Dal Recipes | Collection of Dal Recipes | Indian Dals

dal recipes

Dal Recipes | Collection of Dal Recipes | Indian Dals

DAL… the staple food in most South Asian countries and an indispensable part of Indian cuisine! There are over 50 varieties of pulses known in India. Here are Dal Recipes ranging from simple dal tadka to rich dal makhani.
The standard way of cooking dal is by boiling it and thereafter tempering it. But if it was all that simple why would you be reading further? You are reading further because you know dal has more to it. Here I share main course recipes of dal. Each one has it has own different way of preparation and needless to mention that each one has its unique taste and distinct flavors.

1. Panchmel Dal Recipe | How to make Panchratna Dal

What is Panchmel Dal? As the name suggests panchmel dal means a mix of five dals. This dal preparation belongs to the state of Rajasthan and is prepared with baati. There are different combinations and recipes for this dal. I have used the most popular and authentic combination if I can sa...

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Panchmel Dal

2. Sabut Moong Dal Recipe | How to make Sabut Moong Dal

What is Sabut Moong Dal? I love to make dals and I hate to write their posts because I am very poor with the English names of dals. Anyways, sabut moong dal is whole moong beans cooked with simple and basic ingredients still makes flavorful p...

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sabut moong dal

3. Lauki Chana Dal Recipe | How to make lauki chana dal

What is lauki chana dal? A scrumptious combination of bottle gourd and chana dal which oozes with the flavors of garlic, ginger, green chilies along with the kick of garam masala is lauki chana dal. It is spicy and moderately tangy. It is a bit tough to associate words such as spicy, tangy...

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4. Sindhi Teen Dal Recipe | Tidali Dal

What is Sindhi Teen Dal? A combination of chana dal, urad dal with skin and moong dal cooked in a scrumptious yet absolutely simple way is Sindhi Teen Dal aka tidali dal. It has the heat of green chilies; hit of garlic and freshness of coriander leaves. The beauty of this recipe lies in it...

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5. Dal Tadka Recipe | Easy dal tadka recipe | Restaurant Style Dal Tadka Recipe

What is Dal Tadka Recipe? Dal Tadka Recipe is a simple yellow lentil preparation where in boiled lentil is topped with a flavourful tempering. Dal is a staple food of India. It is prepared in every household for at least one meal during the day. It can be served with simple tawa chapatti, ...

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6. Dal Fry | How to make Dal Fry | Easy Dal Fry Recipe

What is Dal Fry? Lentils or a mix of lentils cooked and tempered in the most flavourful way is dal fry. Dal is very popular in North India. Apart from being prepared at home, it is also ordered at the restaurants. Dal is pressure cooked, t...

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dal fry

7. Sindhi Moong Dal Tadka | How to Make Moong Dal Tadka

What is Sindhi Moong Dal? Yellow moong dal cooked to perfection tempered with spices, onions, green chilies in a very interesting manner is Sindhi Moong Dal tadka. Moong dal tadka is spicy with the tanginess of tamarind. It is further garnished with fresh coriander leaves and chopped onion...

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sindhi moong dal tadka

8. Moong Dal Tadka | How to Make Moong Dal Tadka

What is Moong Dal Tadka? Boiled moong dal tempered with cumin seeds, asafoetida, red chili powder; flavored with lemon juice, black pepper powder; finished with chopped coriander leaves, simple preparation, very common in Indian kitchens, especially in North India, is Moong Dal Tadka. Gene...

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moong dal tadka

9. Dal Dhokli | Rajasthani Dal Dhokli | Dal Dhokli Recipe

What is Dal Dhokli Recipe? Dal dhokli is a one pot meal comprising of whole wheat dumplings in flavourful dal. It is a comfort food for many. Dal dhokli in prepared in Gujarat as well as Rajasthan. This is the recipe for Rajasthani dal dhokli. Dal dhokli gives ...

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dal dhokli recipe

10. Dal Bukhara Recipe Step by Step | How to Make Dal Bukhara

A scumptious delicacy prepared with so much ease. Creamy and delicious Dal Bukhara Recipe.Dal Bukhara Recipe… our favourite pick on the menu of ITC Rajputana. Till one day when here I found a blogger talking I mean writing about dal bukhara… ITC style. Well even if I wasn’t a fan of Dal Bu...

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Dal Bukhara Vegetarian Recipe

11. Dhaba Style Dal Fry Recipe | How to Make Dal Fry by VIni’s CookBook

What Is Dhaba Style Dal Fry Recipe? Dal Fry is a mixture of lentils cooked till soft. A tempering of onions, tomatoes, and spices is added to it before serving. It’s enjoyed with jeera rice, tandoori roti or naan.I prepare the combinati...

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12. Whole Masoor Dal Recipe| Punjabi Sabut Masoor Dal |

What is Whole Masoor Dal Recipe? Whole Masoor Dal Recipe is whole red lentils cooked with onions, ginger and garlic, tempered with cumin seeds and red chilli powder, flavoured with lemon juice, garam masala and coriander. It is a very easy and fuss free preparation as compared to other bea...

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13. Dal Makhani | Dal Makhani Recipe | Dal Makhani Recipe in Hindi

What is dal makhani? Absolutely delicious and very creamy lentil preparation with the flavours of whole spices, ginger, garlic and the awesome creaminess, dal makhani is a hero for sure. Dal makhani can be served with jeera rice or butter naan or lachchha paratha. Dal makhani can be prepar...

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dal makhani

14. Chana Dal Fry | How to Make Chana Dal Fry Recipe

What is Chana Dal? Chana Dal cooked and spiced up with red chili powder, black pepper, green chilies; popped up with tamarind paste and dry mango powder and topped with chopped onions and fresh coriander leaves are chana dal. It has a thick consistency. This is basically chana dal made in ...

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Chana Dal Fry

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