Collection of Poha Recipes

Collection of Poha Recipes

Poha, the most popular and loved breakfast of Indians! Paddy is parboiled, sun-dried and rolled/flattened to make this most commonly used breakfast ingredient.

Poha is prepared in all the Indian households and almost every state has its own poha recipe. In Maharashtra, it is cooked with onions and is called Kanda poha. In Gujarat, potatoes are added in poha to make Batata poha. In Indore, it is topped with lots of Indori sev, boondi etc and served with hot jalebis. Likewise, Banaras has its own way of making poha wherein peas and garam masala dominates the dish.  And so on, after all, there are 29 states in India.

Why is Poha so popular?

Poha is liked by all those who make it as well as those who eat it. It is so because

  • Poha is quick to make. I wake up half an hour late when poha has to be prepared for breakfast. And when I wake up half an hour late (because of missed alarms) I prepare poha for breakfast (haha).
  • Poha is very easy and simple to cook. One doesn’t need any expertise to make poha. Novice cooks, bachelors, hostellers, anyone can make poha.
  • Poha can be prepared in a number of ways. As discussed above there are many ways to make poha. Not only there are many recipes of poha, but there are also many using poha too. Yes, you don’t need to make poha with poha. You know what I mean. Be ready to take a break and surprise yourself and your family with interesting poha recipes for breakfast.
  • Poha makes good kids’ tiffin option too as it remains soft and moist even after coming to the room temperature. Further poha can be topped with something of their choice such as their favorite namkeen, chopped tomatoes, pomegranate arils, grated coconut and so on.
  • The most important reason for the popularity is something I will be discussing now, at the end because it calls for a long discussion. Poha is popular because of its health benefits, which are as follows
  • Poha is light on the stomach. People with poor digestion can easily have it. I know many people who have poha not only for breakfast but also for a light lunch or dinner. And it is very common to make poha for kids and everyone in the evening to settle those hunger pangs.
  • Poha is rich in carbs. It gives the energy to work as it keeps full for long.
  • Flatten rice preparations are low on calories. So even the weight watchers can relish poha. And most important poha recipes can be customized as per taste and requirement.
  • Poha can be made healthier by including sprouts, peanuts, curry leaves, and other vegetables as per choice.
  • Poha is a good source of iron. Lemon juice is added to poha as it not only increases its flavors but also helps to digest the iron in poha.
  • Poha is a gluten-free ingredient. People who are allergic to wheat products can eat poha.

1. Batata Poha | How to make poha | Batata Poha Recipes – Vini’s

What is batata poha? Batata means potato and poha means flattened rice. Batata poha is a very quick and easy also a healthy breakfast recipe. In fact I often make it at tea time in the evening for the tiny hunger pangs. It is very popular in the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra. As such,...

View Recipe

2. Palak Poha Cutlet | How to make Palak Poha Cutlet

What is Palak Poha Cutlet? An absolutely crisp and crunchy cutlet with the bite of spinach leaves which adds a distinct flavour to the cutlets. Palak Poha Cutlet is easy, simple and healthy breakfast and snack recipe. I always used to make ...

View Recipe
Palak Poha Cutlet

3. How to make Banarasi Chooda Matar | Chura Matar Recipe

What is Chura Matar? Chura matar is a delicious break from the regular poha recipes. It is a very distinct poha preparation and is sure to please one and all. Literally speaking Flatten rice (poha) is known as chura in Banaras (U.P...

View Recipe
Banarasi Chooda Matar

4. Poha Rolls Recipe | How to Make Poha Rolls

What are poha rolls? Poha rolls are crispy and tasty cylindrical rolls made using poha i.e. flattened rice and boiled potatoes. Crispy poha rolls have the bite of onions and kick of chaat masala, along with the freshness of green coriander and heat of green chillies. Poha rolls can be serv...

View Recipe
Poha Rolls Recipe

5. Indori Poha Recipe | How to Make Indori Poha

What is Khatta Meetha Indori Poha? Very simple preparation of flattened rice (poha), which is taken to another level with a lavish garnishing, is Indori Poha. It has the kick of green chilies, subtle sweetness of sugar, the crunch of sev, tanginess of lemon juice and the flavors of jeerava...

View Recipe
Indori Poha recipe

6. Poha cutlet recipe | How to make poha cutlets | Kids tiffin recipes

What is poha cutlets recipe? Poha cutlets are patties made using flattened rice i.e. poha as the main ingredient. They are absolutely delicious, crispy and crunchy cutlets with the goodness of vegetables. Vegetables not only increase the health quotient of the cutlets but also give them a ...

View Recipe

7. Kanda Poha Recipe | How to Make Kanda Poha | Poha Recipe – Vini’s

What is Kanda Poha recipe? Kanda Poha recipe is basically flattened/beaten rice. Kanda means onion. So basically Kanda poha is poha prepared with onions and some basic spices. Poha is one of the staple breakfasts of India. In different states, poha is prepared in different ways. Kanda poha...

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8. Usal Poha | Usal Poha Recipe in Hindi | Poha Recipe

What is Usal Poha Recipe? Usal Poha is a combination of two dishes i.e. usal which a preparation of sprouts and poha which means flattened rice. Seasoned poha is garnished with a spicy and healthy gravy preparation of sprouts and garnished with a spicy namkeen, chopped onions, coriander, a...

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usal poha

9. How to make poha masala at home | Jeeravan Masala Recipe

What is Poha masala powder? A simple mix of spices that can zing up any poha recipe is poha masala. Poha masala is also known as jeeravan masala. It is indispensable for the very popular Indori poha recipe. Poha is a very common breakfast i...

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