homemade ginger paste

Ginger Paste | How to make ginger paste?

What is ginger paste?

Ginger is such an important ingredient in Indian cuisine. Be it snacks or gravies, uses of ginger are many. Ginger paste, as evident from the name, is the paste of ginger. It becomes so convenient with some ginger paste in the refrigerator. There is no need to peel and then cut or grate the ginger. Also in many recipes, such as dhokla, khandvi and other recipes for smooth gravy ginger paste is more appropriate than chopped or grated ginger.

Let’s talk about the ingredients for Ginger paste:

Ginger is available in India throughout the year. I like to use it as much as possible, except during peak summers. There are plenty of benefits of ginger, so are the uses of ginger. The most common is ginger tea. Be it summers, winters, or rain; I love to have ginger tea. Not only because it has amazing flavor, but also because of the ginger tea benefits. Fresh ginger or ginger powder is used to make ginger tea. Here is the perfect ginger tea recipe. Following are the ingredients for paste:

Ginger: Non-fibrous ginger makes the best paste.

Oil: Any flavorless oil can be added.

Vinegar: Well, this is optional. It increases the shelf life of the ginger paste. But you can totally skip it if you want to avoid it.

Salt: Again salt increases the shelf life of ginger. It also makes the process of grinding easier.

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I love to make purees and pastes at home. It makes cooking so convenient. Just whip up a few pastes and purees and keep them in the freezer. Take out the desired portion; bring to the room temperature and use. It not only reduces the preparation time of the dish but also improves its texture many times. You can make tomato puree, garlic paste, ginger-garlic paste, etc.

How to use ginger paste?

It can be used in any recipe that calls for ginger or paste. I tsp of ginger paste=1-inch ginger piece.

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How to make Ginger Paste?

1.This recipe makes approximately 1 cup of ginger paste.

homemade ginger paste

2.Add chopped ginger in a grinding jar. Along with that add ¼ cup oil. Add oil gradually. We need that much oil as much is required to grind the ginger. So add 1 tbsp at a time up to ¼ cup.

homemade ginger paste

3.Add in a tsp of salt.

homemade ginger paste

4.Also add 1 tbsp vinegar.

homemade ginger paste

5.Grind to make a fine paste.

homemade ginger paste

6.Set in an ice tray, filling each cube with 1 tsp of ginger paste. Likewise, I have also prepared the green chili paste.

homemade ginger paste

7.Once set, de-mould and put the cubes in zip lock bag. Keep in the freezer. 1 tsp of ginger paste can be used where the recipe calls for 1-inch ginger piece. Just take out 1 cube and leave on the kitchen counter. It will come to the room temperature within 10-15 minutes.

homemade ginger paste

8.Ready to use!

homemade ginger paste

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