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Vegetable Stock Recipe | How to make Vegetable Stock

How To Make Vegetable Stock Recipe

The liquid prepared by boiling together the vegetables and water, having the goodness and flavors of the vegetables used, is vegetable stock. Vegetable stock is a very important ingredient for the clear soup recipes. However, it can be used in gravies, etc too. It is important to understand how to make vegetable stock? The vegetable stock recipe is super simple and easy to follow.

Whenever I have some leftover vegetables in the refrigerator, I like to make vegetable stock using those. The best part is that the vegetable stock recipe doesn’t call for well chopped or trimmed vegetables. You can refrigerate the left-over veggies, coriander stems, roots, and peels of vegetables, etc and use to make vegetable stock.

Vegetable Stock Recipe – Ingredients required

What is vegetable stock made of?

Vegetables: Well, onions, celery, and carrots for the base of the vegetable stock. Further, you can use any vegetables that are neutral and do not have a very strong aroma. Vegetables such as mushrooms, cabbage, and cauliflower work the best for the vegetable stock recipe. Starchy vegetables such as potatoes should be avoided. It is better to have all the vegetables in an equal proportion to maintain a balance of flavors.

Flavorings: I have added star anise and ginger to flavor the vegetable stock. I did this as I was making the vegetable stock for soup. If you are sure as to how you will use the vegetable stock, you can flavor it with garlic, or herbs such as parsley, etc. However, if you are not sure about the end-use of vegetable stock, it is better to keep it neutral i.e. skip flavoring it.

What is the difference between vegetable broth and stock?

These two terms are very close to each other and are often used interchangeably. Well, we need to understand is there any difference between the two?

If I have to answer this in brief, I can say that vegetable stock is an ingredient and vegetable broth is the finished product.

Vegetable stock is prepared with untrimmed, roughly chopped vegetables whereas the vegetable broth calls for properly chopped vegetables just as any vegetable soup recipe.

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How to store the vegetable stock?

Always have your vegetable stock in a non-plastic container.

The vegetable stock can be refrigerated for up to 4 days.

You can even freeze the vegetable stock. It shall stay good for 4-6 months. To use it, thaw and use the stock. Do not re-freeze the vegetable stock.

How to use vegetable stock?

Vegetable stock adds a lot of depth and flavor to the recipes it is used for. I love to use it for my soup recipes; however, you can add vegetable stock to any gravies or dal or even to the dough for parathas, etc.

Vegetable Stock Recipe

1.This recipe makes approximately 2-3 cups of vegetable stock. You can easily double the recipe.

vegetable stock

2.In a pot add 3 cups of water.

vegetable stock

3.Next goes in ¼ cup of roughly chopped onions.

vegetable stock

4.¼ cup of roughly chopped carrots (gajar) also goes in.

vegetable stock

5.Next add ½ cup of roughly chopped cabbage (patta gobhi). You can use vegetables like mushrooms, spring onions, corn cobs, bell peppers etc. Try to use the vegetables in equal ratio.

vegetable stock

6.Add 1 star anise (chkra phool).

vegetable stock

7.Add 1” of ginger. You can also use garlic. In this recipe you can add upto 2 pods of garlic.

vegetable stock

8.Cover and let it come to a simmer. Keep the flame high.

vegetable stock

9.Once it comes to a simmer, reduce the flame to low.

vegetable stock

10.Let it simmer for 20 minutes.

vegetable stock

11.The vegetable stock should be done.

vegetable stock

12.Strain the vegetable stock.

vegetable stock

13.Use immediately or refrigerate in a non-plastic container for up to 4 days. You can freeze it for upto 4-6 months. Just thaw and use it. Do not re-freeze the vegetable stock.

vegetable stock

14.Bon appetite!

vegetable stock

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