Desserts using gram flour | Gluten free desserts

desserts using gram flour

Desserts using gram flour | Gluten free desserts

Gram flour (besan) is a very healthy ingredient; it is gluten-free and a good source of protein as well as rich in fiber. Gram flour is a great option for the weight watchers too. It has lesser calories than the whole wheat flour and keeps one fuller, because it is rich in protein and proteins take longer to digest.

Gram flour is a very versatile ingredient. It finds a place in every kitchen and is used in many recipes. Popularly besan is used to make pakoda, kadhi, cheela, etc and in Rajasthani cuisine, it is used for many gravy preparations such as gatte, pitor, sev, etc. However other than pakoda etc. gram flour can be used to make many desserts.

The nutty flavor of gram flour is beautifully combined with clarified butter (ghee), sugar and other ingredients to make some amazing yet so simple desserts and here we will be discussing the same.

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1. Perfect Besan ladoo Recipe | How to Make Besan ladoo | Mother’s Day Special

What is Perfect Besan ladoo Recipe? Besan ladoo is a ball-shaped Indian sweet that is made with gram flour sugar and clarified butter. It is a very delicious preparation that is very simple to make if a few things are kept in mind. It has an awesome flavor of roasted gram flour combined wi...

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2. Rajasthani Besan Choorma recipe | How to Make Besan Choorma

What is Besan Choorma? Choorma is a dessert that comes from the state of Rajasthan. Rajasthani choorma recipe involves coarsely grinding the whole wheat dumplings and adding clarified butter (ghee) and powdered sugar, which gives it the earthy flavors it has. Yes, choorma is generally made...

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Besan Choorma recipe

3. Besan Nankhatai Recipe | How to Make Nankhatai Without Oven | Nankhatai Recipe

What is Besan Nankhatai?00 Tender and delectable shortbread made wholly with besan (gram flour) with a hint of elaichi (cardamom) and unbeatable flavor of ghee is besan nankhatai. It calls for a few ingredients which are easily available. This Besan Nankhatai Recipe has been prepared in ka...

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4. Besan Ka Halwa Recipe | How to Make Besan ka Halwa | Halwa Recipe

What is Besan ka Halwa? This is the closest substitute of dal ka halwa. Daanedar, grainy is the English word for it. Besan ka halwa recipe is a delicious daanedar halwa made of besan. The method of making besan ka halwa as per this recipe is absolutely different. And it gives an awesome te...

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besan halwa

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