29 Breakfast Recipes from the Different States of India

कोस कोस पर बदले पानी, चार कोस पर वाणी

Translation: In India, the taste of water changes after every 3 kilometers and the language changes every 12 kilometers. This is just a way of describing our country, India. It’s diversity!

India has a vast population comprising of people of different caste, color, creed, etc distributed in a number of states and union territories. As the physical features of each state vary, also varies with it the recipes made in the kitchens of those states.

Here is our collection of breakfast recipes from different states of India.

These recipes are the ones which do not call for any local produce. The recipes can be prepared by anyone, in any part of the world.

Further, the recipes are such which can be relished by one and all. The recipes have a universal appeal.

Disclaimer: It could be that the item mentioned is not the most favorite breakfast of the state or the breakfast recipe mentioned is not the most authentic recipe. Feel free to comment and let us know what you feel. We will love to update the posts as per the given suggestions.

1. Idli (Karnataka):

Idli is a soft steamed cake made with a fermented batter of rice and lentils. Idli is the staple food of Karnataka and many more state in South India. However, because of its simplicity, it is loved by everyone, everywhere South or North India or outside India. Idli is served with sambar and coconut chutney.

To view the recipe click here.


2. Khaman Dhokla (Gujarat):

Instant khaman is steamed Gujarati snack made using gram flour i.e. besan. It has an awesome balance of flavors. It is a savory dish with a slight sweetness and a tangy kick of lemon. A perfect tempering further adds flavors to instant khaman.

To view the recipe click here.

instant khaman dhokla

3. Aloo Paratha (Punjab):

P for Punjab, P for paratha and it is no coincidence. Indian flatbread made up of whole wheat dough stuffed with a spicy potato stuffing is aloo paratha. Aloo paratha is a very famous North Indian recipe but its universal appeal has landed it in south India too and basically, now whole nation is enjoying this delicious aloo paratha.

To view the recipe click here.

aloo paratha

4. Indori Poha(Madhya Pradesh):

Very simple preparation of flattened rice (poha), which is taken to another level with a lavish garnishing, is Indori Poha. It has the kick of green chilies, subtle sweetness of sugar, the crunch of sev, tanginess of lemon juice and the flavors of jeeravan masala.

To view the recipe click here.

indori poha

5. Fara (Uttar Pradesh):

Healthy breakfast/snack recipe from Uttar Pradesh, Varanasi, to be particular, made with rice flour and lentils, is fara recipe. It has a coating made with rice flour and the stuffing of lentils, flavored with green chilies, ginger, fresh coriander leaves, etc.

To view the recipe click here.


6. Khoba Roti (Rajasthan):

Khoba roti is a part of Rajasthani food, a designer roti! A thick chapati using whole wheat bread with some ghee/clarified butter is prepared and pinched to make a pattern. The pinching not only gives a very beautiful look to the roti but also helps it get cooked properly.

To view the recipe click here.

khoba roti

7. Dibba Roti (Andhra Pradesh):

It is a very interesting, healthy and delicious dish from the state of Andhra Pradesh. Dibba roti is also known as minapa rotti. It is made up of urad dal and idli rava. It is crisp as a dosa from the outside and soft and spongy as idli from the inside.

To view the recipe click here.

dibba rotti

8. Thalipeeth (Maharashtra):

Healthy flatbread from the state of Maharashtra in India, made using jowar flour, whole wheat flour, and gram flour; spiced and flavored with fresh ingredients such as garlic, green chilies, coriander leaves, etc. is Thalipeeth.

To view the recipe click here.


9. Badeel (Uttrakhand):

Breakfast recipe from the state of Uttrakhand made using lentils, flavored with ginger, chilies, garlic, fresh coriander and garam masala, a very simple badeel recipe which is finished by deep-frying and served with tangy and hot green chutney is badeel. It is a very easy recipe just that the lentils take time to cook.

To view the recipe click here.


10. Ven Pongal (Tamil Nadu):

A very popular Indian recipe from South India, Tamil Nadu, to be particular, made with rice and lentils, tempered with whole black pepper, cumin seeds, curry leaves, ginger, green chilies, and roasted cashews, is ven pongal/khara pongal.

To view the recipe click here.

ven pongal

11. Kordoi (Assam):

Savoury Kordoi Recipe is an Assamese snack made using whole wheat flour, flavoured with carom seeds, cumin seeds, onions, etc. It is a great snack for kids as it is made with the whole wheat flour and it is given an interesting shape which is sure to tempt the little ones. It also makes for a healthy breakfast.

To view the recipe click here.


12. Besan Masala Roti (Haryana):

Healthy and flavorful flatbread made with gram flour and whole wheat flour, from the state of Haryana, is besan masala roti. It is flavored with the most basic spices and fresh ingredients. It is a popular breakfast recipe in Haryana.

To view the recipe click here.

besan masala roti

13. Bafauri (Chhattisgarh):

Bafauri is a healthy snack or healthy breakfast recipe from the state of Chhattisgarh in India, made with chana dal, flavoured with garlic, ginger, green chilies, onions, etc. It is a zero-oil recipe and therefore is a diet recipe. It also a healthy recipe for kids, can be packed for their tiffin.

To view the recipe click here.


