Quick Indian Dinner Recipes

It is in April 2020. Covid 19 has gripped the world. Presently India is under lock down of 21 days. There are many major problems around but a minor one is absence of house helps. In India, we are blessed to have house helps coming over to our places to help us in our day to day chores. But in the current scenario, there are no house helps. All the things have to be managed by the family members. Be it dishes, laundry, dusting, or food. Therefore I thought of making things slightly easy for you by bringing to you’re a collection of Quick Indian Dinner Recipes. These are Quick Dinner Recipes Indian Vegetarian which can be prepared by anyone who hasn’t got great culinary skills. These Quick Indian Dinner Recipes comes to your rescue after a long and exhausting day.

Quick Dinner Recipes Indian Vegetarian

Here are a few things you can do to make your life easier. The following are a few pastes and puree and other condiments which you can make on a weekend or any free day during the week and keep in the freezer. Thaw these and use for making Quick Indian Dinner Recipes.

Tomato Puree: I wish I could insist much on how much difference does this one thing make? Tomato puree is very easy to make and store. While making any meal, if you have the puree handy, the cooking time reduces many folds. Apart from this, homemade tomato puree gives a gorgeous color to the dishes.

Pastes: Ginger paste, garlic paste, chili paste, ginger garlic paste, ginger chili paste; fresh taste better hands down. But there are days when you might not have the energy to do the entire process of peeling, chopping and grinding to make the paste. Other than this, at times the recipe call for a smooth and fine paste and that is possible only when the same is prepared in a bulk quantity because 4-6 garlic cloves can’t be ground in a mixer.

Following is a collection of Quick Indian Dinner Recipes

  1. Paneer Bhurji

Paneer Bhurji is crumbled cottage cheese cooked with tomatoes, onions and some basic spices. Paneer bhurji gives a break from otherwise sweet kind preparations of paneer. It tastes awesome with bread slices or simple chapati or parathas.

View the recipe here. Other than this you might also like dhaba style paneer, no onion no garlic butter paneer masala. quick indian dinner recipes

  1. Malai Pyaaz

Sliced onions cooked with malai; served with lachcha paranthas… makes one of my favorite meal. And about Malai Pyaaz Recipe, it is a simple yet flavourful dish but what makes it most special is that it is so different from the regular gravies that we make.

View the recipe here.quick indian dinner recipes

  1. Papad ki Sabji

Papad Methi ki Sabji is a side dish that has very distinct flavors of soft and subtle papad and sharp dana methi i.e. fenugreek seeds. It has a yogurt-based gravy with a hint of garlic and ginger and heat of red chili and green chilies.

View the recipe here.quick indian dinner recipes

  1. Jeera Aloo

Boiled potatoes tempered with cumin seeds, cooked with spices and finished with coriander leaves, is jeera aloo. Jeera aloo is a very popular, spicy as well as tangy side dish.

View the recipe here. You might also like aloo tamatar, dahi wale aloo, etc.quick indian dinner recipes

  1. Arhar Dal

Pigeon pea or arhar dal cooked in a pressure cooker and tempered in the simplest manner to make a dal recipe which is pretty quick to make still gives delectable results is arhar dal.

View the recipe here. You might also like Moong Dal, Chana Dal, etc.quick indian dinner recipes

  1. Aloo Mangodi

Aloo mangodi is a spicy and tangy Rajasthani curry prepared using potatoes and mangodi. Mangodi is basically a dry snack prepared with soaked and ground yellow or green moong dal. Mangodi is easily available at the grocery stores.

View the recipe here.quick indian dinner recipes

  1. Masala Paratha

Paratha is a shallow fried Indian flatbread. Masala paratha is simple and easy yet delish paratha. A mix of spices adds lots of flavours to masala paratha. Any simple gravy or boring dal can be pepped up with this Masala paratha.

View the recipe here. You might also like Plain Paratha, Achari Paratha.quick indian dinner recipes

  1. Burani Raita

Yogurt, mildly and appropriately flavored with garlic is burani raita. Raita is basically yogurt which has been flavored or enhanced by some of the other ingredients. These ingredients could be any add-ons such as vegetables etc or flavoring agents such mint etc. Burani raita has a very peculiar and different flavor.

View the recipe here. You might also like masala raita, onion raita etc.quick indian dinner recipes

  1. Lachcha Pyaaz

Crunchy and tangy onion, which can jazz up any simple meal, is onion salad. Onion salad is the complimentary salad served at most of the dhabas in North India. The meal could consist of dal/gravies/parathas. but when it is combined with the sharp and savory onion salad, it tastes great.

View the recipe here. You might also like vinegar onion, kachumber salad, etc.quick indian dinner recipes

  1. Papad ki Churi

Rajasthani Papad ki Churi is crumbled and crushed crispy papad combined with spicy Bikaneri bhujia (savory snack), crunchy onions and fresh coriander leaves, making it an easy peasy side dish/appetizer.

View the recipe here. You might also like masala papad, fried papad, etc.quick indian dinner recipes

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