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Diwali is the biggest festival in India. lots of sweets are prepared. but at times when you are exhausted you may not be in a mood to indulge in any barfi, when your guests visit you they might have had too many ladoo pedas and won’t pick even a single ladoo how much you insist, your kids won’t agree to eat kheer even if you pamper them or threaten them! but believe me, in all these situations cold desserts will come to your rescue. just have them ready and pop them in a refrigerator and indulge or serve to your guests or kids.

cold dessert recipes

1. Kesar Shrikhand

kesar shrikhandAbsolutely creamy and smooth dessert made with hung curd is not only a dessert but can be converted to a meal when paired with some pooris.

Recipe link for Kesar Shrikhand  Click  Here

2. Custard Trifle

Another showstopper party dessert is custard trifle which is takes custard to another level. It is a layered dessert, each layer being a dessert in itself.

Recipe link for Custard Trifle  Click Here

3. Fruit Cream

FRUIT CREAMDiwali and desserts are all about richness. Here is a richie rich dessert recipe using heavy cream. fruit cream is just so apt for Diwali parties. Prepare and chill and engage in other party preparations.

Recipe link for Fruit Cream  Click Here

4. Fruit Custard

EGGLESS FRUIT CUSTARD RECIPE NOTEwith some custard powder handy, fruit custard can be prepared in no time and without any efforts. Just add assorted fruits of your choice and make this kid’s friendly dessert.

Recipe link for Fruit Custard Click Here

5. Fruit Curd

fruit curd

Another curd based dessert recipe is fruit curd. this is regularly made at my place. It needs no special ingredient and is ready in no time at all. Apart from that fruit curd also allows a lot of customization. this bright and colorful dessert is absolutely tasty and nutritious.

Recipe link for Fruit Curd Click Here

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