14. Dhuska (Jharkhand):

Very popular breakfast recipe from the state of Jharkhand, a crispy yet puffed bread made with rice and lentils, flavored with green chilies, ginger, cumin seeds, fresh coriander, is dhuska recipe. It is a very interesting recipe.

To view the recipe click here.


15. Pathiri (Kerela):

Pathiri is a chapatti made up of rice flour. Here I am sharing the recipe for deep-fried pathiri known as neypathiri which hails from Malabar region. Pathiri is absolutely flavor packed deep fried snack made using rice flour. It has the striking flavor of hot chilies and subtle and fruity flavor of fresh coconut.

To view the recipe click here.


16. Khura (Arunachal Pradesh):

Breakfast recipe from the state of Arunachal Pradesh is Khura. It is made using buckwheat flour (kutta ka aata) and the local Tibetan beer, Chang. No worries, we are not using beer at all. This khura recipe uses water instead. These are gluten-free pancakes, super simple and easy to make. Khura is a healthy breakfast option.

To view the recipe click here.


17. Whole Wheat Eggless Pancakes (Goa):

Absolutely soft and fluffy pancakes made using whole wheat flour, without any eggs, with the flavors of coconut, cinnamon, and jaggery is a whole wheat eggless pancake. This is a common thing in the Konkani kitchen and is called Muscatt. This is an easy pancake recipe and the flavors can be customized as per choice.

To view the recipe click here.


18. Pachole (Himachal Pradesh):

Healthy snack recipe from the state of Himachal Pradesh made with corn, with the flavours of ginger, garlic, and green chilli; a hint of garam masala is pachole. It is a healthy breakfast recipe as pachole are prepared by steaming. This recipe from Himachal Pradesh is ready in no time, just whip up and steam.

To view the recipe click here.


19. Sarva Pindi (Telangana):

Rice flour pancake from the state of Telangana/Andhra Pradesh, which bursts with the flavors of ginger, garlic, green chilies, curry leaves, and coriander leaves, has the bite of chana dal, sesame seeds, roasted peanuts, etc. is Sarva Pindi.

To view the recipe click here.

sarva pindi

20. Ghugni (Bihar):

Ghugni is a very popular snack of Eastern India, prepared in a number of ways, with different ingredients. This is the recipe of dry kala chana ghugni from the state of Bihar. It is prepared in mustard oil and is flavored with a handful of whole spices, ginger, garlic, etc.

To view the recipe click here.

bihari ghugni

21. Cha Muri (West Bengal):

This is a combination of tea and light but spicy snack from the state of West Bengal. Cha means tea and muri means a snack prepared using puffed rice i.e. murmura. Milky and creamy tea, flavored with cinnamon and cloves and ginger is the doodh cha. Puffed rice roasted till crunchy and flavored with chopped onions, green chilies and a spicy mixture namkeen is masala/mashla muri.

To view the recipe click here.

cha muri

22. Mizo Chow (Mizoram):

Mizo chow is a noodles recipe from the state of Mizoram. As such it is prepared with pork; this is its vegetarian version, made using vegetables. It is mildly flavored with green chilies and black pepper powder.

To view the recipe click here.

mizo chow

23. Galho (Nagaland):

Rice preparation from the state of Nagaland, packed with vegetables is Galho. It has consistency as that of khichadi. However, no lentils are used to make galho recipe otherwise it would have been very close to vegetable khichadi.

To view the recipe click here.


24. Alu Kangmet (Manipur):

A spicy side dish made using potatoes, flavored with red chilies, is Alu Kangmet. It is such a simple recipe that I thought twice before putting it here. It is served with Tan Ngang, which is a puri made with all-purpose flour (maida). The dish gets the heat from dry red chilies as well as mustard oil.

To view the recipe click here.

alu kangmet

25. Chakuli Pitha (Orissa):

Pancake made with rice and lentils, sweet or savory, from the state of Orissa is Chakuli Pitha. It is one of the most popular breakfast recipes of the state. It is very simple to make. Chakuli pitha recipe can be customised as per the liking. It can be flavored with jaggery, coconut, cardamoms, etc.

To view the recipe click here.

chakuli pitha

26. Momos (Meghalaya):

Steamed dumplings made with all-purpose flour and stuffed with crunchy vegetables, well flavored with garlic, with a hint of soy sauce relished with hot chutney; are momos. Momos recipe is originally a Tibetian recipe. But it is popular across the country, especially in the North-Eastern states.

To view the recipe click here.


27. Thukpa (Sikkim):

Thukpa is a noodle soup loaded with veggies and flavors and belongs to the state of Sikkim. In fact, it is popular throughout East India. Hakka noodles are boiled and combined with a broth made up of mixed vegetables to make a wholesome soup recipe.

To view the recipe click here.


28. Chatang (Tripura):

Chatang is a millet soup, from Beijing cuisine and Tianjin cuisine, also popular in eastern states of India, specially Tripura. It is flavoured with sesame seeds and peppercorns. Jowar flour is used to make chatang recipe. Jowar flour is roasted slightly and boiled water is added to complete the soup.

To view the recipe click here.


29. Kahwa (Jammu & Kashmir):

Kashmiri green tea brewed to perfection, infused with the flavors of cinnamon, cardamom, rose, and Kashmiri saffron, everything that beautifully complements the green tea is Kashmiri Kahwa.

To view the recipe click here.


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