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Meal Idea | Poori and aloo ki sabzi

Poori, deep fried Indian flatbread that is loved by one and all! Aloo, potato-based gravy or side dish, the best better half of poori, (best better, anyways!). We all love to make poori with aloo. Here I am sharing a very interesting combination of achaari poori and dahi wali aloo.

Achaari poor bursts with flavors and dahi wale aloo is a tangy and spicy preparation of potatoes cooked in a yogurt based gravy. To give a contrast I served this fantastic combination with sweet and tangy guava chutney. Do try this meal idea for dinner or brunch.

Meal Idea:-

1. Dahi wale aloo:
A tangy, spicy basically mouthwatering preparation of boiled potatoes in yogurt based gravy is dahi wale aloo. It is such a delightful break from the regular aloo ki sabzi. Along with the recipe also find the necessary tips to work with yogurt, so that your yogurt based gravies would never curdle.

View the recipe here.dahi wale aloo

2. Achaari poori
How much do we love these pooris!! Poori, plain and simple ones are a crowd pleaser and when a bundle of spices is infused therein, pooris reach an altogether different level. The achaari poori not just tastes deadly delectable with dahi wale aloo but can be relished with anything or nothing, you know what I mean.

View the recipe here.achaari poori
3. Chutney
Aloo and poori need no accompaniments but I just add chutney to each of my meal. I believe a chutney adds so much to the taste. Along with achaari poori and dahi wale aloo you can serve Rajasthani Lehsun ki Chutney if you want to go with the flow. Rajasthani lehsun chutney is a hot and spicy chutney with the very dominating flavor of garlic.  However, if you want a different kick, team it up with guava chutney, which is a sweet cum tangy chutney, with such a soothing flavor of guava.

View the recipe here.

Rajasthani Lahsun ki Chutney

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