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Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi, a celebration of siblinghood!

Raksha Bandhan is a Hindu festival. On this day sisters tie Rakhi (beautiful bracelet sort of, made with threads, etc) on their brother’s wrist. Brothers give them presents and make a promise to take care of them, always. The ritual is concluded with a piece of sweet that the sister offers to her brother. If you are wondering when in Raksha Bandhan 2019? It is on the 15th of August this year i.e. 2019.

F for festivals, F for food and it is not a coincidence. Festivals and food go hand in hand. No festival or celebration is complete without good food. Likewise, the Rakhi thali is so incomplete without some sweets. Well, unfortunately, I have read in the newspaper so many times that during festivals there is too much adulteration in the sweets and related ingredients. Therefore I always prepared the sweet dishes/desserts at home.

Plenty of Indian sweet recipes can be related to Rakhi. Gulab Jamun is a classic. Ladoo recipes are also very common for Rakhi. Besan ladoo is again like a ritual on Rakhi. Mommies get into the kitchen and prepared those gorgeous and flavorsome besan ladoo. Not everyone has the time and intent to cook these elaborate and time taking sweets. So there are plenty of quick sweet recipes which are ready in less than 30 minutes. Generally, milkmaid recipes fall into this category. The best part is that the milkmaid recipes can be tried by the novice cooks and these are easy Indian sweet recipes.

On the day of Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan, there are a number of desserts that can be prepared. Kheer recipes are the most common ones. Other than kheer recipes you can also try cold dessert recipes. After the elaborate lunch, cold dessert seems perfect!

Well, you can also try baking recipes for Rakhi. There are several eggless cakes on the blog. And there are many carrying Indian flavors making them perfect baking recipes for the festival of Rakhi.

Following is a collection of sweets and dessert which are so appropriate for Rakhi. Do try these and make this Rakhi the best of your Rakhi.

raksha bandhan recipes

Top 10 Raksha Bandhan Sweet Recipes

  1. Besan Ke Laddu

For me, this is the staple mithai of Raksha Bandhan. And why not the rakhi thaali looks so pretty with a few besan ladoo on it. Every family has its recipe for besan ke ladoo. This recipe gives perfect laddu as we get at the best of mithai shops. For the recipe click here. There are many ladoo recipes on the blog such as rava ladoo. This is a popular sweet recipe from South India. Another ladoo which have a universal appeal and are so common on Indian festivals and auspicious occasions are boondi ladoo. As such these are always bought from the mithai walas, these can be prepared at home. BESAN LADOO

  1. Chocolate Barfi:

For the fussy brothers who are not fond of typical Indian sweets, sisters can make this chocolate barfi which is fudgy and melts in the mouth. This chocolate barfi is prepared using condensed milk and is therefore ready in less than 20 minutes. For the recipe click here. milkmaid chocolate barfi

  1. Mohanthal:

This is my favorite sweet. I bet if you make it, you will not be able to resist yourself from eating it and if you eat one, you will not be able to stop yourself there. You will indulge in another piece too. For the recipe click here. You might also like nariyal pag. This is a fasting sweet recipe. Therefore even if you are fasting on this day, you can indulge into this sweet.

raksha bandhan recipes

  1. Milk Powder Barfi:

Just as condensed milk, milk powder is also an ingredient which makes the sweet recipes easy and quick. This milk powder barfi allows customization as per your taste. You can flavor it the way you like. For the recipe click here.

raksha bandhan recipes

  1. Churma:

Earthy flavors of whole wheat flour, ghee and sugar are combined to make a sweet from the state of the royals, churma. Churma can also be prepared in the form of laddu. For the recipe click here. Further, you might also like to try the besan churma recipe.

raksha bandhan recipes

  1. Malai Laddu:

This mildly sweet sweet prepared without much ghee or sugar is so appropriate for festivals. It is slightly flavored with rose water and cardamom. It is a gluten-free sweet recipe. For the recipe click here.

raksha bandhan recipes

  1. Seven Cup Barfi:

This barfi from South India is more of a puzzle as it uses 5 ingredients but is called 7 cup barfi. However, the answer is in its recipe. It is very simple and quick to make. For the recipe click here.raksha bandhan recipes

  1. Chhena Murki:

This sweet doesn’t call for many ingredients. Paneer is cooked in a sugar syrup such that the sugar syrup gets coated on the paneer pieces. This bite-sized sweet recipe is a must-try this Raksha bandhan. For the recipe click here.raksha bandhan recipes

  1. Chocolate coated Oreos:

I have yet to find a kid who does not like Oreos or chocolate. And therefore, we have combined both of these ingredients to make something to be totally loved by them. For the recipe click here.raksha bandhan recipes

  1. Rose coconut laddu:

These are coconut laddu flavored with rose syrup. Rose syrup not only adds a nice flavor to the laddu which complements the nariyal ke laddu but also makes them look so appealing. For the recipe click here.

raksha bandhan recipes

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