Homemade Masala

Spice mixes or masala(s) have a great significance in Indian cooking. These are indispensable for the dishes. Some become a part of the ingredients of the recipe, some are sprinkled at the time of finishing and some are used both ways. I would always get readymade spice mixes. However, one fine day, for the blog, I thought of making a spice mix in my kitchen. I made it, I used it and I loved it. There is hell of a difference in the homemade and readymade spice mixes, mark my words. Ever since then I have been making the spices mixes at home. My mother prepares all the basic spices for me such as red chili powder, dry mango powder, turmeric powder and so on. And I prepare all the spices mixes at home. So basically no store-bought spices in my kitchen. I have whole spices or homemade spices or homemade masala spice mixes.

Why make masala at home?

  1. It is pretty simple to make Indian spice mixes at home. With correct recipe in hand, a homemade masala is all about collecting, measuring, roasting and grinding the spices.
  2. Homemade spice mixes are adulteration free. We all know the readymade masalas are often corrupted by adding sand, small stones, artificial colors, chalk powder etc. At times even chemicals are added which might prove hazardous to health.
  3. Homemade spices are much more flavorful than the readymade ones. You have to try it to believe it. Next time when you make pav bhaji, use homemade pav bhaji masala and see the difference for yourself.
  4. If made at home, spice mixes or masalas can be customized. For example, in my chai masala, I like more black peppercorns, so I make it accordingly. If you like more of cinnamon, you can increase its quantity.
  5. Homemade masala are much more hygienic. Certainly, a mom will be more careful and hygienic than a factory guy.
  6. Readymade spices come with a pretty long shelf life. Preservatives are added in the masalas to ensure they last longer. At home you can make smaller batches and enjoy the freshness of flavors, getting rid of all the preservatives. I make a small batch of fresh sambar masala each time. And I love its flavor.

What things should be kept in mind while making masala or spice mixes at home?

  1. Select good quality of whole spices which have a long shelf life. The final product is only as good as the ingredients used. Make sure to use the best of spices. We won’t be adding any preservatives to lengthen the shelf life of the spice mixes. Therefore it is important that our ingredients have a long shelf life.
  2. Clean the ingredients properly. Make sure to check the ingredients well before use. They should be fresh and free of any molds, insects or small stones etc.
  3. Most of the recipes for homemade spices mix call for dry roasting the ingredients. This step not only enhances the flavors of the spices used but also makes them crisp, making the grinding easier.
  4. It is equally important to store the prepared homemade masalas properly. Masalas should be packed in an airtight container or zip lock bags and kept away from moisture etc.
  5. While using the homemade spices for the first time, use a small quantity, to get the idea. Thereafter add as much required.homemade masala

Here is my collection of homemade Masala

Goda Masala

A mix of spices from Maharashtrian cuisine which adds so many flavors to the dish which it is added to is called Goda Masala. Every Maharashtrian household has its own recipe for Goda Masala. The ingredients, as well as their quantity, vary.

View the recipe here.goda masala

Bisi Bele Bath Powder

A mix of roasted and ground spices, which is absolutely aromatic and totally indispensable for making bisi bele bath, is bisi bele bath powder. Okay so before we proceed, bisi bele bath is a dish prepared using rice and lentils along with vegetables and bisi bele bath powder is the flavoring agent used to add taste to the dish.

View the recipe here.

bisi bele bath powder recipeBiryani Masala Recipe

A mix of spices used to flavor a biryani is biryani masala. The best biryani masala adds so much to a biryani. It brings many flavors in the biryani. Biryani masala recipe is super quick and easy to make.

View the recipe here.

biryani masala recipeChai Masala

Chai masala is a mix of spices that make your tea more aromatic, refreshing and healthy. Infused with the goodness of dried ginger, cloves, peppercorns, cinnamon, nutmeg etc, the chai masala is a must for every chai lover. Chai masala can be stored and added to tea as and when required.

