Kids Friendly Recipes

Kids Friendly Recipes

These are the trickiest ones because the toughest to please are the kids! If you ask kids the definition of balanced diet he/she would say “balanced diet means cupcakes in both the hands” But Mommies know the different definition of balanced diet, the correct definition. Kids are fussy as well as smart. They won’t settle for anything boring or monotonous. So a balance needs to be maintained. The food for kids should be healthful as well as enticing. Following are some food items that are always a hit amongst the kids.

  • Bite size food: Size does matter and our little ones are attracted towards the bite size food. They find it convenient to eat and especially if there is a birthday party or get together, these dishes are absolute crowd pleasers.
  • Fruit-based desserts: The best way to introduce fruits in kids’ diet is to make desserts which are colorful and therefore appealing, appealing enough for everyone and not just kids.
  • Finger food: Kids love to have finger food as it is fuss free to finish it and can be eaten on the go. Rolls and sandwiches are the best examples of finger food.


Following is a collection of recipes that have been approved and repeated demanded by my kids and is sure to be liked by yours too.

1. Sooji Balls | Kids tiffin recipes

What are Sooji Balls? As the name suggests sooji balls are flavorsome ball-shaped dumplings made up of semolina or rava (sooji). These balls are steamed to cook and then tempered to add more flavors therein. Semolina balls have the flavo...

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2. Mini Idli Pakora | Kids Tiffin Recipes | Lunch Box Recipes

What is Mini Idli Pakora? Idli pakora is totally different pakora from the regular pakoras that we eat. It has an altogether different stuffing of idlis, mini idli!! The coating is not of gram flour but of lentils! That’s not it. These pakoras are non-deep fried. In fact, they have been ...

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3. Fruit Curd Recipe | Women’s Day Special

What is fruit curd? A delicious combination of yogurt and fruits is fruit curd. It is a very simple and quick dessert recipe. I love this dessert recipe as it comes into being in no time, can be customized, looks so class...

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fruit curd

4. Monaco Bites | Monaco Cheesy Bites | Easy and Quick Monaco Topping

What are Monaco Bites? An absolutely simple snack made with salted biscuits and chopped vegetables and cheese. Monaco bites is a 5 minutes snack recipe and are just so perfect for the hunger pangs or unexpected guests or to please the kid...

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5. Rice Balls Recipe | Ammini Kozhukattai Recipe | Gluten Free Recipes

What are Rice Balls? Rice balls are soft and spongy dumplings made using rice flour. The rice flour balls are steamed to cook and thereafter tempered to make flavoursome. Also known as ammini kozhukattai is a famous South Indian dish. It is also prepared sweet. It is offered to Ganesha on ...

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rice balls

6. Eggless Whole Wheat Brownie Recipe | How to make Eggless Brownie

Eggless Whole Wheat Brownie Recipe A brownie that’s hard to believe is made up of whole-wheat. I have used walnuts and chocolate chunks to garnish the brownie. I didn’t add it to the brownie. You can even add some or a lot of nuts of your choice and chocolate chunks/chips to the browni...

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7. Veg Frankie | Frankie Recipe | How to make Veg Frankie

What is Veg Frankie? Veg frankie has a delicious and tangy pattice of vegetable rolled with some salad in a chapati. It is a popular street food. Frankie is comfort food and a great tiffin or lunch box option. Veg can also be prepared for picnics or travels as if it very fuss free to carry...

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veg frankie

8. Paneer Sandwich Recipe | How to Make Paneer Sandwich

What is Paneer Sandwich? Treatment of paneer in the recipe leads to a very good substitute for cream cheese. So call it Grilled Paneer Sandwich Recipe or cream cheese sandwich. Paneer ground to a super smooth paste, in which go the colorful assorted vegetables! All set to give a kick start...

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9. Cheesy Potato Bites | Cheese Potato Bites Recipe | Recipe of Cheesy Potato Bites

What is Cheesy Potato Bites? Cheesy potato bites are crispy baby potatoes filled with smooth and melting cheese. Cheesy potatoes are bite-sized snacks (almost) and are therefore loved by the kids. Apart from that cheesy potato are great party appetizers too. Do try this recipe as it is...

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cheesy potatoes

10. Bhelpuri | Indian Snacks | How to make Bhel Puri | Bhel Puri Recipe

What is Bhelpuri? Bhelpuri is a great snack made with puffed rice i.e. murmura. It has the bites of onions, tomatoes, potatoes and the crunch of papdi and sev. It has the heat of garlic chutney, sweetness of tamarind chutney and the freshness of green chutney, making it a crowd pleaser. T...

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11. Poori Recipe | How to make Poori | Tips for Perfect Puffed Poori (Puri)

What is Poori? Poori is a deep fried Indian flatten bread recipe made with whole wheat flour. A perfect poori is puffed, soft, moist and beautifully golden. A very versatile bread that can be paired with gravies such as aloo chhole or...

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12. Vegetable Maggi Recipe | Spicy Maggi Recipes | Vegetable Maggi

What is Vegetable Maggi Maggi noodles cooked with some seasoned and crunchy vegetables. Vegetables not only adds some bite to maggi noodles but also add some nutrients and colors. Vegetable maggi recipe deserves a try because it is Kids’ friendly recipe Healthy maggi recipeLet�...

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vegetable maggi

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