Indian chai | How to Make Indian Chai | Indian Masala Chai Recipe

Recipe for Indian chai with step by step pictures and a quick recipe video

What is Indian chai?

Well internet won’t tell you that. This is the name I have given to my chai. Makhmali chai is a very rich and creamy tea. Absolutely refreshing! It is ready in no time but it has such flavour as if it has been simmered for long. One secret ingredient does everything in Indian chai recipe.

Let’s talk about the ingredients for Indian chai

Any chai calls for tea leaves, some milk and some sugar. But not this one!! Yes you heard it right… as in you read it right. Makhmali chai does not use regular milk and sugar. It asks for condensed milk. And I have to mention that I make condensed milk at home. Addition of spoonful of condensed milk will take your cuppa to another level. I have kept is very basic… because I wanted to relish the flavour of chai… simple chai. It can be flavoured the way you like your tea.

Other chai recipe on the blog is masala chai.

Makhmali Chai

A rich and creamy Indian tea – Makhmali Chai

Ingredients for makhmali chai

  1. 1.5 cup water
  2. 1 tsp tea leaves
  3. 1 tbsp condensed milk

How to make Indian chai

1. Simmer water

Take 1.5 cup water in a sauce pan. Let it come to a simmering boil.

Makhmali Chai 1

2. Add tea leaves

Add 1 tsp tea leaves. Simmer on low flame for 2 minutes.

Makhmali Chai 2

3. Add condensed milk

Add 1 tbsp of condensed milk. You may add less if you like your tea less sweet.

Makhmali Chai 3

4. Simmer

Let it simmer for a couple of minutes. Thereafter strain it.

Makhmali Chai 4

5. Bon appétit

Serve makhmali chai with parathas or snacks of your choice.

Indian chai


You may flavor tea with some cardamoms or ginger.

Watch Video – Indian chai | How to make Indian chai | How to make tea – Vini’s

Indian Masala Chai Recipe

Most people are fond of drinking tea but many people do not know how to make it. If you are one of them, here are two ways to make tea.

Recipes Quiz: For Indian Masala Chai Recipe

people: 2 – 4

time: 5 to 15 minutes

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