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10 Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast literally means “break the fast”. This is because we haven’t had anything after dinner. This makes breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is said “well begun is half done”; the same applies to our food also. Breakfast helps our body restore the glucose level and gives a kick-start to our day. Okay, I’ll give you a deal. If you want to lose weight you should always have your breakfast. Never skip it. Staying hungry doesn’t make you lose. Eating healthy makes it possible. Here are 10 Healthy Breakfast Recipes for you:


Well begun is half done… let’s begin at a healthy note – 10 HEALTHY BREAKFAST RECIPES

1. Doodhi Muthia

Doodhi muthia also known as lauki muthia is a very tasty and nutritious recipe from the state of Gujarat. The word muthia comes from the word “mutthi” which means fist. The dough is given shapes using fist. In order to make doodhi muthia the dough is steamed. And steaming is a very healthy cooking option. Doodhi as in bottle gourd is not a kids’ favourite thing. So this recipe is a great way to include the very healthy bottle gourd (lauki) into their diet. Doodhi muthia is very flavourful and the tempering gives such a nice crunch to each bite. Recipe link for doodhi muthia –>here


Absolutely healthy and delicious preparation of bottle gourd – DOODHI MUTHIA

2. Idli Pakora

Idli pakora is soft idli dipped and fried in a lentil batter. The contrast of softness and crunch is something to go for. Yes, this is a list of healthy breakfast recipes and yes this includes pakoras. It is so because we are not deep frying the pakoras instead we will be frying them in minimum oil using an appam pan, which is very easily available in the market. Recipe link for idli pakora–> here


A distinct and delicious pakora made with a few drops of oil – IDLI PAKORA

3. Moong Dal Toast

Moong Dal Toast is a good break from other toasts and an innovative way of enjoying the moong dal cheela. The dal batter is spread on bread slices and then pan fried. The best part is that you can use any dal and any bread of your choice. It is a very accommodating recipe. To take a break from bread pakoras I started making besan toasts and then to take a break from besan toast I have been making moong dal toasts. And so far haven’t felt a need for a break. Recipe link for moong dal toast–> here


A good way to start your day by having some proteins on your toast – MOONG DAL TOAST

4. Hung Curd Sandwich

Hung curd is a great spread; so smooth and light and refreshing. I love to use it to make hung curd sandwiches. To relish the smoothness, contrasting crunch is introduced by adding lots of vegetables which not only give some crunch but also lots of nutrition to the sandwiches. Recipe for hung curd sandwich –>here


A sandwich with super healthy stuffing – HUNG CURD SANDWICH

5. Sev Khamani

Khaman is a very popular gram flour preparation from the state of Gujarat. When khaman is taken to all together different level, it becomes khamani or amiri khaman. The soft khaman is paired with very crispy sev and juicy pomegranate seeds and many other ingredients, in the most delicious way. Amiri Khaman is a mix of flavours and textures. Recipe for sev khamani–> here


Take a delicious break from regular khaman – AMIRI KHAMAN

6. Instant Rava Idli

Instant rava idlis are so simple yet so flavourful. These are made up of semolina and yogurt along with a list of ingredients to introduce flavours to the dish. A very popular dish from the South Indian cuisine!  Different in the sense that regular idlis are made of rice and lentils, this one is made up of semolina and of course these are instant. Recipe for instant rava idli –>here


Simple idli plus simple flavors make an extraordinary idli – INSTANT RAVA IDLI

7. Instant Sooji Dhokla

My family’s favourite – Instant Sooji Dhokla. Absolutely soft and spongy preparation of semolina! And the best part is this is an instant recipe. I love teaming it up with some green chutney. It is very easy and simple to make. A one bowl recipe, so light on tummy and absolutely delicious. Recipe for instant sooji dhokla–> here


A dish sure to please one and all – INSTANT SOOJI DHOKLA

8. Neer Dosa

Neer is a hindi word that means water. And the dosa is so called because it has a very thin batter. I admit I got it right after many trials. So here is the recipe where I have shared all the tips and tricks so that you could nail it in the first attempt. When you have nothing in hand, except rice, you won’t starve. You can make this delicate and delicious crepe. Recipe for neer dosa –>here


A preparation with minimal ingredients – NEER DOSA

9. Stuffed Moong Dal Cheela

Proteins are essential for our body and the best time to consume them is in the morning i.e. by including proteins in breakfast. Moong dal cheela stuffed with paneer is an excellent breakfast option. It makes a protein packed breakfast, also it is cooked in almost no oil. Recipe for stuffed moong dal cheela –> here


Proteins packed in proteins – STUFFED MOONG DAL CHEELA

10. Instant Rava Uttapam

Any breakfast option that starts with the word instant has got to be a good one. The combination of soft semolina base and crunchy veggies is a delight in morning. Instant rava uttapam can be customised according to your choice as well as availability of vegetables. Recipe for instant rava uttappam –>here


Semolina and vegetables combined deliciously – INSTANT RAVA UTTAPAM


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