Cutlet Recipe

Cutlet recipes with step by step pictures – Cutlets, a patty made using potatoes or other main ingredient and spices and herbs, is a great snack recipe. It can also be served for breakfast or as a party starter. Cutlets can be extended to make sandwiches or burgers etc. I have quite some cutlet recipes on the blog because

  1. Cutlets are prepared using healthy ingredients such as semolina, vegetables, poha etc.
  2. Cutlet recipes come together in less than 30 minutes, just mix, shape and fry.
  3. These are crowd pleasers; adults, kids everyone relishes cutlets in one form or the other.
  4. Cutlet recipes are very forgiving. It the mixture turns gooey, add in rice flour, bread crumbs, bread, rusk, semolina etc etc. and just work it out.
  5. Cutlets recipes are my favorite ones to finish over the leftover vegetables in the fridge. Veg cutlet recipe comes to my rescue in such a situation. To finish the leftover poha I use the poha cutlet recipe. (Both the recipes are given below.)
  6. Cutlets can be made quite appealing by giving them different shapes. Another bait for the kids, I mean which kid won’t like a star-shaped cutlet.

Here is my collection of cutlet recipes

Paneer Cutlets

Snack recipe using paneer which is mildly spiced and absolutely healthy is paneer cutlet. It has soft and melt-in-mouth inside and crisp and crunchy outside. Paneer cutlets can be prepared quickly and without many ingredients.

Paneer Cutlets recipe here.

paneer cutlet recipe

Corn Cutlets

Tempting cutlet with the juicy bite of sweet corn, the crunch of onions, capsicum and carrots, tanginess of chaat masala and hint of black pepper is corn cutlet. Corn cutlet is a hit amongst the kids and can be served as a party appetizer too.

Corn Cutlets recipe here.

corn cutlet recipeOats Cutlets

Crispy, peppery and healthful cutlets made with oats and vegetables are oats cutlets. Oats add texture to the cutlets making them brittle and nice. Oats cutlets can be prepared for breakfast or snacking or even for kids’ tiffin as they remain crisp even after coming to the room temperature.

Oats Cutlets recipe here.

Oats Cutlets Recipe

Poha Palak Cutlets

An absolutely crisp and crunchy cutlet with the bite of spinach leaves which adds a distinct flavor to the cutlets. Palak Poha Cutlet is easy, simple and healthy breakfast and snack recipe. I always used to make simple poha cutlets (recipe given below) and loved them. However, the introduction of spinach took them to an absolutely different level.

Poha Palak Cutlets recipe here.

poha palak cutlets

Sooji Cutlets

Sooji cutlets are healthy and appealing cutlets made using semolina and boiled potatoes. They are flavored with ginger, red chili flakes, fresh coriander leaves etc. I have shaped sooji cutlets as squares, you can give them any shape that you like. Sooji cutlets can be served for breakfast and make a great kids’ tiffin option too.

View the recipe here.

sooji cutletsBread Cutlets

Healthy Bread Cutlets are absolutely delicious, crispy and crunchy snacks that are made up of bread, potatoes, vegetables flavored with ginger, green chilies, coriander, black pepper etc. Bread cutlets can be extended to make burgers by sandwiching them in a burger bun with some salad. Bread cutlets is a good breakfast option for as well as a party starter.

View the recipe here.


Poha Cutlets

Poha cutlets are patties made using flattened rice i.e. poha as the main ingredient. They are absolutely delicious, crispy and crunchy cutlets with the goodness of vegetables. Vegetables not only increase the health quotient of the cutlets but also give them a nice bite. Ginger and chaat masala give them the required kick. Further Poha cutlet recipe is flavored with some fresh coriander etc.

Poha recipe here.


Aloo Cutlets

Tasteful and absolutely crispy patty made with boiled potatoes with simple flavors of fennel seeds, kick of chaat masala is aloo cutlet. These are the kind of cutlets prepared in the Indian railway pantry and served to the passengers on board. These make me absolutely nostalgic. However, talking more about the cutlets they are crispy till their last bite and that’s what makes them more special.

Aloo Cutlets Recipes here.

Vegetable Cutlets

Veg cutlet is a patty made up of vegetables including boiled potatoes, bread slices, and few spices. Veg cutlet is a good breakfast option or can also be prepared for high tea etc. It can be served green chutney or tomato ketchup or can be converted into a full-fledged veg burger.

Vegetable Cutlets recipe here.

Rice Potato Cutlets

Rice potato snacks are cutlets which have a crunchy exterior and melt in mouth insides. They are flavored with cumin seeds, red chilies, black pepper, and chaat masala. Rice potato snacks are made using boiled and mashed potatoes and rice flour. They should be served hot.

Rice Potatto Cutlets recipes here.


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