No Onion No Garlic Recipes | Delicious Recipes Made Without Onion And Garlic

Collection of No Onion No Garlic Recipes                                                                                                                         there are people who don’t eat onion and garlic due to health or religious reasons.or there may be times when you are short of onion and garlic or you want a break from the regular onion garlic recipes. For all such times we bring to you no onion garlic recipes of the favourite classies. There are many dishes  for which onion and garlic seems indispensable. But here we have created those classies without onion and garlic,  without compromising on the taste and texture. After all classies should remain classies.

Collection of  No Onion No Garlic Recipes

  1. Butter paneer masala without onion garlic


Palatable and piquant – BUTTER PANEER MASALA

It wasn’t difficult to omit onion garlic from butter paneer masala because butter paneer masala is as  a tomato based gravy. But if there is a pinch of garlic,  makes it superbly delicious. However we have added some ingredients which make this butter paneer masala absolutely creamy and flavourful. for butter paneer masala without onion garlic recipeclick–> here

  1. Dal makhani without onion garlic


Delish and delectable – DAL MAKHANI

Dal makhani is regularly prepared at my place.  I always try to make it in a different way. Believe me; ever since I made dal makhani without onion and garlic, this has become our family’s favourite. So even when we can have dal makhani with onion and garlic, we prefer this recipe over the others. for dal makhani without onion garlic recipe click –>here

  1. Chana masala without onion garlic

It is important to have a good jain chana masala recipe bookmarked because chana masala or chole is often prepared in Indian households as havan recipe or pooja recipe or shradh recipe. in those times onion and garlic is totally avoided. This recipe will give you very flavourful chhole and somehow whenever I have to serve chole with poori, I prefer to make chole without onion and garlic and go for this recipe. for chana masala witout onion garlic recipe click –>here


Mouthwatering and mellow – CHANA MASALA

  1. Rajma masala without onion garlic

Sapid and scrumptious – RAJMA MASALA

Well this recipe for Rajma masala is not only a no onion no garlic version but also the easiest rajma recipe I have ever prepared. In spite of being the easiest it is absolutely flavourful. There is a secret ingredient that makes these Rajma absolutely delectable and creamy. for rajma masala witout onion garlic recipe click –>here

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