Best Monsoon Recipes

best monsson recipes

Best Monsoon Recipes

Those dark clouds in the sky, and then, drop by drop comes down the rain. It is Monsoon. Monsoon is a season when the mornings become cozy and the evenings get dark. Roads are drenched, colorful umbrellas are seen everywhere, two-wheelers take a shed under the tree or in a shop, trees look greener and everything is so beautiful. This is MONSOON!

Kids waiting for the moment when they can leave their Mom’s finger and splash in the rainwater, the house-helps rushing to the terrace to remove the washed and dried clothes,  Mom or Dad or both coming back home from work with soaked shoes and hair, someone struggling with the lost cable connection, someone sitting beside the window and waiting for the raindrops to touch him/her, and some chai and pakoras in the kitchen… this is MONSOON!

Every occasion, every season has its food, its recipes. As the rains drop, also drop the temperatures, which call for some chai and snacks along with it; hot and savory snacks. Here we have a collection of recipes which you will love to make this monsoon. You guessed it right. It has a variety of pakoras and chai, but the variety comes with a variation. There are a number of ways to flavor your chai. Collection of chai recipes can be checked to see how? Definitely adrak wali chai tops the list during Monsoon. Likewise, we have scrumptious bread pakora as well the non-fried baked bread roll. There is the recipe for crispy kanda bhaji as well as idli pakora for some guilt-free indulgences. When in a mood to cook, one can go beyond pakoras and make some samosas too. Here are a number of recipes for samosa.

1. Bread Pakora Recipe | How to make Bread Pakora | Indian Pakora Recipes

What is Bread Pakora? Bread Pakora recipe is a deep fried snack recipe made using a sandwich with potato filling, which is dipped in gram flour batter and deep fried. A crunchy coating, a spicy filling, the softness of the bread inside… everything mak...

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bread pakora

2. Kanda Bhaji Recipe | Crispy Onion Pakoda

What is Kanda Bhaji? Kanda basically means onion in Marathi language and bhaji means fritters. Thereby making it very obvious that kanda bhaji are onion fritters or onion pakoda. However, In India recipes vary as you cross states and even if you ...

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Kanda Bhaji

3. How to Make Ginger Tea Recipe | Adrak Wali Chai

What is Adrak Chai? Tea with a nice hint of ginger is adrak chai (Ginger Tea Recipe). It is commonly made in Indian households, especially during winters and monsoon. Chai is one of the most common hot beverages in India. It is flavored in ma...

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Ginger Tea Recipe

4. Idli Pakoda Recipe | How to Make Idli Pakoda | South Indian Recipes

What is Idli Pakoda? Button or mini idlis dipped in lentil batter, cooked in an appam pan, giving an absolutely crunchy outside and cushiony soft inside, making it a snack perfect for guilt-free indulgences is idli pakoda. It is flavoured with fresh coriander seeds, fennel seeds etc. The b...

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idli pakoda recipe

5. How to make samosa recipe with step by step

What is a samosa? Samosa is a very popular, most popular if I can say, deep fried snack in India. It has delicious, tangy, spicy stuffing with a crisp and flaky coating. Writing about it makes me crave for it, which is not very common, but it is a samosa, after all!! It is a great tea time...

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samosa recipe

6. Rice Potato Snacks Recipe | How to make Cutlets | Gluten Free Recipes

 Rice Potato Snacks Recipe Rice potato snacks recipe is cutlets which have a crunchy exterior and melt in mouth insides. They are flavoured with cumin seeds, red chillies, black pepper, and chaat masala. Rice potato snacks are made using boiled and mashed potatoes and rice flour. They sho...

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7. Rice Pakoda | How to Make Rice Pakodas Recipe | Rice Fritters

What are rice pakoda? Rice pakoda are basically fritters that are prepared with leftover rice; not necessary left over, basically with cooked rice. These have a crisp and crunchy exterior and soft interior. They have the sweetness of sweet corn, the crunch of onions, the sharpness of ginge...

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8. Canteen Samosa | how to make samosa

What is a canteen samosa? Samosa recipe is the best thing human beings can ever eat! To define it in a more practical way it can be said that Samosa is a deep-fried snack which has potato stuffing and is filled in all-purpose flour sheets and deep fried. It has a very crispy exterior and a...

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9. Rava pakodas recipe | How to make Rava Pakodas | semolina fritters – Vini’s

What are Rava pakodas? Rava pakodas recipe is a deep-fried snack that is made with semolina. Prepared using ginger, coriander, green chilies and a bit of onion. Rava pakodas give us...

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10. Aloo bonda | Aloo Bonda Recipe | How to make potato bonda – Vini’s

What is Aloo Bonda? Aloo bonda recipe is a delicious and irresistible snack which is made using boiled potatoes, some spices and lots of herbs. The boiled potatoes are shaped into balls which are there after dipped in a gram flour batter and deep fried. Aloo bonda is very flavourful. It ha...

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11. Baked bread Rolls Recipe | How to make Baked Bread Rolls

What is Baked Bread Roll? Bread stuffed with a delicious filling, baked to cooked is baked bread roll. With a crisp exterior and melt in mouth stuffing, this certainly is a healthy snack to munch on. Generally, bread rolls are...

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Baked bread Rolls

12. Masala Chai Recipe | Homemade Masala Tea Recipe

What is Masala Chai? Tea infused with the flavors of various spices making it not only more refreshing and appetizing but also increasing the goodness of chai is Masala Chai. Masala chai is a favourite during the monsoons and winters. It not only tastes great but also helps to fight cold, ...

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13. Instant Bread Vada | Vegetable vada | How to make bread vada recipe

What is Instant Bread Vada? Instant Bread vada is a deep fried dumpling made using bread, rice flour, semolina, ginger, green chillies etc. Bread vada is a good break from regular bread recipes such as sandwiches etc. Bread vada is a good breakfast and teatime snack option. They are crunch...

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