Lunch ideas for kids

Lunch ideas for kids

Thank you so much for giving such a boastful response to our weekly kids’ tiffin planner series! Mothers personally communicate to me and tell how helpful they find weekly planners. It encourages me to put them up every weekend. Continuing the practice, here is another weekly kids’ tiffin planner.

1. Mini Burger | Mini Veg Cheese Burger | How to make Mini Veg Burger

What is a Mini Burger? The mini burger is a bite-sized burger with a healthy and delicious patty made up of vegetables. It is a cute break from regular burgers. A mini burger is a great option for kids parties because it is a tiny one so w...

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mini burger

2. Leftover Roti Upma Recipe | How to Make Roti Upma

What is leftover roti upma? Leftover roti upma is the best thing that can be done with leftover rotis. Pieces of chapatis are cooked with onions and tomatoes and garnished with lots of fresh coriander and lemon juice to make the best out of ...

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3. Mini Rava Idli Recipe | How to make Mini Rava Idli | South Indian Idli

What is Mini Rava Idli? Instant, soft, tiny and spongy idli made of semolina (sooji) is mini rava idli. It can be used in multiple ways, can be fried with vegetables,  converted into tiny fritters, etc.  This is the recipe for instant mini idli. A special mould is used to prepare the min...

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4. Sabudana Khichadi Recipe | How to make Sabudana Khichadi – Vini’s

What is Sabudana Khichadi? A light and delicious dish made using sago pearls is sabudana khichadi. It is simple and subtle but very flavourful. It has tanginess of lemon juice, freshness of coriander seeds, awesome taste and bite of peanuts. The best part about sabudana khichadi is that it...

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sabudana khichadi

5. Poha Rolls Recipe | How to Make Poha Rolls

What are poha rolls? Poha rolls are crispy and tasty cylindrical rolls made using poha i.e. flattened rice and boiled potatoes. Crispy poha rolls have the bite of onions and kick of chaat masala, along with the freshness of green coriander and heat of green chillies. Poha rolls can be serv...

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Poha Rolls Recipe

6. Instant Sooji Cheela Recipe | Instant Rava Cheela

What is instant rava/sooji cheela? Instant rava cheela is a pancake made using as the name suggests rava/sooji i.e. semolina. It is been flavoured with some ginger chilli paste and fresh coriander and to add some bite to it, chopped onions h...

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Instant Sooji Cheela

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