Chai Recipes | Recipes for Indian Chai

Chai Recipes

Chai Recipes | Recipes for Indian Chai

There are billions of food items in India. For how many of them do people write poetry? None except one, chai! There is no poetry on aloo paratha or butter paneer masala but there are many on chai. Because chai is more than food (drink/beverage) here! The day begins with a cup of hot tea, it breaks at tea, and it comes together at tea time.

Different ways to flavor tea and the benefits of having tea:

1. Chai: A cup of simple tea made with the correct quantity of each of the ingredient helps to kick start the day for many. There is no scientific backing for this one; this comes from my personal experience. I feel lethargic until I have my morning tea and whenever I feel lethargic I rejuvenate with a cuppa hot tea.

2. Masala Chai: Recently when I was looking for a container set for my chai patti and sugar I found a very interesting set of 4 containers, which included one container for each loose tea, sugar, coffee, and masala. Yes, it has a container for masala too because it is so common and good to have masala tea. A pinch of spice mix i.e. chai masala adds so many flavors and so much goodness to your regular chai.

3. Ginger tea: It is an everyday thing in every household during winters. An inch of ginger grated into the saucepan with the brewing chai takes care of a sore throat and helps to fight cold and cough.

4. Pudina chai: Likewise during summers, adding a handful of fresh mint leaves adds the much-wanted flavor to the chai. Its cooling effect helps to soothe the upset stomach. Mint tea also takes care of bad breath.

5. Kesar Chai: This one is again a winter’s delight. Saffron is an antidepressant. It has the quality to boost your mood. It also helps to cure the premenstrual syndrome.

6. Gulkand Chai: Gulkand has cooling properties. It helps to prevent the sunburn or sun poisoning common during summers. Apart from that gulkand is also helpful in curing constipation.

7. Cardamom Tea: It has lots of health benefits. It provides comfort from the cramps during periods. It helps to cure the upset stomach. It is helpful to cure dry cough and bad throat.

8. Cutting Chai: Well, this has not got any special health benefits but it has special flavors to it. The process of making cutting chai makes it unique and delectable.

9. Makhmali Chai: This is a short cut to well brew tea. When inrush you tempt for a cup of chai that has been cooked with lots of patience and milk, you can go for this one.

10. Tulsi chai: Holy Indian Basil or tulsi is known for its health benefits. It is good for the throat, gut, etc.

10 Indian Tea (chai) Recipes Collection

1. How to make chai | Perfect Chai Recipe

What is Chai? Chai is a beverage; no chai is an emotion. A brewed mix of tea leaves, sugar, milk, and water is beyond any food and drink in India. People start off their day with a cuppa tea, pull off through the day with chai and someone like me who sits down to work after 10 p...

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how to make chai

2. Cutting Chai Recipe | Mumbai Cutting Chai Recipe

What is cutting chai? Chai from the streets of Mumbai, with a difference! Yes, I have been making tea all my life but one morning I thought of making cutting chai for the blog and me (wink). And without expecting much I sipped it and was sur...

View Recipe
Cutting chai recipe

3. Masala Chai Recipe | Homemade Masala Tea Recipe

What is Masala Chai? Tea infused with the flavors of various spices making it not only more refreshing and appetizing but also increasing the goodness of chai is Masala Chai. Masala chai is a favourite during the monsoons and winters. It not only tastes great but also helps to fight cold, ...

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4. Gulkand Chai Recipe | How to make Gulkand Chai?

What is Gulkand Chai? Chai is one of the most popular beverages especially in India made up of milk, water, tea leaves/powder, and sugar. Gulkand is a kind of jam of rose petals. When chai is flavored with some gulkand it becomes gulkand chai. Gulkand has cooling properties and therefore I...

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gulkand chai recipe

5. Kesar Chai Recipe | How to make Kesar Chai

What is Kesar Chai? Chai, an Indian beverage, main ingredients being milk, water, sugar and tea leaves, when infused with saffron gets a very subtle yet classy flavor and is kesar chai. Kesar chai was first prepared for me by my husband. It w...

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Kesar Chai Recipe

6. How to Make Ginger Tea Recipe | Adrak Wali Chai

What is Adrak Chai? Tea with a nice hint of ginger is adrak chai (Ginger Tea Recipe). It is commonly made in Indian households, especially during winters and monsoon. Chai is one of the most common hot beverages in India. It is flavored in ma...

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Ginger Tea Recipe

7. Cardamom Tea Recipe | Elaichi wali chai

What is Cardamom Tea? Tea infused with cardamom is cardamom tea. Okay, now that was very obvious! Basically, tea prepared with some crushed cardamom seeds is elaichi wali chai. It not only has a kicky flavor but also has many health benefits....

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cardamom tea

8. Indian chai | How to Make Indian Chai

What is Indian chai? Chai is a hot beverage made using tea leaves, milk, water, sugar. In this particular recipe, I have used condensed milk which ...

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Makhmali Chai

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