Navratri Sweets Recipes

People observe fasts on auspicious days or certain festivals. Such occasions should be ended on a sweet note. However, the fasting diet is very restricted. Limited ingredients can be used to make sweets for desserts. The ingredients could be limited but not the recipes. Here is our collection of Fasting Sweet Recipes!

15 Navratri Sweets Recipes

Sabudana Kheer

The most common and popular dessert that is prepared for fasts is the sabudana kheer. Sabudana is a bit tricky to soak and cook. This recipe covers all the tricks so that you get a perfect sabudana kheer.

View the recipe here.

sabudana kheer recipeFruit Curd (quick and healthy recipe)

This fasting sweet recipe has to top this list of Fasting Sweet Recipes. I often make fruit curd not only during fasts but also during the regular days and mark my words, you too will do the same. It is not raita, no. It is such a soothing dessert recipe. It is a healthy dessert recipe as it is a combination of yogurt and fruits.

View the recipe here.

Fasting Sweet Recipes

Malai Ladoo (under 15 minutes recipe)

This mildly sweet ladoo will find a permanent place on your desserts list. You won’t wait for fasts to indulge in them. The texture of Malai Ladoo is absolutely smooth and soft. Do not miss these simple ladoo during fasts.

Malai Ladoo recipe here.


Petha Pudding (out of the box recipe)

Very interesting fasting sweet recipe that uses readily available meetha petha! This is a kind of kheer but has an absolutely distinct flavor and texture. Post Navratri, whenever you have some petha and don’t know what to do with it, just make petha pudding.

View the recipe here.

petha pudding

Mawa Peda Recipe

Peda is a sweet dish recipe prepared using khoya. It is mildly flavored with cardamom, has a soft texture and simply melts in the mouth. This recipe calls for just 2 main ingredients and takes less than 15 minutes to be done.

View the recipe here.

mawa peda


An easy sweet recipe prepared with milk, flavored with nutmeg and cardamom and enriched with dry fruits is basundi. This Indian recipe belongs to Gujarat and Maharashtra.

View the recipe here.


Rose Coconut Ladoo (under 15 minutes recipe)

Another ladoo on the blog that I often make on the go is the rose coconut ladoo. They are pretty as well as delicious, a winner every time. This fasting sweet recipe can be fixed in less than 15 minutes.


Chhena murki (deserted recipe)

A delicious sweet recipe from the state of Bengal made using paneer, will leave you craving for more and more. It is slightly technical to make chhena murki but the recipe explains in detail so that a newbie too can try his/her hands on this.

View the recipe here.

chhena murki

Dry Fruit Kheer Recipe

It is prepared with dry fruits, makhana is used as the thickening agent and is also the main ingredient for dry fruit kheer. Other than makhana, dry fruits such as almonds, cashews, coconut flakes, and pistachios have been used. I like to make dry fruit kheer during fasts, as it is quite filling and nutritious and keeps full for a pretty long time.

View the recipe here.

dry fruit kheerNariyal Pag

A very tasty sweet recipe made with simple coconut and sugar syrup which is also made during Janamashtmi to offer as bhog. Do try this distinct barfi this Navratri.

View the recipe here.


Meethi Lassi

A glass of chilled meethi lassi can be so refreshing as well as energizing but we often omit it from our fasting menu. This Navratri finish off your fast with this rejuvenating drink!

View the recipe here.

Fasting Sweet Recipes

Fruit Cream

I love to consume fruits during fasts. They are easy to digest and very energizing. And whenever I am in the mood of some indulgence I love to make this creamy and pleasant fruit cream.

View the recipe here.

Fasting Sweet Recipes

Banana Shake

We often eat bananas during fasts because they are very vitalizing. Give a little twist as in grind to the bananas and make even more stimulating banana shake instead.

View the recipe here.


Ice Cream

Store-bought ice creams might contain ingredients that may not be consumable during fasts. Here is a recipe with which you can make ice at home with just 2 ingredients and in just 15 minutes.

View the recipe here.

Fasting Sweet Recipes

Milkshake Recipes

A good and wholesome milkshake can be a complete meal. And therefore we are sharing here our collection of milkshake recipes. However, this milkshake collection includes a few milkshakes which can be consumed during fasts. Therefore we suggest you pick the milkshake accordingly.

Milkshake Recipes here.

milkshake recipes



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