Monsoon Recipes

It has been raining everywhere then 10 Monsoon Recipes. The weather is drastically beautiful. Rains call for a cup of hot tea and something Rainy Season Recipe delicious along with it such as pakodas, vadas or samosa. Generally pakodas are made using gram flour (Besan). However here we share the recipes of some innovative pakodas. And we all know that tea’s best friend is a samosa. So how can miss that?!  Apart from that, there are some more snack recipes that shall certainly make this monsoon memorable for you.


A collection of snacks recipes that will make tea more inviting and rains more beautiful for you

Top 10 Monsoon Recipes

The list of top 10 monsoon recipes will help you to taste the Rainy season recipes in a much better way. Eating Delicious Monsoon Recipes is what every person wants but it takes a small time to make something new and delicious taste of recipes from the best monsoon recipes.

Kanda Bhaji

Sliced onions and gram flour are combined in the best way to make super crispy onion pakodas that belong to the state of Maharashtra and are call kanda bhaji. The recipe shares necessary tips and tricks to ensure that onion pakodas are absolutely crispy. These are best paired with cutting chai.Kanda Bhaji

Idli Pakoda

A very innovative pakoda, that uses idli as its stuffing and a very healthy batter that makes the crunchiest of pakodas. Idli pakodas is not only a monsoon delight but also works as a great party snack or if you have guests coming over for breakfast or brunch, trust me, this recipe is a must try.

Rainy Season Recipe

Very innovative pakoda, absolutely crispy from outside and super soft from inside – IDLI PAKODA

Sabudana Vada (non-fried recipe)

Not all monsoon recipes are deep fried. Vadas are deep fried but this recipe brings to you a healthier version, where in sabudana vada have been made in very little oil. Sabudana vada bring to you a great contrast of soft sago and crunchy peanuts, a must try this monsoon.


Sabudana vada made in a healthier way – SABUDANA VADA

Bread pakoda

You cannot please me; you are not a bread pakoda. Yes I love it this much. Soft bread with a mouth watering stuffing dipped in gram flour batter and deep fried, to make a heavenly delicious snack. This one is my favourite on the list.


A sandwich converted into a delightful pakoda – BREAD PAKODA


You can’t please everyone, you are not a samosa. Yes such is the craze of this snack in India. And this recipe will give you absolutely lip smacking samosas that will be just perfect for a rainy evening.


All you need with your cup of tea – SAMOSA

Rice potato snacks (gluten free recipe)

People are avoiding gluten these days. I don’t want to get into the debate and details of this. I would just like to present an absolutely delicious gluten free snack recipe that will be relished by all.


A gluten-free and unique snack – RICE POTATO SNACK

Mini idli pakoda (kids recipe, non-fried)

A healthier take on the crispy idli pakodas is mini idli pakoda. It has a healthy batter, healthy stuffing and a healthy mode of cooking. Mini idli pakodas are super cute. I often make these for my kids’ tiffin and they simply love it.


A healthy and delicious delight sure to please the little ones – MINI IDLI PAKODA

Rice pakoda (gluten free recipe)

Rice can give you a monsoon delicacy that you will certainly relish. I love to make rice pakodas whenever it is raining and I have some left over rice . Rice pakodas is again a gluten free snack recipe that can be enjoyed by one and all.


The monsoon recipe for leftover rice – RICE PAKODA

Canteen style samosa

You can never go wrong with a samosa. Canteen style samosa is a simpler samosa that is very easy and comparatively quick to make. It shall remind you of your school or college canteen and thereafter a lot will follow. May be you end up making a call to some of your friend and make this monsoon memorable for you.


Because rains are about chai, samosa gup-shup, as it happens in the canteen – CANTEEN STYLE SAMOSA

Rava pakoda

Rava is often associated with healthier recipes. We, at Viniscookbook, believe in breaking the monotony. So we are making pakodas with it. These pakodas are absolutely crunchy. Also these are very simple to make and need no special ingredients. Try this recipe whenever you have sudden guests during monsoons.


Take a break from Rava idlis and Rava appam – RAVA PAKODA

Aloo Bonda

Aloo bonda is a very appealing snack. They look so tempting. A delicious potato stuffing, coated in a gram flour mix and deep fried to make a snack with a universal appeal. I love to make aloo bonda and serve them with a combination of imli ki chutney and green chutney.

monsoon recipes

The delicious and gorgeous balls – ALOO BONDA

Recipe Video – Top 10 Monsoon Recipes –  Monsoon Recipe

Healthy Breakfast Recipes     

Here we are going to present you with the best monsoon recipes. The top 10 monsoon recipes contain the top layer monsoon recipe which is very effective in taste. The delicious taste of recipes gets enhanced by every monsoon comes. There are some best Healthy Breakfast Recipes which are listed below are going to help the people to get delicious recipe.

Rainy Season Recipe in Hindi

 Monsoon Recipes as the rainy season comes, our mind starts running to get some sour taste. As you walk in the light rain, you go to a chat-pakodi shop and look for opportunities to eat hot cucumber-samosa, pakodas. You are presenting some 10 types of monsoon dishes and then taste tasty and tasty dishes.

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