View the recipe here.CHAI MASALA 2

Achari Masala

Achari masala, like any other homemade masala, is a spice mix. As its name suggests, it infuses pickle(y) flavor to the dishes it is added to. The best part about Achari masala powder is that it is a versatile masala which can be used for parathas, pooris, rice and many side dishes and gravy preparations.

View the recipe here.Achari masala

Garam Masala

A mix of spices that is perfectly balanced and absolutely indispensable for Indian cooking, that’s garam masala for you ladies and gentlemen! Garam masala is added to most of the gravies, especially in North India.

View the recipe here.GARAM MASALA

Sambar Masala

Homemade sambar masala powder is an aromatic mix of spices that is used to flavor sambar. There are a variety of sambar recipes in different regions of South India, likewise, the recipe for Sambar Masala Powder also changes. This is the authentic sambar masala recipe.

View the recipe here.sambar masala powder

Kitchen King Masala

It is a mix of spices that peps up any gravy or appetizer. As the name suggests Kitchen King Masala is the King of spices because it takes the dishes to another level. It is commonly used, especially in North Indian gravies and curries. It is easily available at the stores but homemade is any day better.

View the recipe here.Kitchen King Masala

Poha Masala

A simple mix of spices that can zing up any poha recipe is poha masala. Poha masala is also known as jeeravan masala. It is indispensable for the very popular Indori poha recipe. Poha is a very common breakfast in most of the Indian households. And this masala is a must have. It can be added to any poha recipe; it is the garam masala of poha (wink).

View the recipe here.poha masala

Chana Masala

Chana Masala Powder is a mix of spice that introduces flavors to chana masala/chole recipes. This particular chana masala powder is a “one man army”…this spice is enough to spice up your chana masala.

View the recipe here.


Pav Bhaji Masala

A mix of spices, that takes the simple boiled and mashed vegetables to an absolutely different level. That’s about the pav bhaji masala. The Homemade Pav Bhaji Masala is a blend of most simple spices, more importantly in the correct ratio and the freshness of homemade masala makes such a difference to the main dish.

View the recipe here.HOMEMADE PAV BHAJI MASALA

Chaat Masala

A mix of spices that can pep up any dish! Chaat masala is a tangy spice powder made up of cumin seeds, dry mango powder, salt etc. Chaat masala is used in all the Indian chaat recipes. Apart from that, it can be used in gravies, drinks, salads, raitas etc.

View the recipe here.


Easy Garam Masala

Garam masala is an absolutely flavourful mix of spices that are added to gravies, side dishes, snacks etc. It adds flavors and heat to the dish it is added to. It is very simple to make. The best part about homemade masalas is that they can be made in small quantity and made fresh as and when required.

View the recipe here.GARAM MASALA

Tandoori Masala

Homemade tandoori masala powder recipe is a mix of spices that can take your marination to an altogether different level. Tandoori masala powder can not only be used during marination but also in gravies, sandwiches, salads etc.

View the recipe here.TANDOOR MASALA

Punjabi Chana Masala

It is a flavor-packed spice mix that can kick up any chana/chole recipe. It gives pungency and buzz to the dish. I love to use this masala when I am making some chana or chole recipe and don’t have the time/mood/energy to work too much on the recipe. I leave the job on Punjabi Chana Masala Powder. And it does its job pretty well.

View the recipe here.

Sandwich Masala

Sandwich masala is a mix of spices that adds zing to the sandwiches. It has the sharpness of black pepper and cloves, tanginess of dry mango powder and black salt and the subtle taste of cumin seeds, fennel seeds etc. Sandwich masala is indispensable for Bombay Veg. Sandwiches. And it certainly adds flavors to other sandwiches too. A simple bread butter or bread chutney or bread ketchup goes to another level with a pinch.

View the recipe here.SANDWICH MASALA

Dabeli Masala

A simple mix of spices, indispensable for the very famous snack dabeli, but can be used to pep up any sandwich or chaat or salad is dabeli masala. It has an interesting combination of ingredients which includes sugar also.homemade dabeli masala powder

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