess of it, I prepare hung curd. It is very simple to make and makes way for many recipes.

Let’s talk about the ingredients for Hung Curd Recipe

Hung curd is basically the next level of yogurt or dahi. Just like paneer, hung curd too can be prepared at home. It certainly takes some time, some time as in overnight. If you know how to make curd (dahi, as commonly known), you are just one step away from hung curd. One doesn’t need many ingredients in hung curd recipe. All that is required is given hereunder

Curd/Dahi/Yogurt: You know what I mean. So we need yogurt to make hung curd. The best results will be obtained by using the yogurt prepared with cream milk. It will give a creamier and richer hung curd.

Muslin Fabric: As I already mentioned many ingredients are not required to make hung curd. We just need a setup. A large strainer needs to be placed on a big bowl. The strainer has to be lined with muslin fabric. Here in the yogurt is added.

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Homemade is so much better and healthier than the readymade. And therefore I like to prepare the many food items at home which are generally bought from the stores. For example paneer, cream cheese substitute, condensed milk, etc.

How to use hung curd?

Hung curd can be used to make hung curd sandwiches, paneer tikka, yogurt parfait, etc.

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How to make Hung Curd?

1.This recipe makes 1 cup of hung curd.

2.As explained above. A large strainer needs to be placed on a big bowl. The strainer has to be lined with a muslin fabric. Add 2 cups of yogurt in this.

3.Collect the loose ends of the muslin fabric. With light hands squeeze the yogurt and extract the whey. Instead you can just hang it for 30 minutes or so.

4.Next just pack the yogurt in the muslin fabric properly and place some weight over it. Keep the large bowl carrying everything in the fridge. Leave it over night or for 6-8 hours.

5.You will get thick and creamy yogurt, the whey will be collected in the large bowl. You can use this for gravies or to prepare the dough for roti or paratha. It has a sour taste so use accordingly.

6.Ready to use! Keep refrigerated till use.

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